Indictment Against AKA Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Mother

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

28 July 2017

I hereby place an All Point Bulletin on Better Known as Shawn Carter who is Also Known as Jay-Z. He is being indicted for interstate Stalking of DBA Jesus Christ, with the intentions to  harm of cause harm for the Children of DBA Jesus Christ and it is clear he has intent or has claimed intentionally to have taken away the Chasity of who he claims to be Beyonce Knowles Carter, who is in fact Janet Jones and daughter of DBA Jesus Christ AKA The Rev. Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah, who hold the title God as recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States, the IRS, the DOJ any governance who duly recognizes the authority granted to him, placing him above the United States Constitution.

The fact pattern was made public information and is on file at the Department of Justice – both criminal and civil rights Divisions..

Above is a picture of whom he claims to be his mother by birth in his article claiming Same Sex Marriage Support. She was last seen by a Covert Undercover Agent of the Department of Justice File Number of Agent is:3704895, who is the lead investigator of these hate crimes against God. She was last seen at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter on 27 July 2017, at about 1600 hours. She was seen entering this facility as the males where forced to wait until 1800 hours to enter same facility without justifiable reasoning or rational. This is the same facility an agent spotted AKA Prince Hall, BKA Eston Edward Lee Roberts who is said tto be Satan himself.

Jay-Z was last heard to be in hiding at the Econo Lodge in Augusta, GA. This hotel is owned by DBA Jesus Christ and is in administrative dissolution. And due to the financial status of the whole State of Georgia and the current decree of Augusta, GA., who is claiming Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, who was declared by the Federal Government today to be in fact bankrupt under Chapter 7, due to the fact there is no revenue to pay owed monies to restructure this city and therefore this city cannot take ownership of property owned by charity, simply because it cannot function as a governance due to the fact it cannot collect taxes on property owned by the charity state regardless of the administrative state of these properties.

Therefore the only possible remedy to th3 state4 of this Union, due to the state of our financial institutions must come from the rightful owner of these said properties. And being our nation is in fact under martial law and military governance, the State of Georgia has no authority to Govern at all and certainly no authority ta acquire property owned by the Charity State of Florida..

Addendum to Fact Pattern:

To: Attorney General Loretta Lynch
From DBA Jesus Christ
RE: Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z Indictment and Public Announcement later today:
Indictment Against Jay-Z for stalking interstate Placing APB on him and Questioning of his mother
Jay-Z for same sex marriages:
Photo of Jaz-Z and Mother:
Indictment against Jay-z comes today and his mother was spotted at the Salvation Army Shelter in Augusta, GA. at about 4:00 PM.  And he was said to be hiding out at the Econo Lodge in Augusta, GA., where Rev. Frank Paul Jones was ripped off for $137.70 and denied a refund or the option to use his remaining 3 days already paid for.  Furthermore, two men in the shelter Jones is staying due to hate crimes and consistent fraud against his accounts,, is following him or at least seems to be everywhere he goes or once he arrives they stay and watch his every move.
DBA Jesus Christ 


General of the Armies

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God & General of the Armed Forces.

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