Breaking News – The Establishment and Parameters of God’s Law’s

Breaking News – The Establishment and Parameters of God’s Law’s

  • Established is Safe House Location
  • Determined Sealed – One Year
  • With Road Map – Exit can be done in 3 hours established – Never without – A Tomb
  • Communications is Solar system wide
  • First line of defense Star Wars Technology & Lady Bug Technology
  • I AM Immortal and know where my family is located and tucked away.



First Actions

The Department of Army – Division of Engineers Fence in New Jerusalem Home Quarters:

Using high tech modulation fencing to allow the use of pinned locked bolting to achieve temporal sitting for planned events.  25 Feet Maximum and lower security standards as one enters the inner circle of the Queendom, meant to achieve a freedom environment within the Royal Quarters.

  • South Sebring at Memorial Exit
  • North to Health Center on Highway 27
  • West at Highway 27
  • East at Memorial Drive


Setup Public Wi-Fi and apply the New Jerusalem rules and use of Wi-Fi.  No password protections allowed, free public access at several public areas, to enhance community communications, security and electronic functionality to create and design an advance society.

Bring in a lot of fertilizer and associated tools and processes to enhance and advance the greenery in this area.  Create a direct line out of Sandersville, GA.

Convert a couple of Churches in first class recording studio incubators to advance the available entertainment and talents.

Occupy need homes found vacant over 30 days and establish a Israel Right to Housing Act. We eminent domain all property rights in Highlands County, under 501 3 c Law.  The tax collectors are nonprofit scams and those who engaged in this will forfeit every asset and every penny they own, because they are penniless thieves.

The law is the blessing, I get 10% and you pay no taxes, because municipalities make Mooney of fire city managers.

Therefore any and all hired personnel must be fired and then rehired and elected official will complete their terms under the guidelines of the U.S. Constitution. The only hired employee in Highlands County or the Tri City Area is Queen of Queens Maria, giving her sonority over every employee in Tri City.

For example, the only person who still has a job at the Sheriff office is Sheriff Benton under the Constitution and her department has to be granted a jurisdiction before execution and therefore place this whole County on Martial Law Security Measures and places Top COP Nicky Barnes as the grantor of the measures to prevent another Washington D.C. Gay Mob RICO Act Investigation.

Dump plenty of marijuana on the general public to create a proper marijuana social drug environment at Public Wi-Fi locations.

Shut down Safe-Link and implement the TRACFONE system and Smart Phone package for $9 per month paid for by Life-Line for $12.50 per month as allocated by the government.

Design the W.W.J.D. the children population placing them under our care over the world wide web.

COP Uniforms and Empathy

No handcuffs, just smack the disorderly bitch.  But handcuff is the excuse they used to abuse and murder, them shit be hurting and niggers be mad for the bullshit arrests to begin with.

Blue Baseball T-shirt of High Quality with a Baseball type number Example: SRA 25 – Southside Redevelopment Area, Officer #25

Teams of Two and one Worker Dog assigned per team

High-tech Projectable Urban Weapon – Will not kill you, but will fuck your ass up

Walking Sneakers- Black

Quality Blue Shorts

Special designed 3 seater high performance spurt cars and automatic weaponry and GPS


  • Then we can reassess and add on:



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