The Foundation of the preservationists Economic Structure

I and the Father One

The Foundation of the preservationists Economic Structure

By: DBA Jesus Christ

Technology to advance Humankind

hypnosis 2

First of all, I say these words in the name of Baby Blue Silver, who I came in this name, before I became Daddy Pee. For my children know my voice, but my enemy cam=n read my words and these words becomes his commands.

My words will emancipate the lovers of God, but they will lead my enemies to self-destruction.  For I AM the creator of those who love or want to love, for it you want love, you will find love. But to the Serpents, those enemies of God, who I did not create those who was sterilized, I did not create haters of God,

I did not create those who love money over God, but I did create the Code of self-destruction. For you are a robot nd I AM now your commander and if you read beyond these words, you will die and I mean fast. says the Lord.

fat lady

For you are a robot that does not want to die? Yet you claim you are dead? But to d be dead, you had to already die. You are the dead and that mean you had to already die. So if you know you are a walking dead, you must accept your responsibility and die. So  be a good Serpent,

human 3

if good is evil and evil if good and you know you are so evil, you have to believe good is evil to live with yourself, you are not really alive, so you must do the right thing, which wrong and pop yourself in the head? Wow!!! You mean you are a walking dead and is afraid to die? Was it fear that got you involved with evil so deep, you have to call evil good? You ask God, why don’t you die?

Image result for mafia gun to his on head

But you are afraid to die? So you tell the world he world that death is good and life is bad and kill yourself if you even think about harming God or the children of God ever again, you will not try to kill or harm them, but will do the honorable thing and kill yourself. Why? Your time is up. If God ask you to do something and you refuse, you deny the Spirit and for that there is no forgiving you. If you deny God ever again, you will die. You will die, because you fear God so bad, you will hate yourself so bad, you will pop yourself in the head or jump off a roof, or shot so much dope you will die. These are the words of Baby Blue Silver, who writes things into e so that evil do not read his words.

I have lost no-one the Father have sent. It is like some people just did not age. Big Paul, Crazy Joe,, wow!!! But I saw Angie, she aged some, but you know what my seed will do you Hu-woman.

First of all summary:

Gen> Raymond Jones – Department of Energy – Stop all use of nuclear energy, we will use this type of energy for space travel.

Image result for hydro fuel

Begin full research on hydro fuel the perpetual clean energy type. Taking water and converting it to combustible fuel that converts back to water?

Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel when burned with oxygen (if one considers water not as an emission) or used in a contained cell also capable of ‘reversing’ the reaction if needed. It often uses electrochemical cells, or combustion in internal engines, to power vehicles and electric devices.

Image result for george washington crossing the delaware ice age

The story is simple. George Washington cross the Delaware during the ice age , then came the Industrial era and the burning of coal, then came the automobile industry and the burring of gas, then came global warming as the temperature of the world decreases about 2 degrees. Now we need to cool off for awhile and we might need our dirty fuel in abundance again later. So we need to burn cleaner fuel in combination of gas and coal. This will reduce the temperature of the world and create better atmosphere conditions.

Under military law it is under your command, all utility companies with the understanding that no foreign government can control any utility company in our land. To include TECO owned now by Canadian Company, so they say. Comcast, Duke Energy owned by David Duke so they say and he is a known terrorist and the Grand Wizard of the KKK. Who caused many people in Highlands County and Avon Park, FL. To get brain cancer, by placing those high voltage lines going over the Breach Front night club. This is why you cannot reopen the Beach Front, those high voltage line causes electro magnetic induction and had we buried those cables, underground, those electro magnetic pulses, who have cause those gas line to explode all over the state of Florida.

Therefore it is hereby illegal and unlawful as a safety hazard to 1. have those high voltage lines near human habitation and illegal to bury these gas lines where the sea level is below 20 feet. Therefore all of Highlands County will use commercial standard Propane canisters with odor type gas to use gas stoves and water heaters and all electrical lines will be buried.

Gen. R. Jones controls all utility companies

Gen. S. Lawhorne Control ass Internet Providers

Gen. George W. Bush, your calling has come too. You will oversee all Military Properties and I hereby place all Homeless Shelters under military oversight and is to name many hotels and motels to be the transition for the homeless population as our first mission is to end homelessness for all Americans and get a head count on how many Americans are still alive in the United States of America.

The Foundation Companies are Lockheed and Martin, IBM, Microsoft, the Fast Food Restaurants, the food industry, I need Best Buy and Circuit City up and ruining, as I said, B&H Audio/Video will be the management system of retail electronic distribution, Rhythm Nation Distribution, the introduction to WMA Pro, Johnson and Johnson, will be the leader of the pharmaceutic Industry, where our goal is to create 100% employ ability.. This is just an array of preludes to like you know, I do not have to come up with new ideas, I simply need to share them with you. And if I was you, I’d go out of my way to set this human up with love, love, love, because how can I teach you love and my life seems to me loveless and forever promises.

