The Establishment of the World Subsidization Currency


The Establishment of the World Subsidization Currency

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ

Due to time constraints I will get straight to the point.

We are in Commodity Exchange mode. Meaning we are not running this world based on currency, but based on I need this and I Have this and is willing to do this.

I want every nation and every municipality within each nation to determine the population and needs of the community and people. Our goal is to create employ ability and to direct and manage our peoples and natural resources to fill in needs of the world, neighbor, family and self. And the doctrine is based on “You don’t work, you don’t eat.

A human said, I m leaving here there is no jobs. Yet, all I see is things that need to be done to solve problem after problem. But I also see that many people are not management material even to the level of self management. So!

Let me tell you a real life fact of life. Ask a child, say, for every problem you present to me, I will pay you one dollar, make that a Blue Dough. And for every problem you present and then solve, I will give you Z5 or 5 Blue Dough. The kid will say, OK, there is gum on the floor and pick it up, there is garbage that need to be emptied and empty it, there is a older lady who needs someone to go to the store for her and go to the store for her. There is soil that needs seed and need to be watered everyday and now he is making Z5 per day for that one job.

A human said, will you help us get a job? I said, right now I need to help myself, because if I do you might not need any help. He asked do you work? I said, I always work, I AM just so damn underpaid, if people would just help me in doing my job.

In the absence of currency, you must resort to bartering. Find and access your needs and decide what you are willing to do for it. I tell you this would needs all the help it can get. Why allow all these great assets to go to waste. I tell anyone who says, I need a job, that you are not looking for a job, you are looking for a paycheck, because there is so much needed help in this world today. The world needs help.

The World Subsidization currency will be based on, how much I put out verse how much I receive back in exchange. That simple. So start a determination of need a assessments. Then determine what you have to get what you need. The assign human power to get it done. In Washington, D.C, I was riding in buses with people who did not know their way around Washington, D.C., simply because they knew D.C. Needed bus drivers so they took the job. Adopt job and try to find a marketable service. I call on community leaders to start really leading. Not selling fantasy dream, but real community direction to assure the community does not end up starving.

We need farmers to farm, managers to manage and account to start banking and account for all expenditure in terms of human power and resources being used. We need entertainers to entertain, to start creating groups of people into single areas to be talked to develop an agenda.

Hell, I call on X-Dope addicts to start giving people shots to cure diseases right on the street, let us take this to the streets. It is time to act. Do not go lay up in my hotels crying I need a job, earn your rights to be up in my house and do something productive. It is time to start being proactive and do for nation, community, family and self.

I saw about 20 buses locked up in a parking lot with 600 volts wires around it, yet I AM walking my ass off. If you are a mechanic get to fixing, a driver get to driving, a farmer et to farming. And as sure as we get things moving now, come winter our harvest will feed us through these cold months. Inactivity can result in serious problems in resources later, Start putting people to work and if necessary use war stamps as credits in return for labor. I cannot believe I had to tell you this. But I realized it after two more people said, I need help finding a job? No, you need to get motivated and start loving your neighbor and be a helping hand, during these time of people needing people to assure we all stay warm, with roof over our head and food to eat.

Commodity Exchange means: I got peanut, you got raisins, I got beef you have feed, I have computers, you have watches, I have a skill you need, feed me and make sure I keep and roof over my head until our new currency is established.

5 Stars

            DBA Jesus Christ

                 I’M A Zulu

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