VST  to DST – WMA  pro – Media Explosion

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VST  to DST – WMA  pro – Media Explosion

Talk About Sexual Reality

Jesus Christ – The 1th Hour Alicia Keys Ent. Version

The Florida Agreement – Alicia Keys Ent. Version


Save the World

Basis of Annulment – Alicia Keys Ent. Version

VST  to DST – WMA  pro – Media Explosion

WMA uses 5 times less space than Wav. and playback is at 24 bits, while Wav. is 16 bits

The New Blue Book Audio Standard of 24 bits rate density or 24 manipulation points

Once you understand the nature of Virtual Studio Technology, the fundamental of this type of rationality becomes seemingly second nature to you, as it become easier for you to make sound decision and mental responsiveness become a way of life for  you.  I asked one of Satan’s demons, “after you leave a party, can you still hear the music?”  He said, no!  I said, no.  I said damn, I did not know people cannot hear things inside of their mind?   I said, I AM glad, I did not understand the question, are you hearing voices? I thought they was talking about sound through my ears as transducers.  Anyway, Virtual Studio Technology is the creation process of creating music within my mind and it seems to happen spontaneously and seamless.   Because the mind is abstract, the term virtual applies;

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The Slave and the Master

DTS or Digital Studio Technology is the beginning of a total change in protocols to achieve productivity and growth.  It is the beginning of Humankind becoming away of the creation processes of humankind and will change the learning progress in fields like neurology.

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  1. The CPU – The Central Processing Unit – It runs application processing, telling the different part of the computer what to do as a possible and in a synchronized fashion.  Or the Thinking Processes.
  2. The Hard Drive holds applications, data and programs and has a file registry system and levels of vectors, once information is placed on a hard drive it will be their for the life of that hard drive. Remember once on hard drive always if only a shadow on hard drive.
  3. RAM – Random Access Memory – When you keep thinking about something, it can drain you and prevent you from processing new ideas.
  4. ROM Read Only Memory – Once I was suffocated. But I relaxed and woke up about an hour later. How?  Restart as like hitting a button in sleep mode. The it starts a chain effect, requiring more energy.
  5. Power – Transformer Energy, we eat food and convert it into energy.
  6. Wiring to move electric throughout the computer. The theory of kinetic energy, whereby water travels the easiest route.  Electronic is based on that concept using resistance, conductance, impedance and capacitance of such.
  7. Peripherals – Camera, speakers, microphone, printer,  MIDI Keyboard. monitor, High Speed USB 3.0 upgradable  to super high Audio 4.0. What you think is really the output or what you ultimately do.

This new field of scientific sound production leads to careers in, Computer Programming, , Robotics,  Communications Law Majors, legal and law, IT technology, consumer services, accounting,  paralegals, Chemist, Social sciences, Physicist , Math Sciences, Sound and Harmonic Designers, Sociology,  psychology , Marketing, advertisement, you name it.

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IBM/Microsoft, why limit Reliability? MA.GIX and affiliates such as Steinberg, Propellerhead, Sony,  Antares, Native Instruments, Sony, IK-Multimedia, Big Fish Audio, Bias, Intel, HP, and More;

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Dongle keys are used to protect the Licenses – In DAW you cannot own the studio, but can become a certified User.

all running in the MIS environment. Microsoft Integration Systems. Using one dongle key.

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The mind is abstract and therefore if you process music in your mind, it is virtual, but what we have done over the last 40 years plus, is show you the creation process done in virtual transformed into a digital environment and call it Digital Studio Technology.

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The Reason Mixing Console

Reason I not designed to be a recording studio and has a weak file management system. But it is designed to be a harmonic and sound design system and now with power to run DST, we can take music creation to another level. We will design the Cubase Console to be compatible to the Reason Console with a few extras.

The higher the bit rate the better the dynamics.

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The higher the bit rate the more point of sound processing manipulations, this mean advance sound design and creations.

The Big Release coming Soon:

Michael Jackson image was attacked, because they was really pointing their finger at me.  He ended up the falling Angel Michael, as they had kids crying out, “I love you Michael.”

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Lip Synchronization and V.V.T.

Lip-synching in music is “moving the lips in synchronization with recorded speech or song” to give the appearance of a ‘live’ performance. It is generally considered dishonest, though some producers argue that it needs to be done in some performance contexts.

The theory is if you run a music video at 92 BPM and then perform a song at the same speed, that video should fit to that songs, in terms of being in synchroniztion.

Therefore, if you change the imagry within the dancers performances, I can become Micahel Jackson o should I say, kids cn be saying, “I love you Jesus Christ,” instead of “I love you falling Angel.”

Where is all my plastic Surgery – This is me – DBA Jesus Christ

To be Released: In WMA Pro & Surround Sound – Like Never heard before.


  1. Destiny
  2. Off the Wall
  3. Thriller
  4. Bad
  5. Dangerous
  6. Blood on the Dance Floor – A Limit release
  7. My-Story – What these songs meant in my life in time and space

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God




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