“I Feel Like Living Again” – The Whitney Comeback Tour:


Queen’s Queen Whitney Elizabeth Jones

I Feel Like Living Again

By: Frank Paul Jones, Alicia Eva Jones, Janet Beyoncé Jones & Guest Writer Whitney E. Jones

For: Whitney Elizabeth Jones aka Whitney Houston and the Queendom

I feel like singing with friends,


I feel like Dancing again


I feel like loving again

Yea, yea-yea-yea

Cause, I feel like living again

Yea, Yea, Ooh, Yea-Yea-Yea

Billed as the Whitney Houston comeback song. Letting the world know Whitney is not dead, but very much alive as she introduces to the world the New Hebrew sound, of lyrical content Zulu drums, imagery and symbols. A show where at the end, the mature audience may go to a coffee pot parlor, get their smoke on, sip some brandy coffee at the grown folk social coffee pot environment as the discuss the program they received at the show and what the symbolic presentation meant to them.

Coming soon at the bigger than life screen at the High Powered Surround Sound 24 bit Wave Radio Quality sound Audio-Video Theaters nationwide. By playing the whole coast in one night and bringing.

When you consider the facts. the insurance policies and then this bank dong false ads to create false revenue???

Looks just like the ugly Frankenstein Looking Motherfucker

He claims a white girl lets him stay on the this huge golf resort.

Mary J. Blige, Maxwell Talk ‘Dream Come True’ Joint Tour – Rolling …

R&B stars Mary J. Blige and Maxwell discuss their mutual admiration, their shared history and their upcoming U.S. tour.

Oh, really faggot ass Boo.
Johnathon Green and his Blood tests.
This same nigger surrogated my Queen’s Queen Diane with James Wingfield Son.  At birth he looked like a hairy fucking monkey.  James Wingfield is Fuck man and his bitch fake married me and tried to kill me, the car tires got shot about 2 or 3 in the morning on the way back from a nightclub. She marries GI’s and plays it for depended pay.  I saw her ID for someone in the Air Force, he name was June L MacAfee and she  claimed to be  Judy Evonra Jones. I came to Avon Park and Boo says lets snitch women, I said hell no.  But I consummated Diane in Fort Polk making Gen. Powell, Jr. a captain for 30 years.  This  was a covert operation and somebody ended up a Captian for almost 30 years behind this.

Maxwell is Dope Kingpin Boo Green and Bobby Brown is the Good Business Man -Herbert Kelly

Federal Credit Union operating in our Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and the FDIC is broke.

Corporate Name Document Number Status
FDIC 1060, INC. P92000015101 INACT
FDIC 1609, INC. P92000015232 INACT
FDIC 7171, INC. P92000015095 INACT

Whitney and Mary J.

Mary Jean Blige and Whitney Elizabeth Houston– No Relations?

The 11th Hour – Alicia Eva – Ent. Version

Faggot ass Chris Bush and dope addict brother Jimmy

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes


Nothing like family time to celebrate 2 first cousins graduating. — with Shevella Walker Smith, Brandon Hipps, Acuria Cheerio Smith, Alexis Smith, Ahmaad Smith and Deacon Joseph Hardy.

Can  you believe this faggot motherfucker, this  dude is not him, he is trying to decoy a man in this damn photo.  Evil beyond cowardly.

Now Chris Bush is Deacon Joe Hardy an claims Queen’s Queen NaQuila is his daughter and he took the name of aka Nicky Barnes who is Joe Hardy from 41-07 10th street, who is Paul Hardy brother, who is Steve Harvey.  And Ms. Drusilla and Patella, who is Josephine Baker are sisters.  Now he wants people to think we need to sell drugs?   This is Johnson and Johnson and the Bush Family is a bunch a drug addicts and liars.  I had to get Joe out of the seen behind this shit.


After he gets busted, the Prosecutor ends up with all the money and looks out for him when he gets out, but when did he ever do time?

The Vietnam war ended in 1975, a sustained North Vietnamese offensive forced South Vietnamese troops to begin withdrawing from northern provinces; the withdrawal quickly became a disorganized retreat. It was not even a war it was a conflict.  He got Busted in 1975  and was the bar-tender at out hangout called the spot at least until 1979 and all of a sudden everybody was going to jail and dying of AIDS. So who is Tom Gordon and Fat Boy Nick Gordon?

  1. I go to Orlando and I met Biggy Smalls. He was about 6.2 and was not really that fat.
  2. He says help is on the way. A song by Whitney on the Preachers Wife.
  3. He said I am a sniper and every time I snipe someone, I change my name and I send Mary J Blige an insurance check in the old name.
  4. He said, I am from Lakeland, FL.
  5. He said, Mary J. Blige is my wife. Then I walked in on him under the covers but naked and he said, I ruined his concentration that pissed me off, I went off and moved out of that room.
  6. I told my representative who came to see me, Charles B. Coleman Jr. I said Prof. Charles Coleman is my biggest fan.
  7. Charles said that is impossible, he says they got Suge for his murder. I said, look follow me in and do not say anything and they will not notice you walking in. He walked in, be said he knew Biggy from when they was kids.
  8. He met Biggy and Biggy was boasting about Malcolm-Lewis being P. Diddy son. He spotted Biggy and he smiled. Confirm he is not dead.
  9. Biggy said, Whitney Houston has a twin and insisted Mary J. Blige was his wife. So I wondered than who is Faith? Later I realized she is Mary Ann.
  10. The Code if you try to kill me, you will kill yourself, but who sent him?

