Maybe Tomorrow But Tomorrow Never Comes

Maybe Tomorrow But Tomorrow Never Comes

I wrote this really insightful letter and then it rained on me and my computer got a little wet and lose the letter.  It made me feel discouraged.  I felt like I found the truth and he hurts.  I felt so unwanted by what I saw.  And cannot write that letter again with that level of expression.

It was about where I and this world is now.  People are saying, Paul did this to the world and them. Oh, Paul hypnotized the world and made serpents out of us.  But, I did not write the Holy Bible.  The Bible is a hate crime against me.  Satan turned my own children against me and when he spit them out and they realized he used them and sis not want them either, they finally begun to at least consider me as an option.  Sort of like a settle for.  This is how I feel.

Read the old Testament. Every time Eve always cried to Satan or LORD God = LORD an acronym and God in Freemasons means GOD = Gothic Oz DeBar.  A Bar is a glass ceiling placed upon Mankind through lies and fantasy = Oz.  LORD = Lucifer Oz Rene DeBar of Gothic Oz DeBar, meaning a fantasy world.  And Satan is the ruler, as in rules in like games. To Satan life is a game.  But in Christ is reality.  For I did not come to fulfill the rules but the law.

She always says, to LORD God, that Serpent you sent, he deceived me.  But never has she ever called on or even me.  Why?  Why they can talk to everybody, Satan to prove him wrong but never call on me.  I said, Janet you are annulled 25 years ago, but I had tom prove it to her Master Rene Elizondo or is Dahoud or Jay-Z, but for some reason they never called on me.  Never!!!

Even now, they hide from who? Me?? is there someone who better qualifies to love them than I. For love is protection.  Love is not possession.

In the old testament it teaches to fear God and the nature of man to destroy what he fears.  He the new testament it teaches to love God with all you heart, mind and soul.  In the new testament it speaks of Lord and not LORD. For it teaches I and the Father are one and always in agreement.  And the code to the Dummy, is he did not know anything. He was a dummy. He was born in an empty shell and only knew what the Father told him. He did not know a little something, something as the rest of the family did.  So they called him a fool. You mean that fool is going to go through all of that for love and that is it?

But love is the answer. See?  It teaches you God created male and female. See?  And said, no man should be alone. And a forward observer navigates by the North Star.  OK.

See?  The heart does not lie. If you follow your heart and your heart is seeking love, you will not go astray.  See?  In this world when they create rulers, they use drugs and hypnosis to make you into a self destructive person at the end.  But I did not follow what I was told in the screenplay the Apostle, had I, I would have stayed lost like you all.  No, No, I followed my heart in search of love in my mate, I knew I had to have.  No human is born without a mate, he just has to find her. And because my journey was in search of love and not materialism, I made it to the other side. And now I wonder again. because it always seems like it is always, maybe tomorrow.  I cannot write this letter right now. It is just not right.  This whole shit is all bullshit.

DBA Jesus Christ

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