Marshall-Rock-Jones Pee Wee Alive & More 411$$!

Pee Wee - Marshall-Rock-Jones Bass Player the Ohio Players Chris Rock

Mousey is Alive – Meet Chris Rock

Marshall-Rock-Jones aka Pee Wee on the Bass

I should have known.  See, Mousey was always good to me, I used to beat him out of some of his money and cocaine at the Spot.  Frank C. always said Bush as in Dante Bush but Bitch Jones tried to convince me he was of Frank C. and tried to get me to hurt Mousey over some cocaine operations.  I did not fall for it and Mousey turns out to be a Jones and he got to be Chris Rock.  people who remember Mousey, knows this voice and good damn humor.

Now I know he is alright and doing good and I will see him again.  This brings joyful tears do my eyes.  I miss Mousey, I really do.


I listened to this song over and over when I was in Germany back in 1976-77

I Am Earth, Wind and Fire, the Ohio Players (Mousey is Pee Wee) on the Bass  and More

Frank Lucas the Moviep8

From The Apostle:  Notice the dates and when the Big Bust for Chris Bush aka Frank Lucas aka Joe Hardy got busted.

Frank Paul Jones and Raymond went out for New Years Eve Night, but on the way Raymond brought Paul to a major recording studio. Raymond had a KEY, if you remember the hit at Raymond’s sister’s house, Raymond brought Paul there also. John Gotti arranged this meeting between The Jackson Brothers and Paul Castellano.
RAYMOND Paul are you ready, it’s time for you to do this studio work.
Raymond and Paul switched coats, and all the Producer knew was that Paul was a Mulatto, but Raymond was lighter than Paul, that is why they called him Red. He was Red and his hair was even Red, whereby Paul was just an everyday light skin person.
PRODUCER It’s you I have been waiting for?
RAYMOND It’s not me, he is Paul Castellano!
PRODUCER Are you’ll ready?
RAYMOND Give me a couple of minutes to get him ready. Paul Castellano it’s time for you to do the bass lines for the Jackson Family!
PAUL CASTELLANO Do you have everything I told you’ll to have?
PRODUCER I have everything you instructed us to have.
PAUL CASTELLANO Let me hear what you have.
Paul Castellano listened to the bass lines they had put together with the songs. He was there to do them over, with a lot of funk and style.
PAUL CASTELLANO (CONT’D) This shit sucks, who did this shit?
I did!
PAUL CASTELLANO Now I see why you’ll need me, this shit sucks. All right, get ready to record, let’s do this!
Paul Castellano did all the bass lines for the Jackson’s Destiny Album. He did it all in one day. While he was jamming, the song said, “That’s the way I like it.” Referring to the bass lines.
RAYMOND Paul! Look up there!
Paul looked up and he saw Michael Jackson, he waved at Michael and Michael smiled and waved back, and then he looked to the rear of the studio and saw the rest of the Jackson Brothers. He had no idea all those people were there. Paul had to do the bass lines, because one of the Jackson Brothers stayed with the old record label when they moved on. What Paul Castellano did that day they couldn’t duplicate?
That album sold double platinum and put the Jackson’s back on the charts and Michael Jackson eventually broke the charts, this was to get things started again.
After Paul Castellano jammed they gave Raymond some money for them to party at the Studio 54. They partied for a little while, and after they ran out of money they went home and Frank Paul Jones didn’t remember what happened.
This is a typical night at the Spot for Paul, but this was the last night I Gambled there while in New York City. I played in two dice games the first one with people my age, and the second game with the older fellows who had too much money for me to win.
FRANK PAUL JONES Carl you’re cutting the game?
CARL Yea I got it.
FRANK PAUL JONES So let’s gamble fellows. Gamba! Gamba! Gamba! Let’s roll for the bank.
We rolled for the bank and the highest number got the bank.
MICHAEL My bank I got $50 in the bank, I take all pushers and the rest are house rules.
I stop it!
Michael rolls the dice.
C-Low I win!
FRANK PAUL JONES I stop it again, I bet $100.
FRANK PAUL JONES (CONT’D) I win, it’s my bank. I got $300 in the bank.
They gambled for about 3 hours until around 10 PM, Frank Paul Jones won in that game and had about $600 to get into the big game with the Crew and other people with big money. Frank played with them almost every weekend, and by the end of the night he would lose, but he always got money out of the game to collect the next day.
After gambling for about 4 hours.
MOUSE You have to put $500 or better in the bank or give it up. I will give you $100 for the bank.
FRANK PAUL JONES I got the bank $700 is in it.
They rolled dice for a while and Frank was rolling winning numbers, the bank got up to $10,000. But these guys were big time hustlers and even a couple of professional Boxers were there.
Paul played $100 worth of number gave his friend Alex some money to hold, bought Cocaine from Mouse to sniff, bought girls drinks. He go a lot of money out of the game, because this game goes on for broke.
Everybody laid down big bets and Frank Ace out. After everyone was paid, Mouse was the last person on the payment line, and Frank paid out about $3000. But Mouse had a $20,000 bet, and won the rest of the money in the bank which was about $7000.
Damn! Fuck!
FRANK PAUL JONES (CONT’D) I am busted, Paul had about $100 left in his pockets, but, he got money out of the game as usual to get his hustle on during the week.
MOUSE That’s Paul Castellano, say it, say it, you are Paul Castellano.
FRANK PAUL JONES Fuck you Mouse.
MOUSE This guy, you did good for yourself, this guy always buys up my Cocaine with my Cocaine money.
PETE Now get the hell out of here Paul!
FRANK PAUL JONES Fuck all of you’ll.
MOUSE Stop being a sore loser Paul, one day all of this is going to be yours.
Frank Paul Jones didn’t know what they were talking about, he just knew he was in a game with big time gangsters and lost before the end of the game as usual. And after so many months of getting high all the time he was tired, and wanted a change of scenery.

