New Indictments – Hate Crimes Against God and His Children

One Spirit Many Parts

New Indictments – Hate Crimes Against God and His Children

Directive By: DBA Jesus Christ

31 July 2017

File Number: 3704995

I hereby indict the following persons for fraud, perjury and grand larceny, with the intent to steal from God in the name The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah. Though this is a felony indictment, it is lessor than blasphemy, yet, it is still hates crimes against DBA Jesus Christ who is in-fact God and is above the written code, the United States Constitution.  These are serious offenses and I would not take them lightly.

Ella E. Williams – Fraud, perjury and grand larceny to include mail fraud, with the intent to steal or assist in stealing the inheritance of DBA Jesus Christ.

AKA Maria Theresa Sutherland BKA Natalee of Queensbridge – Fraud, perjury and grand larceny, to include mail fraud and identity thief and false identification.  She is not Maria Theresa Jones, – who is my oldest Zulu born child, I call Ya-Ya, so how did she marry Parke Sutherland?  And what kind of lawyer marries a stranger with someone else’s birth certificate? In fact, I do not even think she was born Zulu.  What they have done, is in-fact not even Spiritual.  Their acts displayed pure evil.  I wonder about these Hebrew hu-woman.

This case will be sealed for at least 50 years.  And understand I know these two crooks.  And it is my advice they get the best lawyer, from the Ministry Justice they can and turn around and be heal.  It is a damn shame.

James 5:16 (NIV) 

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

             Photographs not required:

General of the Armies

DBA Jesus Christ – General of the Army

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