Breaking News – Gen, Austin – Fidel not Confirmed


gen-austinGen. Austin Central Command

Dirty Lies

General Lloyd Austin over military intelligence operations in Tampa.  Barrack is still awaiting confirmation of the death of Fidel Castro.  Our nation are under friendly conditions with Cuba and still have not heard from that government directly concerning the verification of Castro’s death.

Gen. Austin says, it amazes me how Mr. Trump seems to want to run our government based on CNN Media and hearsay.  We have yet to even confirm his death and already a man who is not in the white house yet and once I submit the Intelligence the Law Makers insisted on me delivering concerning ISIS and their demand for our government to fund this ISIS fabrication based on my files and the results from these spy planes placed under my custody.


Fidel Castro – Alive

Fidel Castro death is not confirmed by the U.S. Government. And if our country plans to make its national security decision based on trivia station CNN.  We may be in more trouble than we can ever imagine.

Attorney General Lynch is in on this and say, many indictments may follow the results of these reports.  And under the United States Constitution, I cannot honestly perceive our nation going through this transition of Government. I AM just waiting to see all to Mr. Trumps Administrative Selections.  We already know who Donald Trump is and from this attempt to cause mayhem, confusion and riots.  I mean we have factual data that at anytime in the United States of America, over 90,000 people are missing?


Havana, Cuba was the Illuminati Stronghold Destroyed by 2,500 savage dogs

It is time for our nation to receive it wakeup calls from my office and the office of the FBI.

Jesus Christ

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