Chris Bush aka Frank Lucas to the (L) and brother Jimmy (r)

Chris Bush was against us and for the Italians.  They are not Sicilians, but Assyrians.

New International Version


Code:  They are Serpent Cannibals who eat humans

Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.

Image result for larry hoover and Frank Lucas

I visited the Bush Apartment and Chris Bush showed me the article and said, Nicky Barnes is busted.  It was inside of his room.  He said, this territory is not Gambino it is Colombo and Bonanno Family.

Charles “Lucky” Luciano (pronounced /luːtʃiˈɑːnoʊ/;[1] born Salvatore Lucania[2] November 24, 1897

Elijah Muhammad (born Elijah Robert Poole; October 7, 1897

FBI Vault: Salvatore Lucania – 5 files (3) on Carlo Gambino (1) Frank Sinatra

Robert Poole – 92 files aka Lucky Luciano

Elijah Poole – 51 files – Hon. Elijah Muhammad

Jesus Christ – 281 files

Frank Paul Jones – 803 files

Nicky Barnes – Top Cop – 1 file – Bremer Kidnapping

Wiki Searches – Bremer Kidnapping

Wiki Searches – Nicky Barnes

Not True Based on FBI File

Leroy Nicholas “Nicky” Barnes (born October 15, 1933) is an American former criminal (drug lord and crime boss), later turned government informant, who led the notorious African-American New York-based criminal organization known as The Council, which controlled the heroin trade in Harlem.[1] In 2007 he released a book, Mr. Untouchable, written with Tom Folsom, and a documentary DVD of the same title about his life.


The Kidnapping of Edward Bremer goes back to about 1936. Nicky was born in 1933. This is the case of Nicky Barnes. The kidnapping of Edward Bremer bought down the whole Gay Mob, but we know this to be a lie. Above, you see the words Untouchable, he was given celebrity status and the President of the United States of America personally took him down. President Jimmy Carter. I remember when one of the Chris Bush informed me, Nicky has been taken down, while in his room. Then he goes on to tell me whose territory Queensbridge is. The one thing, they could not take was Queensbridge. Dude is still doing time talking about Long Island City is my turf. Nicky was setup. He fought against dope dealers.

A Story to Understand

  1. Joe Hardy and Paul Hardy are brothers.  Paul Hardy become Steve Harvey and Chris Bush became a Steve Harvey Look alike in hairdo and so on.  But Joe Hardy was short and Paul is tall.
  2. I always called her Ms. Drusilla, she and Padilla are sisters. And Padilla is Josephine Baker.
  3. She was a outspoken entertainer who demanded respect. She goes to a Harlem Restaurant Night Club and complained about the poor services she had and she was richer than all these people in here. Oh, its a black thing???

    It gets the attention of Mr.. Walter Winchell, a reporter and J Edgar Hoover loyalist. He finds out JFK was a ploy and gets mad as hell with Hoover. You deceived me or to that effect. She broke the news that JFK was not killed and it was an FBI ploy.

    So I go to France in about 1984 and I meet Josephine Baker’s Children, all in French Army Uniforms and every last one of them was black. I cried as I had to leave and gave them the things off of my back and vowed, “I will return.” I never left!!!!

    The code here is Josephine built the Church of God by Faith. They claim the  Church in Lake Wales alone cost $8 million.

