APB on Satanic Kingpin

Prince Hall

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch
From: DBA Jesus Christ
RE: APB of Eston Edward Lee Roberts
Date: 27 July 2017
Eston Edward Lee Roberts aka Prince Hall – 0815 hours release
By: DBA Jesus Christ
He is the Devil himself. I remember the first time I met him, I was a little boy, he came to see us in Long Island City, New York, in a neighborhood called Queensbridge. First thing I said, you a faggot. He showed a sign of being busted. I changed up. Then he smiled, he smoke cigars back then. Me and my crew always used signs and symbols. And all he did all my life was stole from me and my family.
It was hum, who kept my family away from me. He is so evil, he caught of both of his legs and they are all still afraid of him. He is the one who turned my family against each other. How is the Prince Hall estate the Zulu estate. How is the Prince Hall estate, all the charity of the world. We all know that all charity goes to God. He is not God, he a a mortal being who simple dyed his skin,
He was in Macon, GA., where I slept in a bed bug infest shelter and got bite every night for 10 days. He was the one who got me left out in the streets in Atlanta, GA. He is the one who put Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z into the left of my child Janet Jones. He is the one who had Boo change her name to Janet D. Jones to become Janet Jackson, she stole my child’s name, then kept her away from me all these years. He is so evil Janet rather now be any where near me until he is gone. He planned to leave last night, but he got held over.
He plans to disappear now, into the sunset. Probably back the England. Yea, he is a Roberts as in Roberts Rules of Order. All my life, all he did was steal from me. His religion in Beulah of Highlands Chapter 31. This is called Murphy’s law. If anything can go wrong it will go wrong. He said these words last night and had he not, he would have gone away, to come back with some more evil and I would have never realized what he did. He said out loud in here, “Satan is not a liar, you is a liar, Satan do not lie, what you know about Satan?” Then I realized he is Satan.

He put John J. Gotti on me. He knew the Super-max was in Highlands County Florida. He had John J. Gotti use drugs on me. He told me Melton was Blue Black. He seems to be Blue Black, he the darkest mother is Blond Eva, who has skin like coffee, Katherine and Azalea is both lighter than Eva and I too. Then one of mine’s from Eva Clare who is Claudia  the one who was born darker, has coffee skin and pretty brown eyes. Him, he is not a good looking man.

He claimed to be the father of the children from Azalea. But I would like him to prove today. Prove he has nuts to begin with. Prove he has the right blood type, blood test them. He is a lair and be made my life a living hell. He has too many bags to be headed back to Macon, GA. He is about to run and if you do not catch today, you will never see him again. Find my child and free her first. Make sure whoever is not for him is removed from where he is. The Spirit says, had I posted this last night, everyone in here would have been killed. He is evil and that means he did a lot of wrong to a lot of people and if they find him before the FBI and Homeland Security, they will kill him and everybody who is even around him. All charity goes to God, so all he did was give me back everything he stole. The Prince Hall Estate is everything he stole from God and the Zulu estate and he is not a Zulu.

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God – Last standing Zulu King

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