RE: A New House and a Future with Jesus


The Elijah Photo & Me at Age 11

Public Enemy Remix

Above Michelle Ware aka Obama Eating Crow with Drug Dealers

To: The Nation Residing in Masjid Muhammad – The House of God

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: A New House and a Future with Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

Date: 9 July 2017

After being on Paul’s Journey for almost 3 years, being rejected after rejection, you begin to lose trust in people. I walk by Faith and not by Sight. And sometimes you have to follow a lie to find the truth. And, I AM really concerned with what I just witnessed.

I came close to just putting out the lights on a bunch of people. But for some reason I walked over to the temple and saw people who I realized was being misled. And I got angry, not so much at them, but at all the lies, which caused so much confusion and confusion is Hell.

I AM going to back up a little and let the Family check itself out. This is a Family matter and not one cracker has anything to say about what must come to pass. In the scripture it says, “I and the Father are one,” Meaning everything I see has been witnessed by two, for I and the Father is always in agreement.

I know if I judge, I will be too harsh, because all the hatred I experienced in the last few years, well almost all my life. I see the world as an evil place. And I know the architect of this Grand plan to steal everything for me is Satan. And we cannot go by the pigmentation of ones skin to even determine a person’s ethnicity these days. There is so much diabolical stuff going on in this world, that if I was to have walk by sight, I’d be as lost as the next person.

Malcolm XMalcolm X 2

(L) Malcolm last Week and the Real Malcolm Past(R)

Tim ShandsMichele Ware aka Obama

(R) Timothy Shands aka Barrack Obama(L) Michelle Ware aka Obama and Man

I wonder can I even be angry and stand by the anger as a means to justify the destruction of a deceiver? Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm Little has to be vetted by those who have encountered them over the years. The same with Billy Bo, and so many people who actually cause our people a lot of harm. But I know I hid myself and I know the position they was left to handle, they did not qualify to oversee. So do I stand to say, but I came, because I AM blessed and Spirit or must they be punished for being simply a bunch of dumb niggers? (A Nigger is a Godless Sinner) They would beat a man down and wipe him and say over and over, “Nigger, Nigger you Godless Sinner.” They would do this until the slave would submit to them and say, “Yes Master.” The bitch ass Nigger would come in saying, “Yes Master, yes Master.”


Before Paul’s Journey

But the strong man would take the wiping until he fell out and the extraordinary human would take the wiping and just say, “Yes Master,” and walk off, as to say, I do not fear you or death, but I must stay to feed my children. And upon his being freed and emancipated, he would where those scars as a badge of honor. He would be walking to his next destination and a cracker would see him and say, “Hey boy, you want to cut my yard, I’ll pay you something for your work, knowing they plan to just use him. But as he would work, he would take of his shirt and they will see those scars and say, hey, where you get those scars from? He say, at so and so plantation and smile and she would say to her husband, we better pay that man. Because she knew he was not afraid to die and if she did not pay him they best be ready to kill that man, because those shackles have been removed.

I want to be able to boost in my suffering in the Lord, but can I if I kill those sorry Niggers that caused be to be put into those damn shackles to begin with, because they are inferior to me. I ask, do I want retribution? If so, how low must I go to get even with them? Like the worm being transformed to a butterfly, how do a butterfly get even with a damn worm? I cannot in good conscious judge this here.


Passenger Compartment = 4’10” by 5″4″ Ford was 6″1″

Who was in the capsule?

Rev. 1:7 “Look, he is coming with the clouds,”aand “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.”bSo shall it be! Amen.                            

And this is in-house and not a matter for cracker interloping. For their whole game plan is to divided and conquer. And what I realized is I save the Nation, when I handed that young brother that lease on life.

The Church of God By Faith Facts and History

But I AM the rightful owner of so much more. We have about 130 really nice Church of God by Faith and those people have no business in that house period. They came there to steal. I own every last Ritz Carlton and Marriott International worldwide, I own IBM, Microsoft, Lockheed and Martin the biggest arms dealer in the world, I own every nonprofit, yet we have people sleeping in the streets to include me. Sandersville is my birthright as is Manhattan and Long Island City our shit. And to worry about retribution on July 9th, after I removed all the liquid capital from the economy and allow us to end up with a famine, rather than a good harvest, would be to act on my emotions and not rationality.

Historical Date Facts

I told you I needed to be loved, over and over, time and again and every time comes a new game. Play games if you want to. But I AM not for this Luke warn crap, either love me and go all out and beat with a wipe but for the world to see, so when you get what you deserved they will know why.


For love is charity and charity start in the home. I’d rather work on fixing my broken home and maybe in a month or two feel differently about this whole situation. I AM tired of all my attention being place on your problems as my house too, my Queendom is in shambles. When my children begin to question eternity as a choice, they need to be love too. I AM tired and I’d like to have privacy with my Queendom and then I might be able to deal crazy ass shit in sound mind and memory and in due diligence. You can take my word for it or keep trying me, it is up to you, because this faggot ass shit is about nothing to me.

5 Stars

One Spirit Many Parts

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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