Breaking News – The Secret Meeting In D.C.

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The Secret Meeting In D.C.

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Double Standards

Breaking News Report, brought to you by BM/Microsoft, why limit reliability? and Johnson’s and Johnson’s , old friends with new trends,  B&H Audio and Video, the leader in electronics technology retail management, customer service and technology stock, located in Manhattan on 31st street and 8th Avenue and Best Buy/Circuit City, the biggest Consumer Electronics Technology retailers in all the world.

As they road on the city bus, Barrack says to Jesus Christ, they have this place on lock down.  Three years ago people was in and out of here?  Jesus replied, yea, see when that dude came through, he had to et rid o the Secret Service Supervisor.  See? That guy came in to tell him, he was sent in to do a hit.  See? It was that lesbian Supervisor was the mole.  Why they give her that position, knowing the homosexual vote really did not mean anything? I don’t know, then what kid of White House did not even have bullet  windows for the children’s  room?  See?  Barrack smiled.

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