Breaking News – The Mr. Cool & Queensbridge Discussion

Daddy P

Breaking News – The Mr. Cool & Queensbridge Discussion

Everybody Wants to be on Top


Slicker Pete Surveys?

I saw Steve when Frank C. was still in Queensbridge.  He said, “They beat the hell out of Steve in Prison.” Steve took the fall so Norman did not have to.  I said, nobody touches Norman and his punishment is he can never come back to Queensbridge.  This kept him alive.  He was told to not go anywhere near that package, but he tried to sneak back and got caught.  So Steve took the fall for him.  Steve never snitched.  Smithy ran shit for awhile, talked shit to me about my moms and ended up on crack.


Yea, his boy Russell is a Bitch Ass

Russell was the one who came onto the block wearing sneakers, backward hats and licking Lottie pops. Whoever referred Peter? And Butch Jones, who is another one of Frank C. son’s, got mad as hell with me for not fucking up the whole, Mousey Crew.  He said they are faggots and they kill out of fear.  he died from AIDS, but I know I lost nobody. My Promise is that I will be the God-Father or God the Father of Queensbridge (The Kingdom of God) and there my Queendom will be constructed.  So, who are any of these people?


But out of Fear they will kill$$$$$

Satan is a Liar:
Everybody Has Demons
Jesus Christ

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