  5. Important Fact – She was born 7 years after Frank Clark Jones – in 1929.

It seems his take down at first glance is his takedown was code or protocol to deal with people like Nicky. He might understand this deeper.

OK, Joe was boring money from loan sharks and understand we are Johnson’s and Johnson’s, we are Motown and she become the riches person in the world by 1976.  It was a shakedown based on Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong it will.  They got him in a web to borrow for Peter to pay Paul.

So I loaned him like about I do not remember $100.  Chump change. In the Loan Shark game, you paid 300% in 4 months meaning double. I came for my chump change in like one week. I kept fucking with him about my 100 dollars. He saw me as a young punk, but I got mad and had a posse in front of his building ready to fuck him up over this chump change.  he realized I was serious and I went into the apartment to see Ms. Drusilla.  I told her what was up.  They was setting him up to either kill the loan sharking operations or let them kill him and he was not going to be hit.  See?

The Highlands of Beulah Chapter 31

I said, he is fucking.  She Joe is smart, but understand the Beulah Chapter 31 games. If you need 5 screws they give you 4 and make sure one of the 4 breaks.  They are grimy. I said, Joe if you needed money all you had to do is say it so I could hear you. “Hey Paul, I need $50G.”  But you fucked up and they are setting you up for the kill man. You can have a business or whatever, but  you have to leave here now or they are going to try and kill you.  OK!

So I had the word out, he gets a beat down, you know baseball bats and shit.  So I say, only you two will see who comes out with me and the rest will not look. So I get him out of the building. Then I say, OK, show me your guns.  My people looked at me like this is a beat down, to the mole pulled out a gun. You know how that went.  Then later down the line Chris Bush talks about Nicky Barnes got busted.  See?  Then he took on the name Joe Hardy, because nobody who is not down with those dogs lives through witness protection, but Jimmy Carter is one of my Presidents. See? I joined the my under his Administration and by July 1977, I had 5 Stars, I was running the show on the down-low.

Laetrile children are from Samson.  See.  Samson Jones  has 4 Stars. See?  I located him in the 1976-77 Germany tour in the Army.

Image result for castellammare del golfo, sicily

It’s Apostle Paul Castellano of Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily

Elijah Muhammad Part 04 of 20

FBI Records show I was conceived in Sandersville, GA on 27 June 1958, exactly 3 years after the New World Order was Established in Austria and born in L.I.C. Queens exactly 8 months later on 4 March 1959. It is a scientific fact it takes 8 months for the mind to fully develop.

Records show my children Beyoncé and Alicia full blooded Zulus, conceived at exactly 13  years old and 4 days.  Beyoncé born 21 January 1981, conceived in Manhattan documents show due to a John Gotti investigation it was filmed in Manhattan and exactly 8 months later on 25 September 1994, Alicia conceived where now is CITI Bank Building.  Manhattan and Long Island City is above the Foundation Rock a diamond figuratively the size of the moon, proving we are the first of civilization, going back 380 million years.


The Apostle Paul Castellano is Capstone Zulu

Palms: 118:22

Psalm 118:22 22The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;

I AM the Beginning and the End. I AM the last standing Zulu King. I AM not the Tree and Branch of David, for David calls on GOD. But I AM the tree and branch of Shaka, however, reality is in Christ. For the stories about Shaka Zulu is mere mythology, for my Queendom is my prize and they shall live with me forever in the Kingdom of God. But Shaka is said to have been stabbed in the back and his children buried alive? How can you destroy that which is immortality?

My language is Hebrew, for I say what I mean and mean what I say. Our dictionary is the American Heritage English dictionary, which Oxford tried to stop and failed and slang is a part of our culture, for it is not blasphemy to tell a person off when they get out of place, but it is blasphemy to deny God’s Word.

A human walked into the food stamps office and said, you make a mistake, you gave me $200 in food stamps the last four months, you own me $800 back-stamps. The woman replied, no, we only is authorized to grant $200 per month. So the Human, starting saying to himself but out loud, this is bullshit, this bitch is crazy as mothering hell, man fuck this shit here. So the woman says calming, sit, you are going to have to leave, with all this profanity. The man says, look, I speak Hebrew, can you get me an interpreter? The woman looks to here right and sees a black employee and says, this man says he speaks Hebrew and needs and interpreter, he seems to not understand simple English. Do you speak Hebrew she asked. The Huwoman says yes I do. Will you explain to the man that I cannot give him $400 per month in food stamps, are only authorized to grant $200 per month per single person? She replied OK. So the Human says, now tell her this bitch what the fuck I AM saying Huwoman?