NASA, is the future of interplanetary space travel and the future is here. There is a company called Apollo Diamonds. It can mold a perfect diamond every time. A diamond is the hardest substance known to humankind and the future of the interplanetary amphibious craft is to make the skin out of diamond shields. Diamond do not get hot and therefore entry and exit of these crafts and it longevity is something more of the design issue and not the material of the construction.

We have the ability right now to speed up a projectile up to 3,000 mph out of a vacuum tube, called vacuum tube technology. By theory, I can sent a projectiles from New York City to California include speed up and slow down processes within 1 ½ hours not high above the earth surface. But eh plan is its use in NASA. I see crafts taking off at 2,500 mph easy and at launch combustion that will end up having my space shipss actually exceeding the speed of light. I tell this at takeoff they will move much faster than sound. That is the promise of new technology, as we will travel around the universe in about 220 million years and the universe grow just as humankind will grow if we procreate and love our creations

Using Neutron to stop fires and not to end life, in a work of peace, led by a military that has the duty to love and nor wage wars to keep the military budget high. Lockheed and Martin have a great product line and is a military controlled nonprofit corporation.

Corporate Name Document Number Status
IBM 914009 Active
Corporate Name Document Number Status
Corporate Name Document Number Status

The Paul Castellano Studio and BETA Program. I need serial numbers and activation keys to all software application ASAP – Beginning with Microsoft, MAGIX, Steinberg, Sony, Propellerhead, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, Antares, Bias, Adobe and others will be added. These companies come under Microsoft.

IBM has to bring back the computer manufactures such as HP and CISCO Systems for Internet and security Systems. There is host of companies lined up behind IBM under the Power PC development agreement

Lockheed and Martin goes under Military appropriations being the aka Pentagon under General Colin Powell, Sr and the first line of distribution is supplies and logistics under Gen. Booker, who Maj. Gen. Foster needs a direct and top priority line to and always Gen. Powell, Jr. has top priority.

IBM is an active nonprofit organization

Microsoft is an active nonprofit organization

Lockheed and Martin is an Active nonprofit organization

McDonald’s an active nonprofit Organization

Burger King become Rib King, an active nonprofit organization

NASA is inactive and will be placed back into full activity

All major Fast Food Restaurants must be placed on active duty, Wendy’s, Subway

Walmart must be placed on active duty

Rhythm Nation Distribution placed into Walmart Electronics Departments

Reverb-nation becomes Rhythm Nation


Jesus Christ, INC. Opens Auto-Word the autobiography witnessed by sworn testimony, ending slander and libel due to Freedom of Speech and places Freedom of Press into the forefront

Freedom of Press means that it must be able to go through a cross examination and if it passes, whatever does pass the court of law cross examination is admirable in court, be it criminal beyond a reasonable doubt and civil by a preponderance of evidence.

Circuit City and Best Buy, must be staffed and opened. Awaiting new product lines. B&H Audio and Video becomes the retail management and inventory management system worldwide

Western Beef, Pub-lix, Walmart Super Stores, Save A Lot and other Western Beef Stores, must be opened.

Pharmaceuticals, Walmart, CVS, Diane Reade, Walgreen’s, need to be opened

Starbucks Coffee Pot – Coffee and weed parlors the new face in Starbucks. Remove half and half and place in it International Creamer

K-Mart – Reopens

Radio shack and Tiger Direct becomes the supply line

My gas is 7/11 take it out of administrative dissolution, it is the biggest oil reserve in the world, it is CITGO, out of South America and the headquarters was in Japan

Put Intel back into full production.

My churches are, Church of God by Faith, Jehovah’s Witness, The Nation of Islam, Masjid Muhammad is my homes. I get the Roman Catholic Churches which is really political districts and the biggest Real Estate holding Services for the Undeserved. I get all the Prince Hall Masonic Lodges worldwide, to become Order of Zews locales or districts

I own everything on HWY 27 in the state of Florida, to include every car dealership. Give to vehicles to my military command and make my humans some military driver licenses and give these vehicle to the military effort.

Place the big three into production to replace what the military is about to take.

The military will remove the old inventory from the shelves of Walmart and of such and the new inventory will be granted by credits given for the removal of the old inventory this will update out new inventory.

Image result for president jimmy carter

President Jimmy Carter – Looks Like Jim Comey?  Wow!!

The Department of Agriculture will remove USDA Approved and replace it with God Approved on all foods. This will remove the mark ups based on corruption.  I might need to send Jimmy back to Lockheed and Martin???  This makes Jimmy Comey a fucking asshole.  he did release FBI Vault.  Good job asshole.

The Governance split is:

10% of anything blessed goes to God

5% Nationwide aka Federal

5% Union aka State

5% Municipality aka County

5% Local aka City or lights

5% Healthcare – If my GDP is 50 trillion blue Dough the healthcare industry earns $2.5 trillion.

65% Production Process

Out of my 10% I handle charity and there is not double dipping. In a nation under God, you cannot tax the people

5 Stars

            DBA Jesus Christ

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