Executive Order God Order – The Blue Dough Law


Jesus Christ, INC.

923 S. A. Ave- Order of Zews

Avon Park, FL. 33825

Executive Order under Martial Law: The Blue Dough Law

RE: The Blue Dough Law

Executive Order – Jesus Christ – Blue Dough Law – 001 – 

The Blue Dough Law

Those who have ears will hear and eat of the meat and for this reason this executive order is meant to be properly interpreted by those who are well studied in the Living Titled and duly recognized as the only living  God By The IRS on 4 July 2015 and “Jesus Christ” in September of 2016 and owner of this the trademark since the day of Declaration of Independence, under the United States Constitution, I hereby declare.

Effective 3 April 2016, at 11:59 PM, the United States Currency being declared Confederacy controlled currency is hereby devalued in the World.  The Blue Dough law states that our Blue Dough currency is worth 25x the current green money in circulation.  Once I make my love = charity adjustment.

We are running a $250 Trillion economy with $10 trillion to back the currency in gold. There is only $20 trillion in gold in all the world and we only mined $10 trillion so far.

 We back our currency based on the diamond marker and sole ownership of Jones Mining.  Our currency is therefore backed by a $250 trillion diamond bricks and there is backed by $10 trillion in gold bullion in gold and I will have all the rest of the gold in the whole would not even mined at a total of $20 trillion.  The Kingdom of God in Long Island City New York and Manhattan is sitting on a diamond figuratively the size of the moon.  It is above current currency valuations. It is worth easily a Zillion, Zillion, Zillion. So I will add 5 times what is needed to back our currency at $1 Zillion in diamond brick. Then we will design world currency valuations to include the Production Process. For example Germany has intellectual property design abilities at high proficiency, but is weak on natural resources. Intellectual property, all natural resources and anything that is a contribution to humankind has value in an economic system that is under God.  Therefore as we populate other solar system,s we will be able to continue to grow on Earth economically, without creating undue inflation.  An ever growing economic infrastructure.

Therefore ,for the integrity of the World, we will continue to recognize the Green Currency, but everything in God Is Real will cost 25 times the Green Currency and our Currency will be worth, our Z is worth 25 times their currency in $, making it basically useless to the Zews.  The Confederate dollar will do like the German Mark and Devaluate before it becomes useless.

For example, Bill Gates is worth $100 Billion today, but tomorrow until all his currency is converted to Blue Dough, his $100 Billion has about $2.5 Billion (dollars) in purchasing power.  Because in god they trust and not God. This nullifies that currency as being backed by God’s favor. In Blue Dough in Zews = z1 Blue Dough.

I hereby grant the authority of God to enforce this executive order under State and Federal Laws and the power vested in God and the power of the United States Constitution under God in the name Jesus Christ.  Sign by the One World Government to be placed into full execution on or about 1 November 2017 and sealed by the United States Supreme Court, the Newly formed Ministry of Justice and the General of the Army  DBA Jesus Christ under Martial Law and Military governance.



D.B.A. Jesus Christ – The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah 

The Capstone Zulu – Ps: 118:22


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