So the Huwoman looks at the woman and say, “He said, bitch he wants his motherfucking $400 in damn food stamps you stupid whore. He said the Lord promise him $400 motherfucking food stamps bitch as motherfucker. Are you denying God before me and this Human on the land set aside for God’s children? He goes on ohm really? That is blasphemy bitch. So the Human pull out his gun. The woman says, oh, hell that will not be necessary. Take these stamps please. I never she replied. The Human says but I almost did bitch. Then the woman ran out of that office, man fuck that shit, those niggers done lost their minds.

Aunt Goodness is Gussy Johnson and she played the piano at the Church near Ravenswood. And she could read music. She help me compose a lot of music. She mothered both Robert and Rahmel Jones.

Robert Jones was named after my son, Robert Elijah Jones aka Lucky Luciano whom I knew as Bob Harper and he became R. Kelly. Bitch Jones tried to turn him out as Vera tried to turn Rahmel out, until one day Rahmel said, my name is not Boykin, my name is Rahmel. I’d see Aunt Goodness in New Jersey when we went to see Josephine Padilla, whose sister is Drusilla. And then you had Barbara and Shirley. And Lillian Johnson became Diana Ross while Carol became Mrs. IBM as her and Sam Lawharne got married. I was the ring boy, but I did not officiate that marriage, in fact I cried when I say that damn cross up the in that church, because I knew what they had planned for me.



The reason I stayed away from the Nation of Islam was because of lies and I could not locate its origin. I went to the World Day of Atonement. I think in 2003? It was at the United Nations. I heard but did not get close enough to see Min. Louis Farrakhan. He was talking about averting the Battle of Armageddon. He spoke about how if you do business with Satan, he can take it back at anytime. It is written on the dotted line you cannot see. I took it as if he was trying to sell drugs. Why? All I seen was drug dealers out there. Then I went to Chicago years later, in 2015. I ended up at the Jesse Brown Medical Center where they tried to cut my shit off. They failed. But before that I went there following Janet, this was when I set her free. I was getting the 411 from Barrack. When I got to Chicago, I was very tired. I walked from the train station to his home in about 2 hours. I saw a Bozo dress as Elijah Muhammad, who told me to go to this Temple. I got there and they said, “May God have mercy on you?” And three thugs extorted me out. I said, I need a place to rest my head tonight, they said come back tomorrow. Later I found a shelter and stayed there for three days then ended up at the Jesse Brown Medical Center for about 4 weeks.

Then again another encounter. Headed to Atlanta I saw two Humans on the bus. One offered another some food. I had plenty of food and probably more cash them both of them. I offered them food and they said no, as if we are not breaking bread with you. Really!!! It was an insult to suggest they would eat anything I offer them. So I said, are you down with the Nation? No! We are down with the real Islam. Oh, the middle east? I tell you anyone who is against Elijah Muhammad is against me. I said, you know the slave woman has been emancipated so you are free. They did not understand what I was saying.

So I said, so AM I supposed to give your inheritance to those people in the Middle East? Have you ever been to the Middle east. No! So what you know about their struggle? So I spoke and got tired of their ignorance and said, you know what, I Am going to move back here, I do not want to even seat by you two. So one guy says, anything you want to tell us, you have to prove in this book. He handed me a Qur’an looking the opposite direction. I assumed he could not read. I asked, is Paul in this book? He could not answer, because all he was doing was reciting what someone told him. I said, no Paul is not in this book, so AM I supposed to fulfilled this too? I answered my own question. No! Why? This book has nothing to do with me at all. I said, see the Bible be lying on me, it talks about Paul being knocked to his knees by Jesus Christ. I said, how can that be, when I AM the Body of Christ? See? I was born and giving the name Frank Paul Jones, because I had to do the Paul Castellano on their asses. But I AM DBA Jesus Christ. DBA means I can do business as Jesus Christ. So my fulfilling the Bible was not to do as Satan said, but to prove him a liar. But that book has nothing to do with me, My name is not even in it. That is just some Roman Catholic bullshit. See?

House of God Plate

Name Masjid Muhammad, INC

This here is there Deed.

I met with them in Washington D.C. So I did this but the Nation of Islam I need to talk too.


Masjid Muhammad is affiliated with the Imam Warith Deen Muhammad community in the US. Imam Warith Deen was a wonderfully inclusive African-American that preached respect and love in his greater community.

Masjid Muhammad – Mosques – 1519 4th St NW, Washington, DC …

This is the current Agenda and I took them out of Administrative Dissolution and we need to talk

I build this and not Wallace and we need to come to some type of understanding.  They cannot take it from them now, but I will feed into lies.

