The New Army Times Announcing Help for VETS

I and the Father One

The New Army Times Announcing Help for VETS

By: DBA Jesus Christ

The New Army Times is the resources Newspaper to inform the nation and our people about Government activities and programs.

The Salvation Army Central Georgia
1955 Broadway
Macon, GA 31206

The Salvation Army is a great resource for financial support and utility payments. They are the link to many non-profit organizations whose main focus is to help veterans through the Veterans Affairs of the United States. They are military division of GOD and have an International Chain of Command that begins in Switzerland. They are the United Nations of non-profit and protestant Christian organization, bring religions from all over the world together with one common goal, to promote theology. That we all can believe in the GOD of our choice.

Organizations of Interest under their banner of Theology:

Goodwill Services: In Macon – 764-7646

Homeless Shelter Coordination: In Macon – 750-8689

The Salvation Army: In Macon – 746-8572

The American Red Cross – 743-8671

Urban Housing Authority – 752-5000

Health Needs:

Dental – 749-0109

Medicaid Van (72 hours notice) -774-7981

Legal Services:

Georgia Legal – 751-6261

Social Security Location:

3530 Riverside Drive

Macon, GA.

The Program Name: Support Services for Veteran Program:

Program Eligibility:

  • VET single of Family Head of Household

  • VET Low Income

  • VET Homeless or imminent Risk of Homelessness


  • Program cost free to eligible VETS

  • Funds provided in whole or part by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • or – Volunteers of America Southeast

Service Available:

  • Financial Assistance

  • Public Benefits

  • Housing Referrals

  • Legal/Credit Referrals

  • Employment Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Linkage to VA Benefits

They will even pay for a hotel stay during a transitional period.

In Conclusion: All Veterans have be called back to duty. Anyone who applies for food stamps has registered for the draft. And therefore these benefits are available to a wide array of Americans under the United States Constitution and Chapter 38 of the U.S.C. This decree under the declaration of hate crimes against descendants of African slaves must be enforced.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – The General of the Army

Then a disciples ask the Lord, how

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