Breaking News – Bob “The Lucky” Harper Back on Top

Daddy P

Breaking News – Bob “The Lucky” Harper Back on Top

Audio Version Coming

A Paul Castellano Directive

With the Joe, Joe and Joe connection exposed, being Joseph Hardy aka Nicky Barnes, and the leaders of the Colombo and Bonanno Family, the Bonanno Family Criminals and the Colombo Family Criminals has been officially DE-Commissioned. Nicky Barnes busted to join his friends. Why? Because we are business men and not criminals. Why would we sell drugs to cripple the economy, when we have all the dough in the world? We was always against drugs and the code is in the Godfather, when Marlon Brando said no to drugs and they tried to kill him. See?

Where we came from is all the Fertilizer in the world and where I was born is a diamond figuratively the size of the moon and the Promised Land is the most fertile land in the world. So why would we create a depended nation placed upon us? No! No! No!

The drug war was an unconstitutional act placed upon mankind and the world. It was illegal on the day it became law by Richard Nixon, when he created the DEA under executive order.

The prohibition of marijuana never passed the constitutionality test. This law must be repealed.

Bob Harper aka Lucky Luciano is the Commission. Frank C. Jones gets the Gambino Family who locates in Long Island City. Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X, receives the Promised Family, the Gallo Family who was to be known as the Black Mafia but we call ourselves the Corporation and therefore they are the aka Black Corporation, goes to the Father of the Black Panthers. The DE-Commissioned Bannono and Colombo Families goes to John A. Gotti Sr. now note J as in Joseph and Sammy Bull Gravano. From there Robert Harper can adjust and fix and modify.

We had to fight the drug war to prevent the Fall of America and to bring forth a new beginning, so the War Documents will be sealed for 50 years and there will be many arrest and like I said, who AM I to judge another man’s servants. They will Answer to Lucky, whom they conspired against and forced my hand.


D.B.A. Jesus Christ

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