Confirmation of my identity 20 June 2017

From: The Attorney General Office Dated 26 September 2016 – and on that day, the business name Jesus Christ, INC. Became effective.  And who do all reverence go to?

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

From: DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

Date: 20 June 2017

RE: Confirmation of my identity

Cases:  State of Florida v. Frank Paul Jones

RE: State of Florida v, Frank Paul Jones Case No. 16-466 MM – 1600466-MMAXMX and 17000210-MMAXMX

I was never convicted or even charged under state statute and spent over 180 days in jail, my Social security SSDI is screwed up, my bills behind and me kicked out of my home and the town.

Martha Mitchell was J. Edgar Hoover secret wife of two children one male and one female.

The Martha Mitchell effect is the process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician labels the patient’s accurate perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly.

Due to this false diagnosis I was made unemployable.


Criminal Complaint under Federal Jurisdiction – Lynch  The Criminal Complaint to the Attorney General of the U.S.

fed-response  fed-crim-req-1     fed-crim-req-2

Hate Crimes Investigation File #: 3704895 – Dated: 26 Sep. 2016

FED Response

The Reverend Frank Paul Jones-Messiah

923 S.A. Avenue Avon Park, FL 33825-41 14

Dear Reverend Jones-Messiah:

. If you have any questions, Please contact us at (301) 583-7350 and refer to your ID number  3704895 when requesting any information.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Ruling by: DBA Jesus Christ – mp3

Martial Law and Military Governance

Martial Law Explained

Frank Paul Jones name on utilities



The State of Nation under Martial Law

Martial Law Letters:

p-deny-counsel  p-deny-counsel-response-to-court

Executive Orders Letters

Location: VAMC – New York Harbor System – Manhattan, New York:

The Identification of Agent Apostle Paul Castellano

  1. Blood for DOJ Identification System of Verification
  2. Finger Prints to complete the DOJ Identification profile

Documents Presented:

  1. Birth Certificate – Mother Eva
  2. VAMC ID Card needing replacement
  3. Corporate Documents: Jesus Christ, INC, The NAACP, INC, MY FLORIDA CORPOATION, INC., , Masjid Muhammad, INC. for each I have a certificate of status.

Court Decision concerning ownership to all of the Prince Hall Inheritance:

ELLR Will 1 ELLR Will 2 ELLR Will 3 ELLR Will 4 ELLR Will 5 – Copy ELLR Will 6

Name MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC   Name The NAACP    Jesus Christ Certificate of Status 2016-17

Name Masjid Muhammad, INC

The State of New York v. Frank Paul Jones, it has the seal and must be copied and witnessed by notary authority and applicable laws.







             DBA Jesus Christ

On 18 November 2015 – As the General of Armed Forces, I declared martial law over the United States of America

Password Removed – Public Information until Further Notice.

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