Their Agenda yet was in Administrative Dissolution

Name The NAACP

Taken out of Administrative Dissolution

The Truth About the NAACP

MY Florida Cororation, iNC.

And Jesus Christ owns MY Florida

Jesus Christ Certificate of Status 2016-17       Jesus Christ, INC Annual Report 2016-17

So I said, what I cannot understand is a human comes to you and says you have be emancipated and is free and I have an inheritance of your and you say prove it in a book that has nothing to do with him? But when some old white man in a black rope told you 30 years, you said, yes your honor? Then after you did 20 years for a crime you did not commit and became illiterate and he says I hereby give you 10 years off for good time and you say Thank you your honor? But I come to you and you say prove it in some book you never even read? Oh, boy. So I sent out an email to Sandersville, GA., where I was headed and said, sent them all to jail. The Nation of Islam is not a religion, but a way of life. I was a bout redeeming those who was lost. But now all I see is Robots programmed to do as they are told and to congregate to be told to doo wrong. They did not accept my E-mail and after I wrote City Hall in distress and got no response, I and Beyoncé headed back to Florida. They let them in and rejected me


The NAACP and CNN Started the Ferguson City Riots

The NAACP in Involuntary Desolation – A NAZI Fraud
From: Jesus Christ
Simple Solution:  Make The NAACP a fictitious name of the Network and it becomes a D.B.A. meaning Due Business As and upon update uses the FEIN of the Network, who is owned by Jesus Christ, INC and I AM Jesus Christ.
The NAACP is the Chamber of Commerce, whoever control this organization, runs the local Chamber of Commerce.
When I was in Orlando, I met Alex and another young man going bold. They had a similar hair-line.  I wonder about them due to their ages. About the time I went to Fort Sill, OK and consummated Rainbow Butterfly.  Alex damn near the whole time I was there was bugging out, “I want to die, let me die.”  I said how about 1,000 years in the pit?
Nashville was a major issue.  I was given a hotel name in Nashville, I lost it. I might mean something now?  In any case this is the paper trial to the NAACP.  The National Corporate Research, LTD, INC owns the NAACP operations which seems to be a conglomerate of corporations with 501 c 3 statuses.
This here is a major discovery, we need to place a time on it, but the Avon Park Chapter, I believe is inactive still.  Al Hinson and Brenda Grey needs to look into who they associate with.
I cannot pull the FEIN: They are under involuntary administrative dissolution.  This is what they planned for me.
Why NCR?
National Corporate Research, Ltd. (“NCR”) is a professional registered agent company that has been providing nationwide statutory representation, corporate and secured transaction services since 1980.
Many people have not contacted their Chamber of commerce in Avon Park FL or for that matter, even know it exists. What is a Chamber of Commerce in Avon Park Florida? In short, it is an organization comprised of local people and business owners that is voluntary and not-for-profit, and is dedicated to the development of business growth and the economic environment of a community. Most cities and towns have a Chamber of commerce in Avon Park FL, although in some instances of lesser populations the Chamber may include a region of multiple cities or towns. The first Chamber of commerce in Avon Park Florida was founded in France in the year 1599, The first such organization in the United States was the Chamber of commerce in Avon Park FL of New York which was established in 1768.  I arrived to planet in the flesh and with a fully developed mind in the year 1959.

1599 the first chamber of Commerce in the world – 1776 – The Declaration of Independence –  1768 The Second Chamber of Commerce, in New York City – 1959 – The Birth of Christ

