Thinking about being Creative – Great Song in Development


Queen of Queens Beyoncé Giselle Jones

Thinking about being Creative – Great Song in Development

By: DBA Jesus Christ – I Feel Like Loving Again (Yea, yea, yea-yea)

Format for a Scene – Screenplay


Loving U

People talk about parables. They say Jesus talk’s in parables, I say I use para-stories, because unless I say, well this is a speculation, I already realized it.

A bunch of folks looks at this dude and say, damn, damn, damn, now what happened to that fool? Man, he think’s he is God. Man, am im god. No man God is in Jesus Christ, oh LORD have mercy on that fool, we know there is but one LORD and it is you Caesar. Great just keep me informed, we don’t need no trouble now??? Do we? Oh, know, every so often, it just seems to bloosom, but always on bad soil??? Yea, yea you right. Ahhh, what you think about this one hereerrre???, Oh, that nigger off the hook, that fool. Master, his sister be aking control of his shit, they be kicking that crazy motherfucker out on the streets, into the crazy house, man they love that fool. Most family would feast on such-a fool, but they say he is really ann ingenious of sorts. Yea, yea, just keep that nigger under control, keep me out the link, those civil rights cases, we don’t need that shit around here???? Now do we?? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Guz, guz,

I need to update my software

Then the bitch ass niggers start crying, he want’s retribution. I say, like in get even? But, I AM a butterfly and you are a worm, how low must I go to get even with you???? No! No! See! See! For charity is love and God is love. And love should begin in the home, my Queendom is my prize. My blessing states, I did not rule the world, for rules are all about games. Such people say, “Life is a Game$$$, I don’t care, but I am going to get rich or die trying. And then go and get your nuts cut off and be like a nurtured pit bull.

The mission is I have come to fulfill the law and not the rules. For rules are games as in mythology as in ISIS, Apollo, NAZI, Egypt and the War on Drugs. Got the confidential Informants, the FBI, the Full Blooded Italians. Got snitches acting like the FBI is a covert operation and under what Constitution, the Confederacy? Get Real!!!

Format for a Scene – Screenplay: Q. of Q. Beyoncé as Ghetto Queen he said, send in the Ghetto Queen, next he saw was MZzzz. French Revere. What they hell!!



DBA Jesus Christ – The General of the Army – On sight an up front every time

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