Breaking News Alicia Charity Jones _ Exposes Fraudulent Charities

Queen of Queens Alicia Charity Jones

Breaking News Queen of Queens Alicia Charity Jones _ Exposes Gambino Crime Family Fraudulent Charities Scams

By: DBA Jesus Christ – The Source:

Alicia Charity Jones formerly known as Alicia Keys on J Records exposes The Gambino to her Father Jesus Christ and says my King of Kings speak in my behalf.  But I want the world to know my Father Jesus Christ is and will always be my only love, there is no Swizz Beats, this name Dahoud Smith is a liar and he used my name to steal and kill and I do not know him and he does not know if I AM Huwoman or human.  But my Daddy sure enough knows me from head to toe.

Condo Fraud

You have 5 WEINGART Foundation in California. They would redirect the artist earnings to nonprofits such as the Save the Children Foundation, in which my child Alicia is named as a co-founder without a Board of Director vote or rights to Board meetings. Meanwhile these nonprofits would funnel the money to the WEINGART Foundation. And it the process, create nonprofit operations that owned these buildings.

Here is the scam at it worst. They gave homeless people the right to live in the streets. Then they gained founding to run these homeless programs. Now you had the artist royalties going to construction in poor black communities or the Skid Rows of America. And they was gaining funding to run programs in often empty building that were really their future condos.

Then the last phase was to run the niggers out of these communities by making the living conditions unbearable. Pow!!!

This is how Urban America was built on the back of the poor. The10% in charity is the only monies being earned as the 90%to run the economy and governance was squandered. Therefore no man could earn an honest living and then came the drug game or the closer.

The drug game is based on counterfeit money. The drug game pays 80% counterfeit to 20% real money. Therefore 80% of the economy literally is counterfeit. Like the $18 Trillion debt is more like $3.6 trillion of a total of $10 Trillion. But we are running a $250 Trillion plus economy with $10 Trillion in gold markers. How, they washed the dirty money in our banks. See?

Then the production process almost came to an halt. Then the nation became a nation of disabled people being told they are crazy and placed on SSI, food stamps and welfare, VA disability and SSDI and so on. Therefore we had to feed America on counterfeit currency.  Once the marker was called, it was the fall of America.

However, we knew ahead The Hip Hop War was about selling their royalties for dope money. And the result was the Reverb Nations of the music industry. Therefore the leaders of this war for God is the Black Panthers and CRIPS. Therefore their settlement is not royalties, but the real estate holding of these nonprofits who ended up with their earnings. And now entertainment can begin a new healing process in America and sing about love and not hatred and killing.

The Solution to Be Announced: 


Crime Boss Dahoud Smith and on the Right Mitchell Ware aka Obama eating crow

Dahoud Smith is Swizz Beats in Virtual photography and the man with his back turned Mitchell Smith aka Bruce Handley they are both known homosexual, this is the Gay Mob.

Crime Family huge fraud operations. 

The former ReverbNation, becomes a Rhythm Nation operation, because they promised the artist an independent deal of 70% artist and 30% distribution support. And basically offer an independent artist system of self-advertisement. Whereby the artist was given a system of self promotion, using the ReverbNation workflow. But what happen was they redirected their sales to nonprofit organizations keeping the whole 100% without taxation or a money trial to the IRS. Then the used the money to build condominiums in mostly California.  And homeless shelters to rob the government, to build more condominiums.

5 Stars

            DBA Jesus Christ 

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