BREAKING NEWS – Homeland Security Offers Lady Bug to Local Law Enforcement


BREAKING NEWS – Homeland Security Offers Lady Bug to Local Law Enforcement

Say My Name – Remix

Space Age

A Nation in its homeland does not have to wear a uniform and all veterans have been called back to Arm.

The REAL ID ACT of 2005 in Effect

Above is the real ID and every business owner or government operative will respect this badge of honor as the  martial law enforcement.  And any and all unauthorized use of the Real ID, will dealt with and fast, this is the big war.  Our and this ID grants un-vetted access to whatever is deemed necessary to defend our nation. All veterans and active military will bear this ID by 1 September 2017

The New Head and  Director of Homeland Security Lt. Gen. Dante Bush tests Lady Bug in Augusta, GA, while doing the Counterfeit, property thief and Drug distribution investigation in an attempt to prevent the overthrow the United States Constitution. Lady Bug is the microchip used in all cell phones, allowing the FEDS to eavesdrop on your conversations.  Nazi privacy rights advocates are crying, but Lt. Gen Dante Bush  says he is operating within the U.S. Constitution and people need to read the agreements made with  there wireless service providers  on cell phones. And it is clear the authority is not a question, this nation is now under God , under martial law and he has five stars, but also the intent is clearly made under Communications Title 47, an anti terror act. While you have banks filled with counterfeit money, corporations or what they call themselves Limit Liability Companies claiming to be 501 c 3, placing construction signs on property, claiming ownership, people coming from France occupying our hotels without citizenship, I tell you this place is a mess,  You have foreigners’ claiming the own the Veterans Affairs and got everybody afraid to come out side.  but ur nation is prepare and they will all be taken down, this is a fact unquestionable,

Really it is crazy, you have EMS Vehicles assigned the Emergency Military Services under lt. Gen. Simmons, riding around with loud sirens and flashing light all day, trying to Baker Act people and Baker Act is clearly unconstitutional and on top of this, the hospitals are in-active nonprofit owned by God , I mean essentially what you have is people in stolen Government vehicles trying to kidnap people for food?

Wi-Fi Range Extender – From $39.99 to about $79,99

The Wi-Fi Extender can be password Protected and give user a 2 miles radius signal, you can go up to 2 mile in any direction and still be able to use the Wi-Fi connected to a computer two miles away.

Send e-mail watch television in the park, do business this is a way to gain unlimited media on wireless devices up to 2 mile from computer location. Every Charity and government facility will place one on premises.

Establishing Communications City Wide


Free Community Wi-Fi

Free Community Wide Wi-Fi

What we are looking at in future cities, is a way to promote life and sustainability. We are now in the business of solving problems, the war over economic systems have already been won.

Highway Wi Fi

The Wi-Fi Superhighway

Future travel on Interstate Highway 95, will be “Turn right unto Interstate 95 South, with Free Wi-Fi to Washington D.C. Powered by IBM/Microsoft.  Now I old school dude like me will be able to listen to WBLS 107.5 on the superhighway from New York City, the Kingdom of God, to Avon Park to Promise Land with local news and weather for highway safety.

Wi-Fi Networking

Wi-Fi Networking System

Wi-Fi connecting one community at a time. This open us to many product opportunities.

Network Security

Increasing Global Response time

Law Enfocement 21st Centery

21st Century Law Enforcement

Consumer Wi-Wi

Wi-Fi Consumer Goods

The benefit to the everyday person is functionality of common electronic products.  being able to watch 1,00o’s of television and radio stations nationwide, by simply going onto your computer on the park bench, in you apartment room, at the local coffee shop.  Taking pictures anywhere in the world and transmit the to your friends I a matter of seconds, because Wi-Fi under FCC rules must be public unless granted a special business or government authority.

Remote Location with deadbolt as Tactical Operations Center (TOC)

Radio and television antenna for local news updates and military alerts


Omni Directional Television Antenna with suggested range 50 miles

Everything mentioned is old stock and is non-perishable with antedated reduction in population at bout 70% to 80%.  Why leave in the warehouses while they steal or tracker trailers?

Homeland Security Offers Lady Bug support to Local Law Enforcement.  Local Law Enforcement is under the Command of Lt. Gen. Peter Green.  Lady Bugs allows the FEDS to eavesdrop on all cell phone conversations.  


Alert – Alert – Be advised travel on non-military international flights at your own risk and south of the border will be closed to non-military travelers.  The Nation is at War.

Laser from Flight 587 photographed

A Nationwide Concern – Be on Alert and Wi-Fi our TOC Relay Stations – use your cell phone photograph and report suspected French Terrorist and NAZI Sympathizers 

Dark Colors – Blue or Black

Space Age – Beat

Say My Name

A Back Pack of good but not necessary expensive in the $39.99 to $99.99 range, look for durability and not fashion and get a quality pack on-sale.

A laptop

A Tablet with Camera of good quality about $100 to $200 at most

A Cell Phone with Camera.

High Brilliance Flashlight – An Animal is blind by fear when light is shined in their eyes, so at night, they cannot attack you if you see them in advance.  A Serpent too will steer into a high brilliance flashlight. Capture one and try it?


Change in socks and underwear and you can always buy something clean at the thrift shop when traveling light.

A portable Hot Spot a plus, you can setup in a hotel and turn it own and link your tablet to it and pow, Wi-Fi, one mile radius.

Weapons & Pit Bull and Big Dogs must be walked in the hood and only if we know you.  Hey Stranger, that dog cannot be out here, we have children here..

Solution for Sqaurtering 

The 2 buckets and 2-1 gallon bottles of water rule. When you move in bring your own water, to flush the toilet and wash up in the sink and a nice cooler to keep cold cuts and soda, beer and wine cold. The local store should be selling ice at $2 or $3 at most for 10 pound bags of ice and all he needs a an ice maker and bag it.

By the Authority of DBA Jesus Christ – GOTA

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