Breaking News – New President – New Day Barrack Anti-Christ?

Barrack Jay Z Beyonce Michelle

Breaking News – New President – New Day Barrack Anti-Christ?

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Dahoud Smith a Friend of Barrack Hyperlink Above

By: D.B.A. Jesus Christ

In the last 7 years since Barrack “Homo” Obama signed into law The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, I was Baker Act at least 30 time s since 2010 under this law and every time unlawfully, even if the law was constitutional. And it is not

Since he enacted this law,

  1. Veterans stopped getting decent services at the VAMA.

  2. More and more people became disabled nation as production came to an halt, as people were placed on SSI, homelessness went on the rise, while the government was paying $140 to as high as $2,000 per day per homeless person.

  3. Veterans even stopped getting transportation reimbursement for hospital visits. As health care cost sky rocket, there was no services rendered to patients.

  4. The only drugs we get are called inhibitors and no cures are dispensed.

  5. Places like Florida has to incarcerate people to eat, as they pay the jailers $175 per day to house often innocent people and almost always on a misdemeanor charge.

  6. Officers no longer carry Miranda Rights cards and under the law they must read it to you and not just recite it.

  7. He hung out with a known drug dealer Jay-Z and took photos with him in the White House. And Jay-Z stalked Bey once and he did nothing to stop it.

  8. Prison are overcrowded during his watch.

  9. 90,000 people are missing at all times in America today, based on 2 weeks cycle whereby unemployment is based on 6 months cycle, so you do the numbers?

  10. Homeless shelters are in unlivable conditions. All during his watch?

  11. Dahoud Smith a known drug dealer is calling the shot for Jay-Z?. So who is really running the white house?

  12. And under martial law he deified God until the end, living him homeless in the streets?

  13. And it all seems to come down tot eh Affordable Care Ac aka Obamacare.

  14. Can Obamacare possibly pass the constitutionality test, if the Baker Act is in fact and has been food to be unconstitutional?

Jesus Christ calls on the lawyers of America to vetted this unconstitutional assault on America. And the findings will be, it was the foundation of all these hate crimes against God. It was designed specifically to hate God. It is the law that made the drug war more effective against America than ever. Is Barrack Obama the Drug Kingpin?

My problem was not New York City, Florida or any state. My problem was in the White House, the man who fooled all the world. Is Barrack the anti-Christ?

Jesus Christ

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