The Unconstitutional War of Drugs – A Conspiracy

The Unconstitutional War of Drugs – A Conspiracy

Public Enemy Remix 2

Save the World

  1. The Frank Lucas Bust BKA Chris Bush – of Queensbridge Projects.  He got busted in 1975 and was the bartender at the hangout spot until at least 1979?  The Wire.
  2. Chris Bush assumed the name Joe Hardy who is the real Nicky Barnes.
  3. James Winfield of the 3/19 FA of Fort Polk 1985 had a child from June McCafee aka Judy Thompson, who married me in a fact marriage and the child was carried by Boo Green aka Maxwell, who named him Jonathon Green his son.
  4. Winfield is Fuck Man in the wire a drug operation concerning the Gay Mob.
  5. The Judge Hulk who  falsely convicted me in Los Angeles had a son SGT. Hauk in the Washington DC Police Force.
  6. Why the war is unconstitutional?  In 1973 the Nixon Administration started the DEA and the FDA by executive orders.  Then he had the law enforcement group, the DEA schedule the drugs, when the legislative body in this case is the FDA. This made the DEA a clandestine operation as bunch judge and jury the executive Office a lame Duck.
  7. Then the big bust, the Barksdale Family loses everything but the Funeral Parlors.
  8. They get these long sentences.
  9. Now the money goes to the dope dealer’s pimp the lawyers and the one who makes the money in the Hood is the Undertaker.  He runs the policy game of insurance policies.
  10. But Undertakers do not bury people.
  11. The Big American Gangster Bust, what happened, there was no body count.
  12. The old Army clichi “The judge gave me a choice, go to Vietnam of go to jail.
  13. Fact: Vietnam was not a war, it was a conflict.  And it was all Virtual Video Technology
  14. 58,220 died was sent home, but never was the body seen.  As we dug up graves it became obvious, they did not die, these were drug shipments to supply the world “The French Connection.”
  15. Being the war drugs is unconstitutional due to how the drugs was scheduled, it is clear that all these men and women busted in Washington D.C. was convicted for not committing any crimes.
  16. Restitution is at a minimum $1,000 per day incarcerated without conviction.
  17. The Funeral Home still owned by the Barksdale Family was very lucrative and the Undertaker is under RICO, they do not bury anyone and the Frank Lucas bust was grounds to check this out.
  18. Then in 1981, I opened a bank account at Barksdale credit Union at Fort Polk, LA.
  19. Today Mid-Florida is the Biggest Municipal Credit Union serving the Federal Government in the United States.
  20. In January 2015, the District of Columbia – City of Washington D.C. got an OK, from a United States Senator to legalize marijuana. He said, “You can legalize it, but not with our money.”  And because the District of Columbia showed an intent to correct this unconstitutional law and decree, they are not  to be placed under a  Stay of Execution.  The war is illegal, but the flood gates of a bunch of people without vetted information on them is a dangerous precedent.
  21. However,  due to the fact that Washington D.C. did not enforce the illegal rules of  law concerning marijuana. There can be no holding up on the releases of these human and hu-woman from out of jail, prisons and institutions.
  22. This connects, Washington D.C. to Avon Park, FL, back to Ft. Polk and to New York City.
  23. while going by Washington D.C. about Sept. 1985, I saw Jo, Jo, as in Jo Jo  and KC, who I knew from Queensbridge as a homo thug.  He was Omar in the Wire.

Statistical information about casualties of the Vietnam War

Electronic Records Reference Report

Image result for general of the army stars

DBA  Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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