Open Letter to: Min. Farrakhan – Wallace Deen Muhammad and the Drug War

To: Min. Louis Farrakhan

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: Wallace Deen Muhammad and the Drug War

Date: 13 July 2017

I want to write something concerning the Paul Castellano Studio, but too often I assume people know stuff they do not and say nothing and get angry about the responses I get due to their lack of information.

  1. I AM Elijah Muhammad
  2. I met Malcolm X and really think he is evil.
  3. I always love you and cannot believe the Father would leave with not one person in the Nation. I said many bad things about you, only because I believed by Queendom Queens could due no wrong, but could not assume that about you. And I was deceived as so was you about me. But I walk but Faith and not by sight, cause had I walked by sight, I would have walk down the same destructive path as those I had to emancipate.
  4. Faith is like knowing without knowing you know. Often you do things you really do not want to do, but do it anyway and in the aftermath when you awaken, to understand the lesson learn and there you Junction or place in life you can understand. And at the Junction, you know you have a few choice, you can go left, straight or right, but you know you do not have to go backwards, because if nothing else you understand in the aftermath of each journey how you go there. And you therefore know you are where you are supposed to be.
  5. Wallace Deen Muhammad is that guy I called the blue eyed devil. They call him Cat Eyes, He is in Queensbridge right now and holds the keys to the community Center.
  6. And Bro. York, I met in Highlands County Holding Facility and in Washington D.C., I met his Human Brothers. His crew broke of from the Nation of Islam in about 1967. And they built me many palaces all over the County. They called themselves the Ansaaru Allah Community. They are the ones who gets Nationwide Marijuana distribution.
  7. When I was in Washington, D.C. In November of 2014. The human mayor got marijuana legalized, when a United States Senator told her, you can legalize Marijuana but not with our money.
  8. Last thing. The Wire is about the Barksdale Family. Nd they got taking down by the Gay Mob, who was the Washington, D.C. Police. Here is the catch. The war on drugs is unconstitutional, simply because the Nixon Administration created the DEA and FDA in 1973. The DEA is judicial and the FDA is legislative. But the DEA scheduled drugs and not the FDA. But in 2004, under the George W. Bush administration, the FDA did schedule THC and said it has the exact same atomic structure as natural THC. Because what they use to schedule THC was claimed to be synthetic THC. In any case it was scheduled 3. Meaning I can sell THC over the counter, as long as a pharmacist is between you and the drug.
  9. So all those guys got long sentences. 20 years, 40 years and so on. But Heroin was not drugs was not illegal, because how can a Police make and enforce then laws?
  10. Then when they legalized marijuana in Washington D.C, they stopped enforcing the law prior to its legalization. See? But all these Confederate run States still until this day, enforce marijuana prohibition, other than Orlando.
  11. So due this this discovery, I called a stay of execution everywhere but in Washington D.C. Meaning these guys get out of jail and get $1,000 per day restitution. And the strange thing is they took everything from them but the Funeral Parlors. See?
  12. The drugs game is the death game. Now understand nobody get buried anymore.
  13. So they owned the Funeral Parlors, but was in jail while the undertakers ran it.
  14. The Undertakers are RICO. And when I went to Fort Polk, LA. I opened by credit union at Barksdale Credit Union. Today Mid-Florida is the biggest Credit union for the Government, who is Mid-Florida. Is it Barksdale?
  15. Every State that legalize marijuana is under RICO watch, but not Washington D.C. Why? They showed the proper intent to stop the enforcement of an unconstitutional law. But these state clearly did it for a profit and that is called Racketeering.DBA Jesus Christ

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