Jesus Christ Request Emergency Assistance Again

Jesus Christ Request Emergency Assistance Again as he suffers from Bed Bug Bite in the name of a Domestic Violence Victim.

Emergency Assistance Request – Salvation Army – Macon, GA.

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: Emergency Assistance Request – Salvation Army – Macon, GA.

Date: 11 July 2017

Tomorrow I will request, Rent & Housing Assistance, food, clothing and Emergency Transportation, as both a hate crimes Victims and Martha Mitchell Effect Victim at the salvation Army in Macon, GA.

I will show them my bed bugs bites all over my body is red bumps. Who AM I requesting help for, every member of the Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah and Jesus Christ, INC., whom are a Union under the United States Constitution.

When asked Social Security numbers of member, I wrote our;

FEIN: # 27-1151849 – A Tax Exempt Union and Entity and Charity is Love

DOJ Hate Crimes Investigation File Number: #3704895

I and the Father are one and therefore we are always in agreement. Therefore everything I see is already witnessed by two. This satisfies the law of anything being witness under the court of law.

Also, I was told I can get a free phone today, to find out they have my phone already in Florida. This is how they identity thief me over and over. The Post office at: 33826 – in Avon Park, does not give me my mail, they always gives it to Ella and if she so desires I get what she wants me to have. This is how they act in my name. I say, my phone is lost or stolen and they sent another one, but I never receive it. This has been going on, for at least two years.

Martha Mitchell Effect Victim means I was falsely diagnosed as mentally ill. This made me disabled, because how can I do the work of God in the name Jesus Christ, when the Federal Government who said I AM Jesus Christ at the same time say I M Mentally ill? This is called Sinners Sickness and society diseases of disproportionate sinners, who hate me and mistreat me daily, they break into my home, steal everything I have, lock me out and look my in the face and say, “Thank you Jesus?”

DBA Jesus Christ

PS: I have a medical appointment at the VAMC, Augusta, GA., on 20 July 2017. I have not seen a physician in over 3 years and have the same dental emergency since about April of 2016.

Emergency Request pp.1  Emergency Request pp.2  Emergency Request pp.3  Jesus Christ, INC Annual Report 2016-17    Jesus Christ, INC Certificate of Status  FED Crim Req 1  FED Crim Req 2  FED Response  Police Report Doc.

The FED Request and Police Report keep off the Investigation.  FED Response is the Hate Crime by DOJ File Number assigned to the Case.  The Annual Report has the names of the current member of the Queendom Queens, the Certificate of Status is active.  The Emergency Requests was may appeal the Avon Park and Sandersville, GA.  they sat back and watch Judge Ritenour kangaroo Court me and keep my in jail for over 6 months and never legally charged me with anything state statue.



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