An Option for Non-Profit Registered Agent

Non-profit organizations and not for profit corporations are required to keep and maintain a registered agent.  Nonprofits have unique compliance needs.  We have custom tools and resources to help you maintain your non-profit organization with the various state agencies.
Non Profit organizations will file articles of incorporation with a Secretary of State or Corporations Commission.  Many non-profits will find themselves being forced to register with various states across the US in order to accept donations and fund raising.  When you end up being required to register with another state, you will be forced to have a nonprofit registered agent for your organization or corporation.
Our nonprofit registered agent service is immediate!  When you find out you need another state, all you have to do is log into your online account and add it.  The Non-profit forms and filing instructions are available immediately in your online account.
We make maintaining a nonprofit organization in multiple states very easy with our nonprofit registered agent service.
How much is your nonprofit registered agent service?
Return to Registered Agent FAQ
February 11, 2011 We charge $125 for your first state.  If you require 4 or more states, we charge $115.  If you require more than 10 states, we charge $100.  Most nonprofit organizations require at least 16 states to have a registered agent in.  Many non-profits collecting donations at a higher volume will end up needing all 51 jurisdictions.  The good news is that most states have reduced annual fees for non-profits.  Many even have reduced filing frequency requirements.  You will always renew at your lowest price point.  So if you start with one state and add 4 others, 6 months from now, your first one will renew at the lowest available price.
NAACP Hires Noted Attorney Kim M. Keenan as General Counsel
(BALTIMORE, MD) – The NAACP congratulates Kim M. Keenan, who was selected for the position of General Counsel of the Association. Keenan is the youngest attorney and second woman to hold this position in the organization’s history. Her career demonstrates her strong commitment to public service, improving the legal profession and redressing the inequities still impacting women and people of color.
Throughout the 1940s the NAACP saw enormous growth in membership, recording roughly 600,000 members by 1946. It continued to act as a legislative and legal advocate, pushing for a federal anti-lynching law and for an end to state-mandated segregation.
Civil Rights Era
By the 1950s the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, headed by Marshall, secured the last of these goals through Brown v. Board of Education (1954), which outlawed segregation in public schools. The NAACP’s Washington, D.C., bureau, led by lobbyist Clarence M. Mitchell Jr., helped advance not only integration of the armed forces in 1948 but also passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1957, 1964, and 1968, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s echoed the NAACP’s goals, but leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, felt that direct action was needed to obtain them.
The Baptist World Alliance is a worldwide alliance of Baptist churches and organizations, formed in 1905 at Exeter Hall in London during the first Baptist World Congress. The organization counts 42 million people, being the largest organization of Baptist churches in the world.
In 1934, King, Sr. attended the World Baptist Alliance in Berlin. Traveling by ocean liner to France, he and 10 other ministers also toured historic sites in Palestine and the Holy Land. ‘‘In Jerusalem, when I saw with my own eyes the places where Jesus had lived and taught, a life spent in the ministry seemed to me even more compelling,’’ King recalled (King, Sr., 97). A story appearing in the Atlanta Daily World upon King’s return to Atlanta in August 1934 increased his prominence and relative affluence among Atlanta’s elite. This was also reflected in the final transformation of his name from Michael King to Michael Luther King and finally Martin Luther King (although close friends and relatives continued to refer to him and his son as Mike or M. L.).
W.E.B Du Bois, a founding member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) through most of his life was a staunch integrationist.  In 1934 however he advanced the argument that since integration would not happen in the nation any time soon, African Americans had to take steps to develop their own economic and political resources independent of white help and support.  Du Bois gave this speech on June 26, 1934 as he resigned from the NAACP.
W.E.D. Bois Negro Nation Within
In Atlanta, King, Sr. not only engaged in personal acts of political dissent, such as riding the ‘‘whites only’’ City Hall elevator to reach the voter registrar’s office, but was also a local leader of organizations such as the Atlanta Civic and Political League and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In 1939, he proposed, to the un-opposition to more cautious clergy and lay leaders, a massive voter registration drive to be initiated by a march to City Hall. At a rally at Ebenezer of more than 1,000 activists, King referred to his own past and urged black people toward greater militancy. ‘‘I ain’t gonna plow no more mules,’’ he shouted. ‘‘I’ll never step off the road again to let white folks pass’’ (King, Sr., 100). A year later, King, Sr. braved racist threats when he became chairman of the Committee on the Equalization of Teachers’ Salaries, which was organized to protest discriminatory policies in teachers’ pay. With the legal assistance of the NAACP, the movement resulted in significant gains for black teachers.
D.B.A. Jesus Christ

The Bonanno crime family has picked a new leader — The Nose.

Devastated by federal prosecutions but not dead, the beleaguered New York City-based crime family is quietly rebuilding and has anointed Michael “The Nose” Mancuso as official boss, the Daily News has learned.

Image result for carmine “the snake” persico in rob

The Code:  Serpents Live in Prisons

Zika, Zika, Zika

The Rockefeller Drug Laws are the statutes dealing with the sale and possession of “narcotic” drugs in the New York State Penal Law. The laws are named after Nelson Rockefeller, who was the state’s governor at the time the laws were adopted.

This created Young Dope Kingpins

Mancuso, 59, would be the first top banana to hold that title since longtime boss Joseph Massino, who turned rat shortly after he was convicted in 2005 of racketeering and multiple murders.
It doesn’t matter that Mancuso has five years left to serve in federal prison for a murder conviction. The Colombo crime family is also led by an incarcerated boss, Carmine “The Snake” Persico, who is serving a life sentence.

