DBA Jesus Christ Declaration of Protected Groups under U.S. Constitution

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Palms: 118:22

DBA Jesus Christ Declaration of Protected Groups under U.S. Constitution

DBA Jesus Christ Declaration of Protected Groups under U.S. Constitution

Directive by: DBA Jesus Christ

I hereby declare descendants of African Slaves and those who come in my name, to be declared Harte Crime Victims. The United States Declaration of Independence has resulted in an annulment, for I and those who came in my name and those who was denied their inheritance under Field Order Number 15, also known as the Sherman Act, was not only deceived, cheated, but outright hated because the intent was to mistreat these people, kill them, cause them to suffer in humiliation and be in oppression in America. This is not justifiable and not enforceable without the help of God, who has declared himself no longer simple separated but no longer in Union with what is clearly evil at it worst.

This historical decree is to be signed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who has the authority of a Five Star General and she may request that others sign onto this decree as an agreement and sign of unity in Jesus Christ, the only Living God, eternal and the only Human Being or entity that can do business in the infallible name Jesus Christ throughout the Universe and this is a perpetual decree.

And in realizing the urgency concerning this matter, I call on my Attorney General to expedite the handling of funds and security, real estate, food, land and whatever is necessary to prevent further harm place upon the people this decree is designed to protect.


Signed By: Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Behalf of God himself:8 U.S.C. 247 – DAMAGE TO RELIGIOUS PROPERTY18 U.S.C. 245 – FEDERALLY PROTECTED ACTIVITIES18 U.S.C. 249 – HATE CRIME ACTSFlorida law, false imprisonment RestitutionHate Crimes GuideHate-Crimes-Law-The-ADL-Approach

Effective 4 July 2017 – Signed: __ July 2017

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