The Final Question of Freemasons

Order of Zews - The Symbol - By Jesus Christ

DBA Jesus Christ – The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – Messiah

Department of Justice – Criminal and Civil Rights Division

General of the Army and of Attorney General – General of the Army of United States D.O.J.

ID Number: 3704895

Verifiable Orders Document on Person:  FED Response    This is a copy of my Orders

Veterans and Military; ID with Member Number & Plan ID

Driver License: Address Extension – Order of Zews verifiable on Department of Corporations in Charity State that I AM DBA Jesus Christ and Rev. Frank Paul Jones – Messiah and therefore General of the Army and head of the Department of Justice making Attorney General Loretta Lynch my Liaison and I her only Client.

I declared the Descendants of African Slaves in America both North to South a Protected Group under the laws and rules of the United States Constitution and therefore placing their category from protection by Federal, State and Local governance , place at the Level and authority granted by the United States Supreme Court and the basis is declared by ROE v. DBA Jesus Christ (U,S.S.C.) 2017

I saw the indicted Criminal Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z in Augusta, GA.  Have him arrested on sight.

I have reason to believe Eston E. L. Roberts fake his death and insurance was paid based on his dying.  Arrest him on sight.  He is believed to hang around Augusta, GA, and Macon, GA.  This assailant is said to be a double amputee who gets around on an electric wheelchair  and seems to be in the area DBA Jesus Christ turns at causing him problems in making execution to defend the United States Constitution.

The General of the Army- DBA Jesus Christ was kidnapped and held for over6 months and two weeks and was placed under lock up at Highlands County Detention Facility which is the Super-Max where John J. Gotti runs his Gay Mob operation.  Close it down.

Directives by: DBA Jesus Christ

Date: 22 July 2017

1: I have 8 days at the Salvation Army Shelter.  Last night was my first night this month.  By time I get to day 8, I will have been paid by direct deposit.

2.  If Giselle Faith has to be moved due  security issues, this would be a safe place until we executed this hate crimes legislations.  a: ) download an application for hate crime funding.  There is one specifically for the State of Georgia and it is under the control of the DOJ.  Loretta, what he did was placed the power where it belongs, but had you think your duty was to abbey his commands, but your duty is to enforce the United States Constitution, as it is lawfully interpreted by the United States Supreme Court and the only righteous Supreme Justice is  Rainbow Butterfly, because ll the rest are married and that in itself unconstitutional.  Because how can a married Supreme Court Justice make an unbiased decision, when your placed her family under the Supreme Court Police that is assure she is separated from to make Constitutional and unbiased or influenced decisions?   Therefore, I hereby place Rainbow Butterfly Sotomayor under a Special Homeland Security Protection Team and  declare the rest of them  unconstitutional appointments.

Furthermore as I AM above he Law, the written code, the United States Constitution and declare all the other members of the United States Supreme Court unconstitutional, I hereby appoint Rainbow  Butterfly Sotomayor as liaison  and the acting chair-person of the Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah, INC, in legal questions of law at the United States Supreme Court and attorney General Loretta Lynch as my liaison head of Judicial  executions and the two should be located in the same facility for proper executions’ and  therefore making Attorney General Loretta Lynch the co-Chair-person in the assigning of teams based on expertise to decide the proper execution of law.

3. The address of MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC is the address of Jesus Christ, the email address is  

Set up a phone line to connect persons all request to my U.S. Supreme Court detail and outsource request to Lt. Gen. Charles Coleman , Sr.

4. Place under investigation The Department of Corporations Florida for all these fraudulent activities on my account and offer Ella E. Williams protection to act as the prime witness against those who used her against God.  For we knew they would all go to her to go up against me.

5. I hereby pace Trac-phone under Communications Corp as allowed under Communications Title 47.  All my minutes just disappeared off of my phone, when I only spoke on it for about 5 minutes..  Another hate crime.

6, I will be sending a copy of the hate crime committed against me at the VAMC and you can arrest Dr. responsible, she committed fraud and perjury with the intent to kidnap God in an unconstitutional act of Baker Act.  The records will show that  claimed I was crazy for saying I was Jesus Christ and God after I offered her all the documented proof in front of everyone in that emergency room.

