Breaking News The Mr. Cool Conclusion

Daddy P

Breaking News The Mr. Cool Conclusion

AIDS “Did it Cost Me MY Soul?”

This is still his wages, either right or wrong, he placed his bet.  So Russell Lewis really did win in all fairness.  But both of them have like 300 to 400 files in the FBI vault, I only have 781+ plus files.  Had they agreed, it would have been grounds for conspiracy charges along the journey.

You Are For me of Against me.

 MT:12:30 “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

I was the no Drugs Policy

Bet-ta Watch Out


Frank you mean that is Steve, what have they done to him?

Now someone explain Norman, Smithy and Steve. Norman goes to be hero and recover the dope. Get’s busted and snitches out Steve.  Steve a stand up guy, gets his ass wiped in the FEDS.  Then came Peter.  I never remember Peter working for Steve.  Even Russell worked for Steve????  So how did Steve get bumped over for this chaos. What Queensbridge became was not what it was.

And also in the news, 40 acres and a Mule:

Jesus Christ

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