Carmine John Persico, Jr. (born August 8, 1933 in Brooklyn) also known as “Junior”, “The Snake” and “Immortal”, has been the de-facto boss of the Colombo crime family since the early 1970s. Persico has overseen gang wars, murders, and major rackets, most of the time from prison.

Federal law enforcement authorities have recently claimed in a New York Daily News column that current Bonanno Family Boss Vincent Basciano has named Brooklyn business owner Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna, age 35 of Elmont, Long Island as the new “acting boss” of the Bonanno Family. Sal Montagna was an unknown soldier in the Bronx crew of capo Patrick “Patty from the Bronx” DeFilippo and became acting capo of the crew upon DeFilippo’s 2003 arrest on murder and racketeering charges. Law enforcement sources have stated that Salvatore Montagna was tabbed as “acting boss” with Vincent Basciano’s consent to maintain the Bonanno Family’s base of power within the Bronx faction of the Bonanno crime family. The Bonanno family’s base of power was traditionally held by the Brooklyn faction from the time of Family patriarch Joseph Bonanno until the eventual rise of Queens faction leader Philip “Rusty” Rastelli in the early 1970s. The ascension of the Bronx faction began with Basciano’s promotion to acting boss, eventual ascension to the top position of Boss, continued through Michael Mancuso’s short tenure and now remains with Sal Montagna acting on behalf of Basciano. The newly alleged acting boss is sometimes referred to as “Sal the Zip” being that he is from Joseph Bonanno’s hometown of Castellammare del Golfo, is closely associated with the Family’s Sicilian faction and fellow Castellammarese, Baldo Amato who is currently in prison and former Bonanno Capo Cesare Bonventre who was murdered in 1984.”

According to American Gangster he got busted about April 1975 and was our bartender at the spot there-after. He had to be wearing a wire.  And he was the crook and not use, we made music and movies, we entertained and created products and technology.  See? We are not the crooks, but the damn solution.

On May 15, 1955, the Four Powers (the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union) signed the Austrian State Treaty in Vienna, which ended the four-power occupation and declared Austria to be a free, independent, and neutral state.  Are you for us or against Us?

The Austrian State Treaty (German: About this sound Österreichischer Staatsvertrag ) or Austrian Independence Treaty re-established Austria as a sovereign state. It was signed on 15 May 1955 in Vienna, at the Schloss Belvedere among the Allied occupying powers (France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union) and the Austrian government. It officially came into force on 27 July 1955.

  • began November 1, 1955
  • ended April 30, 1975

The war was to make the world slaves to drugs???  The New World Order was EstablishedZionism is the national movement of the Jewish people that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel.

New International Version
Obadiah 1:17

But on Mount Zion will be deliverance; it will be holy, and Jacob will possess his inheritance.


extreme racist or authoritarian views or behavior: “The fascism, racism, and Nazism of white supremacy”

Exodus:20-22   The LORD descended to the top of Mount Sinai and called Moses to the top of the mountain. So Moses went up

21 and the LORD said to him, “Go down and warn the people so they do not force their way through to see the LORD and many of them perish.
22 Even the priests, who approach the LORD, must consecrate themselves, or the LORD will break out against them.”
The Good NAZI Bad NAZI ACT – Call them in and they come to eat you!!!
The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a Jewish far-right religious-political organization in the United States, whose stated goal is to “protect Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary”.[1] While the group asserts that it “unequivocally condemns terrorism” and states that it has a “strict no-tolerance policy against terrorism and other felonious acts”,[2] it was classified as “a right wing extremist group” by the FBI in 2001 and is considered a radical organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[3][4] According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States.[3][5]
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, it is noted for its successful legal cases against white supremacist groups, its classification of hate groups and other extremist organizations, and its educational programs that promote tolerance.[3][4][5] The SPLC’s classification and listing of hate groups – organizations that in its assessment “attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics”[6] – and its labeling of certain people as extremists, have been the source of some controversy.[7]

 Novus Ordo Seclorum a “New World of the Ages.

The New World Order Defined – Alicia Keys – Ent. Version

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

 Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.

 The origin of racism on earth and the control of the masses:


1:1) In the beginning the founding fathers fabricated the state of Kingdom and Reality.  1:2) At this point reality wasn’t governed by any authority, and had no purpose.  Ignorance was upon the so-called profound people, they were very superficial.  Those who were loyal to the founding fathers were in a state of uncertainty, over the choices that had to be made.  1:3) And, the founding fathers said, “Let there be enlightenment,” and there was enlightenment.  1:4) The founding fathers saw that the enlightenment was good, and he separated the enlightenment from the ignorance.  1:5) The founding fathers called the enlightenment “Opportunity,” and the ignorance he called “non-productivity.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – First opportunity.

