The Veterans Active Duty ID – Transportation

I and the Father One

Placed into Effect Immediately Due to lack of Liquid Capital and State of Emergency:

Americans Right to Travel under Martial law

  1. Veterans who have their Veterans ID card or can verify their veterans status via the VAMC of home of records, an hereby travel on Greyhound and AMTRAC, without cost.  All payments will be paid for by the Veterans Affairs as a result of this executive Order.  The oversight of movement will be the Homeland Security Office, who I have planed Lt. Gen Dante Bush as the Director of these activities, He will be assisted by Lt. Gen Johnson as he transitions to Central Command.
  2. Everyone will be giving $400 per month in Food stamps.  Food stamps is hereby the Universal Currency to food purchase be it in supermarkets or restaurants. And the information gained by the consumer market will be used to protect our food supplies.  Every America must have a food stamp account by the end of August 2017.  Everyone who applies for food stamps will have in fact registered to vote and the will be a draft as, we are under attack by a foreign government.
  3. Every Veteran under Martial Law can rent a hotel room for between $100 and $300 per day per person as a way to end homelessness in the Veterans population. All payment will be paid the Veterans Affairs of the Veteran home of record providing VAMC.  This is a decree under martial law and under Chapter 38 of the USC.
  4. I hereby place both Greyhound and AMTRAC under Government Contract. They will receive 1 for 1 on all food purchases and will be compensated for all travel provided under  this state of Emergency decree.
  5. Both Greyhound and AMTRAC is under Federal Jurisdiction and therefore this bars any State or local agency or law enforcement groups any access to these transport systems, unless the authority comes from Homeland Security and or the United States Department of Justice.  Thereby making AMTRAC and Greyhound transportation systems and hubs a safe haven from all non-federal agencies and law enforcement groups.
  6. All AMTRAC and Greyhound employees are hereby place under the Federal Government and they are hereby considered Federal employees.  And all will receive a living wages, if in commodity credits and governments stamps, until new currency is issued.
  7. Persons placed under the protected group criteria based on being descendants of African Slaves under Field Order Number 15, will get first priority to all hate crimes funds.

VHA – The New Military ID

Member # 1196428360  Plan ID (80840) 7346 243 588

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the component of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) led by the Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health[2] that implements the medical assistance program of the VA through the administration and operation of numerous VA Medical Centers (VAMC), Outpatient Clinics (OPC), Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC), and VA Community Living Centers (VA Nursing Home) Programs.

Many evaluations have found that by most measures VHA care is equal to, and sometimes better than, care provided in the private sector, when judged by standard evidence-based guidelines.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]

The VHA is distinct from the U.S. Department of Defense Military Health System of which it is not a part.

The VHA division has more employees than all other elements of the VA combined.


VAMC Service Connected non-military

The Veterans Identification Card (VIC) is an identification card issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for eligible veterans for use at VA medical facilities. The VIC protects the privacy of veterans’ sensitive information, as it no longer displays the Social Security number or date of birth on the front of the card. The VIC will only display the veteran’s name, picture, and special eligibility indicators – Service Connected, Purple Heart and former POW, if applicable, on the front of the card. Only veterans who are eligible for VA medical benefits will receive the card.[1] Unofficial cards such as the Veterans Advantage Card offer discounts to veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project, unlike the official veteran identification card offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VAMC out of date

The old outdated VAMC ID Card

The new Veterans Health Administration (VHA) ID card is the ID card required to use for transportation on Greyhound and AMTRAK.  It has special features required.

  1. Member # XXXXXXXXXX
  2. Plan ID (#####) #### ### ###
  3. The photo may be V.V.T. to prevent your being seen on it
  4. The Military Branch:
  5. Member Name:
  6. Card Expires date:
  7. Bar code on the bottom, which can be read with proper electronic devices to verify who is who. On these bar Codes, I want the data processor to place their orders on there cards to include, name, rank and serial number.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ



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