I Lost no one the Father has Sent

Three Photos and the Story to Come


Eva Blond Eva - The Mother of all the Living

Eva -AKA Blond Eva – The Mother of all the Living for I came out of her womb


Frank C\

Frank C. Jones – Son of Robert Elijah aka Lucky Luciano BKA Bob Harper

I was once asked, do you know Frank White, I answered the only Frank I knew was Frank Clark Jones who raised me as his son, but is my damn Grand-son.

This guy I met as Chuck in Avon Park, I was in an AA Group.  I said, will you be my sponsor, he said, you do not need a sponsor, but I will be him in name.  So he gave me a phone number. It said Chuck.  So about one year ago, I meet this dude named Earl, and he says the old line of Chuck.  “I killed 50,000 Koreans in one day and said let God sought them out.  Then he raises hell, I got bit by a water moccasin 27 times and my balls was the size a volleyball.  he kept fucking with me…. Then some dude saying his name is Salvatore and he was named after his Uncle.   He put him to sleep.  He told me Prince dead of a drug overdose before the news announcement.  he says, John Gotti used to have a $25 million dollar mansion in Sarasota, Florida.  he says, I do not understand this shit, every time I turn around, I get Baker Act. he says, I can’t help that I AM the Don.  I say like, you mean Dom?

So the staff says, you are not leaving until he wakes up. So I see Earl asleep and say wakeup. He woke up, his heart was hurting. I said, yea, you will be alright, that is what happens when you heart restarts.

So the next day, we broke bread at lunch time and I met his wife, they have the same damn eyes, he married his sister,  So he gets up to leave and says, tell everyone, I sold my book. He says, tell them if they need anything, a job, to start a business to call me.  And of all people, I gave that damn phone number to the fucking Devil Himself.  I still have that phone book somewhere???


John 6:39 39And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all those he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.

To be issued to use in Urban-warfare to reduce collateral damages.

Hallie X-Men

And Introducing the Queendom Teaser Team – They will tease you butt if you are damn lair.

Image result for future sports car

Approaching CNN within 5 minutes.  Breaker, Breaker.

One Spirit many Temple one Constitution of many Nations – The One world Government in allegorical teaches to human-kind

One Spirit Many Parts

DBA Jesus Christ – The Only Living God

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