Production Development & Preliminary Report of Debriefing



Why Limit Reliability?

To: The Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: Preliminary Report of Debriefing

Date: 10 July 2017

  1. On my Celeron Processor laptop Computer w/4 GB RAM, I think I have my music programs and songs and beats not on the Core 5.w/8 GB RAM.
  2. I plan to start loading some of that stuff on my SanDisk mp-3 player w/8 GB of hard drive. It is old school and sounds really good and goes for about $49.99. It plays like 8 hours straight and now I AM feeling Mary Jane. She sounds really good on this sound medium. I also have a small mp-3 player w/4 GB hard drive. Sort of like that new mini mp-3 player, goes for about $14.99? Stuff has to go up. Like I said, I’d pay a person $25 per hour to flip burgers and if I place stuff on the shelves, they will spend $27 per hour, looking for debt forgiveness at end year, like the rest of the world. That is how you create high productive society by creating a demand to supplement the supplies.
  3. I will send out, so info to keep you them all busy in the studying end. Because there is no need for them to seat before me and understand not even the prerequisites required to make the ideas useful in daily life.
  4. It seems Mary Ann is Faith Evens and it makes sense in the context of Fighting Temptations. So that dude at my tribunal claiming he was her husband and Beyoncé’ was a product of prostitution played himself.
  5. It took little Acing for Douglas Jones to playing Cuba Gooding Jr. as Jay-z. That dude really acts like that, this was how he was made.
  6. So Suge Knight is Dale and therefore his name is Marion Jones and Steve Jones is Snoop Dogg and he keeps Steve named after Steve, who is Norman and Norman became Pete G. and I will rename Beyonce’ as Giselle ???? and ????? is Eternal Life “God’s Favor” and Alicia don’t want to be Keys anymore, so she will be Alicia ?????? and ?????? is ??????
  7. .

Tiger Direct Electronic Supplies Distribution

They will be the suppliers to Radio Shack Stores

B&H Video-Audio

They will be the retail Management, Customer Service System and Inventory and Retail Distribution of Circuit City, Best Buy, Guitar Center and Sam Ash and Walmart will also include Rhythm Nation Distribution a Subsidiary of The Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah, INC., aka Queendom Media.

IBM/Microsoft – Why Limit Reliability?

Microsoft Store Locations and Growing

Microsoft Going Direct and will Coordinate

IBM/Microsoft – Microsoft Integration Systems {MIS} One Security Key running all DST Applications under one common Protocol.

Powered by Microsoft – The Paul Castellano Studio.

MAGAX and Subsidiaries to include but not limited to, Steinberg, Propellerhead, Sony Media, Write Bros., Adobe, Native Instruments, Antares, IK Multimedia, Big Fish Audio, Pinnacle, and more…

An IBM Protocol

Intel Production Manufacturer a Subsidiary

DAW Computer Hardware Steinberg & Sony Electronics and CISCO Systems Security and Internet.

DAW Computers Hardware Steinberg

Sony Electronics

Cisco Systems – Security – Internet and Systems

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

Do Business As = In the infallible name Jesus Christ

Universal and Exclusive

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God Eternal & Universal

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