Open Letter to: Attorney General Loretta Lynch – Jesus Christ, INC

Open Letter to: Attorney General Loretta Lynch – Jesus Christ, INC

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

From: DBA Jesus Christ

RE: The Non-Profit Agenda and Required Documentation for Execution

There can be no Limited Liability in nonprofit corporations or charity.  A Florida LLC is unconstitutional.

Important Note: The Charity state is a no trinity state.  I AM President, Treasurer  and Secretary and need nobody to execute God’s Business by the Law of scripture and the Charity State, for I and the Father are one and always in agreement.

And no charity can function outside the agenda of God, nor can any ungodly or unconstitutional activity be considered non-profit ever again.

Date: 22 July 2017

  1. My lease is until 2015, I made due to constant fraudulent activities against God.
  2. As a hate crime victim my home cannot be taken from me due to my long term absence away from it.  Nor can anyone squatter my home.
  3. I AM DBA Jesus Christ and hold the title God and the Reverend.  Under the United Stat3es Constitution, all charity goes to God.
  4. Under Field Order Number 15, which I AM forced to enforced despite MY FLORIDA CORPORTION,  INC , The State of Florida is the Charity State and there can be no profit making corporation in this state.  Therefore every corporation registered on MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC is non-profit and once non-profit.
  5. This decree was made clear and was executed in April 1959, which was one month after I was born.
  6. Proof of this is here:

Florida Profit Corporation


Filing Information

Document Number 136194
FEI/EIN Number00-0000000
Date Filed:07/08/1938
State F.
Event Date Filed 04/24/1959
Event Effective
Principal Address

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