Breaking News Alert, Alert; Alert – Not a Drill


Everybody Wants to Be On Top

Directive by: Jesus Christ

Due to the magnitude of this offensive, I call on the full forces of the FBI, DOD, Homeland Security, NYPD, DOJ, CIA, and more if found necessary by Gen. Powell, Gen. Obama and Gen. Austin.  This is joint effort.  Under National Security and in this war effort.  Close down all of NYC for 24 hours as of 12:00 AM 29 Nov. 2016, to allow the complete apprehension of all involve in this clear conspiracy well planned hate crime against God. With the intent to defile and harm all of God’s children.


Destroy them all and let their G.O.D. Sought them out!

Star Wars Locked and in Position to seek and Destroy God’s Enemy 

Any and all who resist even momentarily is to be shot on the spot. This is a martial law action and no questions are to be asked. If you are found on the street in the Above Top Secret Security areas, you will be arrested and we will attempt to find you the best accommodation possible. like Rikers Island, where it will be very overcrowded.  And due to the inconvenience, we will attempt to perform your tribunal in an expedited manor.

Treason – The sentence is death by Sulfur or fire.

Blasphemy – The Sentence is death by public hanging to be left to feed the vultures .

Espionage – The Sentence is death by firing Squad and then cremated to never be remember, by being added to the carbon batch to be made into diamond chip.







                Jesus Christ


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