Breaking News – Watch the Codes of the Dogs Phil: 3:2

Daddy P

Breaking News – Watch the Codes of the Dogs Phil: 3:2

By: Jesus Christ

Certain accepted ideas is the illusion of the netting you into capture due to codes being detected. Remember they say we do not racial profile but to them damn near every nigger looks identical. If everyone wear blue they would know who you are but not the individual. I tend to do things based on fearless immorality and Spirit and by doing what was required I can now tell you what to watch for and how avoid capture.

Jesus Christ expressed his love for the Washington D.C. Area, as he amazed the city and free Obama First Family for captivity with the final intent to eat him, tell the world Barrack is dead, cause riots and mayhem and chaos.

To name a few, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and most obvious Joe Biden, have failed in coup against the United States Constitution.

The General Reponses:

Martial Law – President Obama gives D.B.A. Jesus Christ – Title: God – Field grade promotion to the rank of General of the Army.

Jesus Christ Than:

Places the nation under Military administration, using the current Obama Administration to oversee all Government Institutions.

Then placing Dir. Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security into the full effect of Marital Law operational procedure and our intent. He did well, but he knew help had to come soon, I was stretching thin.

Then Commissioned 20,000 top notch multi-taskforce Troops. Place under the Command of General Powell due to field grade promotion to 4 stars. If anyone he deserved it. But these men was simple preserved and are the best men still available to our Arms Forces.

I gave General Lloyd Austin of Military Intelligence located in Florida a field grade promotion to 4 stars, because they was trying to play him claiming he was hiding these fictions ISIS reports and he knew ISIS is a confederate fabrication and these are the leaders busted for trying to overthrow the United States Constitution to make their lie legitimate and cause the deaths pf one million black men. When Hillary joked about Beyoncé and hot sauce the bitch was really funning at her. The Kennedy Family is the Family of Satan. A to claim a divided Kingdom is to say we are unstoppable, because you can only come after one side or the other.

I say, “You is/are either for me or against me,” Not you, have love me if you hate my down low partner.


Jesus Christ

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