DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army & Executive Authority

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor

General insignia

From: DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army & Executive Authority

RE: The Constitutionality of the Judicial Branch of Government

Date: 24 July 2017

Under the United States Constitution, a law enforcement group, agency or authority is under the laws and rules of public records. To insure the transparency of law enforcement and in all fairness in the practice of due process of law and legal procedures, all witness who testify against another person , persons or even an agency or group, must be identified to insure the person being accused has the ability to defend themselves in the court of law. Every accessed has the right to cross examination.

Therefore all FBI informants, must be revealed and all accusations against anyone by an FBI informant must be made known to the public, to obey and be consistent in the guidelines set under the constitution of the United States of America, which everyone has the right to legal representation and due process of law, which does not end with the 5th Amendment nor their Miranda Rights. Miranda v. Arizona, ROE v. DBA Jesus Christ and the Right to Due Process of law.

Furthermore, this make what has become known as the Federal Witness Protection Program, also unconstitutional. Because this places the accused under double jeopardy. Because what essence is being done, is a person unknown to the accused who is an employee of a law enforcement agency is making unknown accusations against them and then is being hiding from them and this is the nature of Covert Operations and no law enforcement agency has such authority to operate as a covert operation.

Now under Military law, this may be arranged, because under Military law and the use of the Patriot Act, which was re-activated by the Freedom Act and Communication Title 47, both anti-terror legislation and the nature, duty and source of the Attorney General, the buck stops at the Attorney General and Attorney General Loretta Lynch can act as a covert operative and under Martial law or Military rule, my covert operative can operate as covert operatives, but these types of operations by the FBI, using confidential informants and placing these aka snitches under the shadow of Federal Witness Protection Programs is clearly unconstitutional.

Therefore it is not a request, but the duty of the United States DOJ and FBI, placed under the oversight of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Lt. General Maron Frank Jackson, to release the names and identifies of all Confidential informants and end all funding to the Federal Witness Protection Program, due to it unconstitutionality.

5 Stars

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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