Jesus Christ Request Emergency Assistance Again

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: Emergency Assistance Request – Salvation Army – Macon, GA.

Date: 11 July 2017

Tomorrow I will request, Rent & Housing Assistance, food, clothing and Emergency Transportation, as both a hate crimes Victims and Martha Mitchell Effect Victim at the salvation Army in Macon, GA.

I will show them my bed bugs bites all over my body is red bumps. Who AM I requesting help for, every member of the Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah and Jesus Christ, INC., whom are a Union under the United States Constitution.

When asked Social Security numbers of member, I wrote our;

FEIN: # 27-1151849 – A Tax Exempt Union and Entity and Charity is Love

DOJ Hate Crimes Investigation File Number: #3704895

I and the Father are one and therefore we are always in agreement. Therefore everything I see is already witnessed by two. This satisfies the law of anything being witness under the court of law.

Also, I was told I can get a free phone today, to find out they have my phone already in Florida. This is how they identity thief me over and over. The Post office at: 33826 – in Avon Park, does not give me my mail, they always gives it to Ella and if she so desires I get what she wants me to have. This is how they act in my name. I say, my phone is lost or stolen and they sent another one, but I never receive it. This has been going on, for at least two years.

Martha Mitchell Effect Victim means I was falsely diagnosed as mentally ill. This made me disabled, because how can I do the work of God in the name Jesus Christ, when the Federal Government who said I AM Jesus Christ at the same time say I M Mentally ill? This is called Sinners Sickness and society diseases of disproportionate sinners, who hate me and mistreat me daily, they break into my home, steal everything I have, lock me out and look my in the face and say, “Thank you Jesus?”

DBA Jesus Christ

PS: I have a medical appointment at the VAMC, Augusta, GA., on 20 July 2017. I have not seen a physician in over 3 years and have the same dental emergency since about April of 2016.

Emergency Request pp.1Emergency Request pp.2Emergency Request pp.3

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