Johnson and Johnson – Old Friends New Trends

Johnson and Johnson– Old Friends New Trends

One in a Million

Hot Like Fire

The Shit Kit beat

Choosey Lover Old School – New School

Got to Give it Up

Ladies in da House

4 page Letter

Living in the Sunshine Beat

Space Age Beat

Young Girl Beat

Capstone Zulu Beat

Chill Groove Beat

What Kind of man would I be?


The Marijuana Industry

With 25,000 Starbucks around the World Coffee and weed

Jones Pharmaceuticals – Headquarters Cuba – The Marijuana Distribution Network. Products come mostly out of Mexico and other nation in the Caribbean, Central and South America. Into Cuba for accountability and the main distribution in the United States comes out of Washington D.C. And Orlando Florida in Orange County. And wherever I AM marijuana is always legal, meaning probably in Highlands County, state of Florida. In all other territories it will be considered decriminalized and in distribution territories it will be considered Legal.

The Whole Distribution Network U.S.A.:


Jones Super-Store- LES Manhattan – Can sell anything scheduled at 2 and above without licensing fees due to the hawkers license granted by the City, State and Federal Government allow the sell of Food and Soda or anything with any nutritional value.

GNC – General Nutrition Centers – Becomes – SNC – Sweet Nutrition Centers:

Image result for sweet nutrition bars

The Aspar Industry:

SNC – Will be the distribution of Sweet Nutrition Bars to replace e the Highly addictive Sugar Industry. Using a Nutrition and carbohydrates index to determine the scheduling of Sugar products. I see many sugar product being scheduled at 3. Meaning you can by it over the counter at drug stores as a high energy and high performance food. Not available to children in many cases due to it addictive nature.

Lilly Pharmaceuticals – Product or of Aspar 100 times concentration the highly concentrated form of Aspartame a patent. The drug market. The goal is to eradicate all diseases know to Humankind. This will require a market to produce systems to mass produce foods using Aspar. That will be an industry in itself.

Lilly with use Pfizer Labs and Merck to extend their ability to produce drugs.

Pfizer, Merck and Lilly – The Pharmaceutical Drugs Industry:

The top of the agenda is:

    1. Eradicate AIDS

    2. Drug Addiction

    3. Stop Production of psychotropic Medications

    4. Advance Cannabis related Research in advancing THC and CDB related treatments. Marijuana is the miracle drug. This is clear in the rationalization of the war on drugs, which was in fact a war on the People.

    5. New in the market Tooth Oral Treatment a patents requiring the use of Flo-ride, Clove and CBD at a predetermine percentage to use this term at sales. These three ingredients will 1) prevent cavities, 1) Clove is a natural antiseptic DCB is an non-addictive pain medication. It will allow people to have higher and safe level pain threshold.

SUBOXONE Film is a prescription medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat adults who are dependent on (addicted to) opioids (either prescription or illegal

    1. Allowing the use of pain medication without addiction.

    2. Circumcisions and the untying of tubes and testicle implants which we grow in laboratories already.

    3. The Use of anafranil is billed as an anti-depressant and causes semen to leave through the urinary track and causes constipation meaning it can help some have better control of bowl movement.. It will reduce sexual desires and thereby reduce stress during a transitional period of required abstinence. Also, to prevent an reaction the use of medications to prevent human’s from getting a hard on, because an erection during the healing process with cause more harm then good and be very painful. Also, we will use.

    4. Heroin, I will keep the heroin and process it, whereby by removing its addictive nature, which we already have drugs to do this with, in fact one has already passed he FDA called Suboxone Film.

SUBOXONE Film is a prescription medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat adults who are dependent on (addicted to) opioids (either prescription or illegal.

    1. This will prevent the lowered threshold to pain that comes with using addictive pain medications making users require more pain medications to get the same pain relief and effects. The Idea is people can use it and not Overdose from using these drugs at toxic levels. Will this open the door to recreational heroin use? No! I will give you all the marijuana you want, but it you want dope break and leg or get burned or something. And it you use this stuff at a disproportionate level, you will be required to get psychological therapy, because this will be a sign of a problem other then your need for its medical use.

    2. This will advance treatments I burn units and the healing of spinal cord injuries, because it you ever experience a charlies horse, you cannot imagine the pain these people will experience as a result of feeling their limbs again after years of being totally numb.

Work in progress:

DBA Jesus Christ – The only Living God

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