DBA Jesus Christ goes on Offensive

DBA Jesus Christ goes on Offensive

The Creation Theory Defined

By: DBA Jesus Christ

This weekend accomplishments in Taking control of what I own.  Masjid Muhammad, INC. #4 located in Washington, D.C.  was erected in 1960 and I was born in 1959.  I introduced myself, but it seemed these thugs had planned to just take my property by means on thug style activates.  I came in peace and in distress and the man just questioned me about if I AM God, give me some money. I said, you cannot help me unless you are ALLAH.  I said, but I came to you in distress and all I need is for you to be a brother to help another brother in distress. I tried to et me to argue as he called the Police to observe me from behind the scenes.

You I started kicking it with a brother who is a very god listener. He listened and I noticed, he was receiving me. I said, yea, you is not use to hearing it come to you like this.  So he Police Officer got I his car and drove away.

Another dude approached me and said “who are you?” I replied, I AM a very important person to this organization. He says, how is that, if I do not even know you?  I said, I go back over 30 years.  He said, me too and I do not know who you are.  I said, I introduced myself to the other brother, you want me to show you what I showed him?  He says, no, I do not want to see anything about you. Bit before this conversation, I already owned my house.

Name Masjid Muhammad, INC

Masjid Muhammad, INC – Certificate of Status

Name The NAACP

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, INC – The NAACP, INC


My Florida Corporation, INC – All the nonprofit organization in the State of Florida

Jesus Christ Certificate of Status 2016-17

DBA Jesus Christ – Jesus Christ, INC = 10% of the GDP







               DBA Jesus Christ – The General of the Army

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