Indictment of AKA Angie Hood AKA Angela Davis BKA Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Angie Hood – Photograph about 10 years ago

Very light skin – Red Hair and green eyes.

Indictment of AKA Angie Hood AKA Angela Davis BKA Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

Last seen at McDonald’s Fast Food – Augusta, GA., about 8:00 AM on 28 July 2017.

I hereby indict aka Attorney General Loretta Lynch for the attempted overthrow of the United States Constitution, Genocide, Interstate Kidnapping and Hate Crimes against God.

Due to the nature of these charges and the State of Emergency of our great nation, the many security issues involved, this case is hereby sealed for 50 years after the court decision is made. The criteria for all media coverage is set at the same standards as that of the standards set for the aka Timothy Shands indictment and in addition this case is sealed for 50 years.

The new Attorney General by field grade promotion under military laws and riles and the UCMJ is hereby named Lt. General Charles B. Coleman who is promoted to General with four stars. It is clear she is either incompetent and/or an enemy of the State. She by the nature of replacing Attorney General Holder, became responsible for every case since the beginning of the Barrack Obama Administration begun. This is to include all these hate crimes being committed against God and the multiply Baker Acts which is an unconstitutional law. And after complaint after complaint to her office by him and on the day he complained about his federal benefits not being paid and for her to see him face to face and do nothing or say nothing to him and drive off with a new car with out of state plates with a woman of unknown identity, while he is on the run and use the term covert operations as an excuse, yet doing nothing he ordered her to do, is grounds for her removal from office. And therefore she has been remove effective 0100 hours on 30 July 2017.

The first order of business for Attorney General Charles B. Coleman is the establishment of the Ministry of Justice.

I saw Malcolm X in the New York Harbor VAMC. I saw Tim Shands at the Barbershop in Queensbridge where Jeffery Jennings cuts hair and he basically confirmed he was an evil man. He touched the document with the court decision, he touched the emboss.. I saw Louis in Macon, as I came out off the store after shopping with food stamps. I saw Gladys Knight and Louis Walcott in Macon, GA. I saw Dr. Kane at the VAMC, where he identified me at Travel, this is how they knew it was me. I saw Otis Redding at his park in Macon. I saw a lot of people in these last days. Lt. Gen. Kane made sure I heard his voice, he put on some weight. But his red hair and his voice is the same.

Then for the first time I saw Eston Edward Lee Roberts aka Uncle Billy for who he really is. for the first time. He is an evil man. He moved up from a bike to an electric wheel chair and said, Satan don’t right in my face. This is after at his shelter in Macon, the Salvation Army, he had me sleep in a bed-bug infest bed to 10 days as he accepted my food knowing I was penniless in the process. I guess he felt he was going to pimp me until the end.

Then for the first time I got Spiritual with Janet Beyonce Jones my child I love so much. And in the background I was also Spiritual with Alicia Eva Jones, I will name her middle name Eva. Janet is is in many ways like the story told about Janet Jackson She has been mind fucked by Jay-Z. As I teach everyone who looks for anything but the love of God and not follow their hearts totally, at the end will be setup to self-destruct. And Alicia knew at some point this would happened and it did at the end.

A man was following me, since I was here. He believed in Jay-Z. Jay-Z has convinced many people, he is GOD. He even convinced Janet his power of fear was greater than the power of love for God. She believed I was playing pretend and he was real. As he had his friends come and surround me, she believed to prevent harm to God and the world, she would obey him. So I spoke to this brother, because I saw in him a conviction. He really believed whatever he was setup to think, but I did not know what it was. He spoke of being a sacrifice for GOD and he spoke of not fearing anyone. That made little sense to me. I fell asleep and awaken and saw him at his bedside and said, I must show him the truth, due his obvious convictions. I showed him documents, I AM DBA Jesus Christ, I own MY FLORIDA CORPORATON, INC. I placed this nation into martial law and I AM a hate crime victim, as I was about to do this, I heard Janet Beyonce voice, say no, don’t they will kill Jay-Z for blasphemy. I said, so, because I Am tired of this humiliation. The/n she said I AM sorry, because she chose him over me, this was her last act of self destruction. For had I not, she planned to run back to him and leave me looking like a fool with my hand on my dick on a toilet stool. For them to laugh at me again I questioned her and he was confused, Than Alicia said, she thought she was going over there, but she was not going no where, I would have never allowed that to happen.

See, she thought I was all talk and he was reality and she was about to go to him with children who showed up here,

This goes to the story about Malcolm-Lewis. He told me about a woman, who was about one year older them me who is his mother. I said, oh, I know what this is about about. They say Elijah got little girls pregnant at age 13 years old. This was about during 1972-74 I guess. It happened before, during Malcolm’s years, but again later. And I was said to have said, I did it to fulfill the prophecy. See, I have many son’s and they had to have mates. And it seems these women are to be there mates. I AM told I might need two bus loads to bring them back to Florida. They will stay in Orlando and those who will be with me in the Blue House, it is time for me to come home. My job is done here. And what is to take place here, I need not be here with my children.

I even saw Angie Hood at McDonald’s, and she was with a dark skin woman with short hair, I looked to see if the woman was Mona but t was not her and after I sent-out my transmission, I saw her drive off in a new car with Virginia plates, but I seem to have to walk around everyday with about 50 lbs in bag-ages dodging the the EMS, with shoes falling apart and a toe injury and no support at the VAMC because this is covert operations? I AM penniless in a homeless shelter while, Mary J is falsely advertised to perform at the James Brown Arena on September, 16th. I get not one phone call from Janet Beyonce or Alicia Eva, even after the indictments of Timothy + Jay-Z and Eston and now I find out I have many children in Augusta, GA,? And after all of this, she still had the option to communicate ith Jay-Z? And she is a prime witness to his murder investigation. It would seem she was given an ultimatum in an unsafe environment and Attorney General Lynch created this unsafe environment making this clearly a RICO Investigation and a conspiracy against God and his children. And hid they returned what did they have planned for them? A welcome home party or rape and defilement? Some would consider this blasphemy.

The anarchy of the Satanic Order: The Prince of princes (Satan) – Prince Hall – The Serpent – Woman – Man + Man. Estom Edward Lee Roberts – John J. Gotti – Rene (A.H.) Elizondo – Timothy and Jay-Z

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army – The only Living God

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