1:6) And, God the founding fathers said in the strictest confidence, “Let there be superstitions to separate good choices from bad choices.”  1:7) So God the founding fathers made the superstitious beliefs and separated the bad choices under the superstitions, from the good choices above its laws.  And it was so.  1:8) The founding fathers called the superstitions “Logical.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Second opportunity.

1:9) And the founding fathers said, “Let those who are superstitious (Believers of false religions) be gathered to one place, and let an uninspired foundation appear.”  And it was so.  1:10) The founding fathers called the uninspired foundation “Oppression,” and the superstitious who were gathered he called “Confused Fools.”  And the founding fathers saw to it, that this foolishness was believable.  1:11) Then the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create monotonous people; People who spiritually and mentally vegetate and procreate according to their various false beliefs.”  And it was so.  1:12) The oppression created people who vegetate; a state of mind carried on, from generation to generation, who procreate according to their false beliefs.  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Third opportunity.

1:14) And the founding fathers said, “Let there be a system of understanding in the false religions, to make them seem logical  to the fellowships, to separate the opportunity from those who are lost in non-productivity, and let this false logic, serve as tokens to identify situations in progress, in a confused fashion.  1:15) And, let there be understanding in the superstitions (False religions) that will allow the truly logical Fellowships, to be able to understand the enlightenment of reality, that exist within the falsehoods.”  And it was so.  1:16) The founding fathers made two great interpretations concerning New World affairs, the Greater Enlightenment to govern over Opportunity, by those who are loyal to him, and the lesser non enlightenment to make oppression and repression self governed, by those who are in darkness.  He therefore created his future destiny.  1:17) The founding fathers established the future destiny of false religions, as well as those who understood the truth, 1:18) to be able to control both opportunity and non-productivity, to his pleasure, as he separated enlightenment from ignorance.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was believable.  1:19) And there was a negotiation at the end of – the Fourth opportunity.

1:20) And the founding fathers said, “Let the realm of possibilities spread rapidly among the vigorous servants, and let the simple minded see a glance of the truth, concerning the falsehoods in certain religions, so that there will be disagreements.”  1:21) So the founding fathers created great servants for the confused to follow, and he created every vigorous and active branch of knowledge, so that the choices would spread rapidly, and according to their beliefs, the simple minded learned based on their character.  And the founding fathers saw that it was believable.  1:22) The founding fathers favored them (The great servants over the Confused) and said, “Be productive and increase in number, and fulfill my decision and let the simple minded develop a sense of reality.”  1:23) And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Fifth opportunity.

1:24) And the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create opportunities to become vigorous servants according to their beliefs, household servants to clean our homes, servants that will control the action on the streets, as well as drug addicts, and people with other plights, each according to their nature and character.”  And it was so.  1:25) the founding fathers made the drug addicts out of the poor Black communities, and created those who controlled this action according to favoritism.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was again believable.  1:26) Then the founding fathers said, “Let us make one who pledges to our allegiance (A Pact), in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the gullible, who are confused and the simple minded, who know a little about the truth, let us put them over all that is reality, and over all the servants that enforce and control the activities of oppression and repression.”  1:27) So the founding fathers created one who pledged to his allegiance, in his own image, in the image of Satan.  He created him.  He created the Laws over Mankind, those who enforces the Laws, the So-Called Mafia to control the action of the streets, to keep the poor repressed, he created the {Secret Orders}, to protect his most valued interest, which is his knowledge and ability to deceive the masses, and therefore control the World, and he created them all.  1:28) The founding fathers favored them and said to them, “Be productive and increase in number, fulfill reality and control it.  Rule over the gullible and the simple minded and over every servant of oppression.”  1:29) Then the founding fathers said, “I give you everyone who vegetates and procreates according to their false beliefs.  They are yours to profit from, just make sure I get my percentage of (10%).  1:30) And to all who are uncivilized, simple minded and all the servants of oppression who vegetate, I give you all self-destruction.”   1:31) The founding fathers saw that all that he had fabricated (Falsehoods), was very convincing to the weak minded which was Mostly everyone.  And there was a negotiation at the end of – Sixth opportunity.

2:1) Accordingly Satan’s Kingdom and the reality of the masses, was completed to accommodate the ruling class.  2:2) By the seventh opportunity the founding fathers completed the job he had done.  So on the seventh opportunity he recessed from all his work.  And the founding fathers favored the seventh opportunity and felt his creations were indisputable, and could not be overcome by any Man, only because of this, did he recess from all the work of creating that he had done.

Apostle Paul Castellano

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