VST  to DST – WMA  pro – Media Technology Explosion

VST  to DST – WMA  pro – Media Technology Explosion

 The Serpent Power of Mankind

Talk About Sexual Reality

The Shit Kit

The New World Order – Defined

By: DBA Jesus Christ

Once you understand the nature of Virtual Studio Technology, the fundamental of this type of rationality becomes seemingly second nature to you, as it become easier for you to make sound decision and mental responsiveness become a way of life for  you.  I asked one of Satan’s demons, “after you leave a party, can you still hear the music?”  He said, no!  I said, no.  I said damn, I did not know people cannot hear things inside of their mind?   I said, I AM glad, I did not understand the question, are you hearing voices? I thought they was talking about sound through my ears as transducers.  Anyway, Virtual Studio Technology is the creation process of creating music within my mind and it seems to happen spontaneously and seamless.   Because the mind is abstract, the term virtual applies,

DTS or Digital Studio Technology is the beginning of a total change in protocols to achieve productivity and growth.  It is the beginning of Humankind becoming away of the creation processes of humankind and will change the learning progress in fields like neurology.


  1. The CPU – The Central Processing Unit – It runs application processing, telling the different part of the computer what to do as a possible and in a synchronized fashion.
  2. The Hard Drive holds applications, data and programs and has a file registry system and levels of vectors, once information is placed on a hard drive it will be their for the life of that hard drive.
  3. RAM – Random Access Memory
  4. ROM Read Only Memory
  5. Power
  6. Wiring to move electric throughout the computer.
  7. Peripherals – Camera, speakers, microphone, printer,  MIDI Keyboard. monitor, High Speed USB 3.0 upgradable  to super high Audio 4.0.


This new field of scientific sound production leads to careers in, Computer Programming, , Robotics,  Communications Law Majors, lawyers. paralegals Chemist, Social sciences, Physicist , Math Sciences, Sound and Harmonic Designers Sociology. psychology , Marketing, advertisement, accounting, you name it.

IBM/Microsoft, why limit Reliability? MA.GIX and affiliates such as Steinberg, Propellerhead, Sony,  Antares, Native Instruments, Sony. IK-Multimedia, Big Fish Audio, Bias, Intel, HP, NI More all running in the MIS environment. Microsoft Integration Systems.

Aaliyah Jones, Tyra Jones and, & their Mother – Natalie Maria Jones aka Natalie Cole aka Claire Jones

Hot Like Fire

One in A Million

Carol Murray or Aaliyah?  Patricia Murray or Tyra Banks: The last time I saw Aaliyah was in Sandersville, GA, in about November 2015.  Since, I have sent in my rescue teams.  They need spirit children there, because if it was to be bombed with 5.5 Million tons of pure fertilizer coming out of the Earth for the next 300 years, an explosion would be the real life Battle-star Galactica.






DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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