  1. Then after repeated statements of being married to Mary J. Blige, I name him Dead Sniper, because he always dies after he kills someone. DS.
  2. Now listen to the 11th hour. And look at the false advertisement at the James Brown Arena.
  3. The policy game is the term life insurance policy game. For pennies a day cash in big if you die within 5 years and currently have no illnesses.  
  4. The flaw is simple.  Under the REAL ID ACT of 2005.  To prove you are a citizen, you must have either a DD 214 proving you are a veteran under the old GI Bill or an original birth certificate.  What do this have to do with term life insurance?  A Certified Birth Certificate does not prove an original ever existed.  This is an anti-terror legislation.  They know people do not get buried.  But to get a Death need a birth certificate and this birth certificate has to be an original under the REAL ID ACT of 2005.

1 million and more to one single show, using buses and bring whole communities or families to a single theater on the basis of registrations for community audiences and therefore allowing audience friendly tour meant to bring families together again, being with friends in a night out with the Whitney Tour. 4 shows in two weeks, charging $50 to $100 per for a night that bring you to the show, to the Coffee Pot and back home before 3 O’clock. The Hebrew Sound.

Starbucks weed

The Starbucks Coffee Pot

Starbucks weed clubStarbucks weed club

The After Socialization


VIP Group Reservations Chartered Buses

James Brown Arena 2

Inside the James Brown Arena Augusta, GA







Annual Reports

Report Year Filed Date
1992 07/09/1992
1993 04/09/1993

Document Images

No images are available for this filing.
Corporate Name Document Number Status

Federal Court Augusta, GA. Vacant – Being overthrown by the Confederates

State Attorney Building in Macon, GA. Vacant


Augusta, GA Martial Law Decree

State of Florida v. Frank Paul Jones aka ROE v. Rev. Jones
The Reverend Frank Paul Jones – The Messiah, was arrested on a state statute at a Federal Post Office for trespassing.  He stated I AM a paying customer and is being refused his right to access to his P.O. Box 37, at the United States Post Office – 33826 – Located in Avon Park, FL.
He was assigned a Public Defender and instructed her, to have his case sent to the proper jurisdiction, because these are charges that must be heard under Federal Jurisdiction.  She did not do as he requested and stated , she could not practice federal law. So he fired her for being incompetent due to the nature of the charges.
Then he requested that the Court assign him legal representation under the 5ht Amendment of the United States Constitution.  And the court refused, simply because a State Judicial agency cannot interpret Federal Law.  And this is what even the Florida State Supreme Court  must refer Federal Cases to the United States Supreme Court.  Now anyone can practice Federal Law, but a State agency is barred from the Practice of Federal Law.
Meaning the same lawyer had he not had the authority granted by the State to determine State Judicial issues as a Lawyer could have practiced federal law, but a judicial of the State Constitution, this is an unconstitutional decree.  The Attorney General of North Carolina cannot interpret Federal Law.


Name MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC  –  www,sunbiz.org   Every Corporation on this website MY FLORDIA CORPORATION, INC belongs to God – Under this proclamation.  For under Field Order Number 15, the state of Florida is the charity state and all charity goes to God, who the United States Supreme Court has duly recognized.

Jesus Christ, INC Certificate of Status – Jesus Christ owns MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC

pride of avon

Pride of Avon Corp. Doc

I own the Freemason and they will forever remain in Administrative Dissolution.  I own it in the name Rev. Frank Paul Jones and all reverence goes to God in Freemasonry.

ORDER OF ZEWS NAME REGISTRATION – Copy  Zulus, Jews and Hebrews United who are the F.E.E.T. Free Emancipated Eternal Travelers will become the first sanctioned and true religion among Humankind.

C.O.P. is Christians of Patrol and the we receive locales.


Corporate Name Document Number Status
H & C INC 136194 INACT


Detail by Entity Name

Florida Profit Corporation


Filing Information

Document Number136194FEI/EIN Number00-0000000Date Filed07/08/1938
State FL Status INACTIVE
Event Date Filed 04/24/1959
Event Effective Date NONE
Elijah Muhammad file 4 of 20 documented my conception in the Garden of Eden and my Birth in the Kingdom of God, by informants who reported it to Chicago Headquarters to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.  This is proof I was hated with reason, to rob me of my inheritance the Universe.
FED Response – My Hate Crimes File Number – The Bible is a hate crime conspiracy against God and his Children, we are the victims of the Holocaust.
And these are the people responsible:
 DBA Jesus Christ – GOTA -The Only Living God

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