The National Community Network, INC., Agenda 2016-17 + 2018

The National Community Network, INC., Agenda 2016-17 and extended to 2018

With a redetermination of social spending needs

By: DBA Jesus Christ

  • The way it works is I say this is what America will do with my blue dough to solve some of these damn problems they made.
  • This is the things I need in place to do it.
  • And this is what you will concentrate on doing for the next 3 or 4 years?$$&$@?
  • And this is how much better you will see life become as fast as to just do your part and follow me.
  • Here is what I have and my budget will be based on some projected budget at 10% of the GDP.  That is what they were trying to steal. 
  • Last year it was $1.8132 Trillion and this year I get 10% of my recovery on top of last year and this year. I should have about $1.8 + $2.0 + plus about $5 trillion in real estate holdings + $3.8 in currency recovery for illicit or illegal activates and recovery of these funds. 
  • The above is to the National community Network, INC. Agreement to spent 50% of the earnings in the State of Florida.
  • Then in total DBA Jesus Christ earning in total is $250 trillion and after the National Debt payment of about $18 trillion, the reparations due to war crimes against the lost tribe the so-called Native Americans aka Savage Indians of $10 trillion and 10% of the total earnings of $250 trillion will come out to about $50 trillion in total.  This places this nation in the Green t $200 Trillion dollars converted to the world subsidization currency the blue dough in the blue  at Z200.
  1. End Homelessness – By end fiscal year
  2. Eradicated AIDS from the Earth within 3 years Beginning now. Let the world know hope again and say AIDS and every disease God want cured in you is cured. But it was the devil who made you sick.
  3. End the unconstitutional War on Drugs by end fiscal year 2016-17
  4. End World Hunger within 3 years – Rabbit Meat Project of the World my redbone sweethearts will get their feet wet with this one. Zirah, you miss Daddy?  I mean real Daddy P?
  5. Mass transplantation of testicles – The 27,000 Prince Hall assholes and my family in old blood line measures comes first. Why? They were the target from the beginning.
  6. Mass reversal of tied tubes – Learn Zulu Sexual behavior. Made the nigger get circumcised.
  7. Establish World Market on marijuana distribution. The Federal legalization of marijuana, place all state attorneys in legal marijuana state faced with obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges and they can argue the constitutionality of the War on Drug for their freedom this time. As I transition my casualties into supported housing and family orientated rehab in the name of God.  The world needs to be retaught. 
  8. Reverse the disabilities due to our nation’s illiteracy rate. The prison to the Streets Movement with a $100 Billion per year budget. Teach them to know God.
  9. The Administrative Requirements of the Queendom of Jesus Paul Messiah, INC.
  10. The Requirement, support and economic infrastructure required by the Federal Government oversight committees.
  11. The business Sector required production and distribution requirements
  12. Hardware – IBM protocols – Computers and electronics.
  13. Software – Microsoft – operating system – MAGIX,  Sony, Steinberg and Adobe/Microsoft
  14. Services – Mail, Web, Design, Barber and Parlor
  15. Payroll – Liquid Capital
  16. Currency controls – The Blue Dough has my picture on it, counterfeiting is therefore blasphemy.


Jesus Christ

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