Alert & Be Claim: The United States Under Attack

I and the Father One

Directive by: DBA Jesus Christ

Save the World

Space Age

SE Reflection Filter

Due to an attack on America, the war on drugs caused he Fall of America as we once knew it.  We had an economic system at about $250 Trillion, yet could only match it with $10 Trillion in gold bullion. Therefore we had about $240 Trillion in counterfeit currency, creating an Illusion of financial Institutions and  strong economy.  But in reality I was feeding the world on counterfeit money.  Wherefore, the American dollar is virtually worthless.

But fear no evil, because what will transpire as a result of this, is life here will become a much higher standard of living.  For let me show you what I say is true.

Wells Fargo – inactive

Mid-Florida – The biggest financial exchange and credit union in the World – inactive

Corporation after corporation and hotel after hotel inactive

The scam to destroy our nation came down to fraud after fraud and there is no statute of limitations to fraud.  secondly, as the stole our nation, it was all taken back in the name of Jesus Christ who holds the title God and this infallible title is perpetual and eternal and he who holds the Title to Do Business As Jesus Christ, gets all of the charity, for under the United States Constitution, all charity goes to who?

Go to:

These are all nonprofit corporations.  This is the website of MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC.  This fictitious  name now belongs to Jesus Christ< INC. And the head of Jesus Christ, INC. is the reverend Frank Paul Jones – Messiah who hold the title God and the rights DBA Jesus Christ.  So every single corporation you see on the website is owned by God.

Many are now placed in administrative Dissolution.  Meaning they are not authorized to do business at this time.  Then you will see acts of systematic fraud.  Wherefore, the term used is LLC, meaning Limited Liability Company.  There is no such thing as a Limited Liability 501 c 3 FEIN assignment.  Limited Liability is a partnership and in the charity state of Florida a partnership is not even legal. For everything and every business in the state of Florida is charitable. And there is no trinity laws in Florida, for I and the Father are one and therefore always in agreement.  Therefore interfere with this arrangement is to get in the ways of the business of God, for all I can do is what the Father leads me to do and all I can say is what the Father tells me to say, for in me he exist, I AM one in him and he is one in me, for my body  is the Temple of God.

For now, I will tell you this:

Bancorp is active and that is PayPal and Net Spend

IBM  is active

Microsoft  is active

CISCO System is active

Lockheed and Martin is active

Publix is active

McDonald’s is Active

Wendy’s is Active

Checkers is Active

Marriot International is active

Johnson and Johnson is active

General Dollar is active

The Veteran Affairs and all its VAMC Medical Centers is under Military Executive Management.

Beth Israel is active

Boost Mobile is Active

TracFone is Active

Century Link is active

The USDA will now bear on food inspection labels God Approved removing taxation on America

The FDA under Surgeon General Dr. Mona Rodriguez is now being run, is in the process of scheduling drugs and placing into the market real medications to cure and not beat the government.

Lockheed and Martin converting the biggest arms dealer into a great assortment of pece time military arsenals, for example converting neutron bomb technology into fire killers to protect he forests and oil production industry.

Converting Shelters into Concentration camps to house these criminal in hope of making hem into responsible adults.

Ending homelessness in these many hotels all over America and the world, for my Father surely has many rooms an most of them come furnished.

Just be patient, because what you know now, had to known sooner, would have resulted in violence and destruction of this nation. But now I warn you lawlessness and anarchy will not be acceptable, if you act like a criminal, these concentration camps will house you, but if you show love and respect for, Community, nation and self and God, I assure you, my coming will have been worth your wait.  For I have lost no-one the Father has sent.  The question you must ask is, who sent you?

Please maintain order and discipline as this nation transitions in The Nation of God – Is Real – For in Christ is Reality. Yes, I AM the blood line of Zulu and I AM the last surviving Zulu King, but the story about Shaka Zulu is a mythology.  I did not die or get stab in the back nor did all my Children get thrown in a hole alive to die. No!  For I AM preordained and me and my children receive life eternal and love, love, love, that the promise the all knowing father gave to me.

Psalm 118:22 22The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;

5 Stars

DBA  Jesus Christ – The only Living God





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