7..  I hereby call on a full investigation by the FBI within the Veterans Affairs concerning all these non-veterans  gaining access and veterans benefits will veterans get nothing and  an explanation as to why nobody gets transportation reimbursement for hospital visits and I want indictment’s for all those found guilty or negligent of their duty to the Untied States Veterans

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

Hate Crimes legislation, laws and rules below:

8 U.S.C. 247 – DAMAGE TO RELIGIOUS PROPERTY 18 U.S.C. 245 – FEDERALLY PROTECTED ACTIVITIES 18 U.S.C. 249 – HATE CRIME ACTS application-for-crime-victim-compensation attorney general Florida law, false imprisonment Restitution Hate Crimes Guide TITLE 42—THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE § 1983 Hate-Crimes-Law-The-ADL-Approach

These regulations are to be enforced by Homeland Security under the supervision and oversight of:

Lt. Gen, Dante Bush – Effective Immediately.

The question is not must I be a Freemason to inherit the estate of Prince Hall, but must you know God to assent to the Order of Zews.

Pride of Avon Corp. Doc

pride of Avon


All Reverence goes to who?

The New nonprofit agenda is simple, one name, one agenda under God.  MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC to be renamed Jesus Christ, INC.  For all charity under the Under the United States, goes to God.  One God, one Constitution, One Spirit and one agenda.

Basis of an annulment

The annulment. In 1962 the JFK administration added to the United States Constitution, So help me God, made effective as of 4 July 1777. One year after the effective date of the Declaration of Independence signed into law on 2 August 1776, effective date 4 July 1776.  As of 4 July 2017, we have reached 441 years and the decree of annulment is declared under the United States Constitution.

After 240 in legal separation in America, my people was shown no love.  The declaration of Independence is a separation degree.  If a man is married and in a separation, he cannot get married, because he is already married and that would be considered bigamy.  But for a marriage to become finalized it must be consummated, an act of love must take place, for without consummation the obligation is not fulfilled.

We pick the cotton, built the railroads  and even fought your wars beside them and still not one act of love was shown to us.  So as Apostle Paul explained, I AM unmarried, this decree of separation has ended in an annulment.

Matthew 20:15

New International Version
Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’

John 14:2-3 2My Father‘s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

I send again legal documents of hate crimes against God.
1. VMC Emergency room visit.  Claimed I was mentally ill.
2. Said I need to take my medications.
3. Call an outside hospital to transfer me out on an unconstitutional Baker Act in a Federal Facility.
4. My blog caused them to leave without me.
5. She refused to view my documents proving I AM DBA Jesus Christ and God, in front of intake nurse as my witness.
6. My award letter says I get about $895 per month SSDI , I have been getting about $740 for the last 5 months.
7.  Ella was told my SSDI was cut off, meaning it was about to be redirected.
8. My appointment clearly states report to emergency room. meaning I get round trip transportation reimbursement for emergency room visit.
9. I was told VAMC is 4 months behind on transportation payments.  , I received no payments in the last three years
10. Roberts must be instant dye he is outside. planning his next scheme.
11. Headed around the corner as a throw off, inside front area, I just cannot sit on table.  Too many bags. Yesterday I say Lujuana as I approached the Library.. They change how they look.
12. Solution they all have high level scar tissue on face they place faces on like Velcro, the real life face-off, seriously.
Medical alert.  Surgeon General Mona Rodriquez, four stars.  Acting Command Sergeant Major Jackson swings from Communications Corps and the Surgeon General Office.
Alert: Shelters feed consumers high levels of sugar, causing addiction.  Then when they get out, it causes depression and then Baker Act conditions. Prescribed sweets  to homeless population, so that they do not think they are depress for being put out of a shelter, but due a calculative addiction.

1 Corinthians 7:8New International Version (NIV)

Now to the unmarried[a] and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do.


Two Stars within Insignia

Command Sergeant Major of the Army – Bobby Grimes – Everything to me will cross his desk

FBI Director – Lt. General Maron Frank Jackson

Homeland Security Director – Lt. General Dante Bush

Legal Team Oversight – Lt. General Charles B. Coleman Sr.

One  Star inside insignia 

Acting Command Sergeant Major Com Corps & Office of Surgeon General

Gen. Dr. Kevin Jackson

Communications Corps – Gen. Dr. Sam Lawhorne

Surgeon General Dr. Mona Rodriquez

Supreme Court Char-Person Justice Rainbow Butterfly Sotomayor 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch 

Issue them orders and proper Identification  Cards as seen above

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army






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