More Breaking News – The Alicia Charity Jones Files

Queen of Queens Alicia Charity Jones


The Order of Zews Underground Railroad & The Major Offensive – MP-3

Ent. Version Coming Soon



Smooth Gangster – Covert Operative

By Order of : Apostle Paul Castellano

From the Order of Zews Declaration: 

Under the Law set-forth in the name Paul Castellano signed Rev. Frank Paul Jones, no member of the Order of Zews, who are also the Church, can ever be homeless.

923 South A Avenue – Order of Zews

Avon Park, FL. 33825-4114


King of Kings Jesus Christ – The Only Living God 

This is how the almost overthrown the United States Constitution.  They called our leaders crazy and the losers thought they was promoted.  This was a plot by J. Edgar Hoover.

I AM a Martha Mitchell Effect Victim

The Martha Mitchell effect is the process by which a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health clinician labels the patient’s accurate perception of real events as delusional and misdiagnoses accordingly.

  1. I AM FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC. Therefore I own every nonprofit organization in the charity state of Florida.  Regardless to their denying my ownership.

MY Florida Corporation, Inc.

2. I AM DBA Jesus Christ and I AM Jesus Christ, INC and therefore all charity goes to God, I get 10% of the GDP, Because I own damn near all the legitimate businesses. If that is a problem, how about I keep 90% and give you 10%.

Jesus Christ Certificate of Status 2016-17

Jesus Christ, INC Annual Report 2016-17

And I Own every Ritz Carlton and Marriott International Luxury Hotel and Condominiums. But he is just a punk ass bitch pretending. He had me lock up in his Super-Max, crying “Marry me.”  He is a faggot ass bitch aka Johnny Boy, aka John “QAK-QAK” Gotti.  I said here is a challenge.  Take you 357 I know you have and pop me in this cell bitch. He is afraid of me. All he does is have people try me, but he will not come anywhere near me bitch he is a faggot as homo, he has no fucking nuts. he is a Serpent.

So they arrested me inn the Ritz Carlton, I said to the Police Officer, now remember this, I said, “how can you arrest me for trespassing on my own property.  I was awarded all every last Ritz and Marriott by a panel of Judges.  Here is the court decision.

The major Offensive:

This is the Prince Hall Settlement of the Eston E.L. Roberts Estate.  And 917 is the address to the Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Freemasons, which I left in Administrative Dissolution.

ELLR Will 1 ELLR Will 2 ELLR Will 3 ELLR Will 4 ELLR Will 5 ELLR Will 6

And it all went to me when Ella E. Williams became the Representative of this estate as state in Article VI of the will, it all goes to me, without Bond or indemnity.

Ella Admin 1 Ella Admin 2

pride of Avon

This proves I AM the Agent over Freemasons and I need this faggot shit in an annulment.

The $16.1 means $16.1 Trillion and also, I was declared King of the U.K. to include, England, France, Canada, Belgium, Australia and all the UK territories to include those in the Caribbean.

Then I took all the dope money from them. because they are grimy dogs ad own nothing, so to move money, they have to do it in my accounts.

Chase Liquid Account: Frank Paul Jones – #:762116833

And on 4 July 2015 – The IRS acknowledged I AM God and because the nasty dogs would not even let me rent a suite in my own Ritz Carlton in Denver, CO, I change the address back from 1 Central Park W., NYC to 923 South A Ave, in Avon Park, FL. That stopped his or well my Certificate of Status and he could not negotiated that account.

And then, we found the money and now he has no money, no real estate and he is nothing to me, he is a punk ass bitch faggot motherfucking homo and that is it.

The right to keep and bear armsarms is predicated on the concepts of the right of self-defense, defense of property, … Owners are legally responsible for third …

I AM the biggest Real Estate owner in the World but they want me to be said to not be allowed to bear arms to defend myself.




The Marriott International Throughout the United States and the World:

  • We have about 4438 hotels in the world

Apostle Paul Castellano is DBA Jesus Christ


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