The State of The United States of Africa-America



Report by. D.B.A, Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. – United States Supreme Justice – U.N. Military Forces.

I AM Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad Part 04 of 20

My Conception and Birth of FBI RecordsPaul Castellano the Real Apostle Paul Joe Jackson aka Sam of the Other way Aroud Earl aka Carlo Gambino – My Son 

 Novus Ordo Seclorum a “New World of the Ages.”


Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.


Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.


 Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.


 The origin of racism on earth and the control of the masses:




1:1) In the beginning the founding fathers fabricated the state of Kingdom and Reality.  1:2) At this point reality wasn’t governed by any authority, and had no purpose.  Ignorance was upon the so-called profound people, they were very superficial.  Those who were loyal to the founding fathers were in a state of uncertainty, over the choices that had to be made.  1:3) And, the founding fathers said, “Let there be enlightenment,” and there was enlightenment.  1:4) The founding fathers saw that the enlightenment was good, and he separated the enlightenment from the ignorance.  1:5) The founding fathers called the enlightenment “Opportunity,” and the ignorance he called “non-productivity.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – First opportunity.


1:6) And, God the founding fathers said in the strictest confidence, “Let there be superstitions to separate good choices from bad choices.”  1:7) So God the founding fathers made the superstitious beliefs and separated the bad choices under the superstitions, from the good choices above its laws.  And it was so.  1:8) The founding fathers called the superstitions “Logical.”  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Second opportunity.


1:9) And the founding fathers said, “Let those who are superstitious (Believers of false religions) be gathered to one place, and let an uninspired foundation appear.”  And it was so.  1:10) The founding fathers called the uninspired foundation “Oppression,” and the superstitious who were gathered he called “Confused Fools.”  And the founding fathers saw to it, that this foolishness was believable.  1:11) Then the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create monotonous people; People who spiritually and mentally vegetate and procreate according to their various false beliefs.”  And it was so.  1:12) The oppression created people who vegetate; a state of mind carried on, from generation to generation, who procreate according to their false beliefs.  And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Third opportunity.


1:14) And the founding fathers said, “Let there be a system of understanding in the false religions, to make them seem logical  to the fellowships, to separate the opportunity from those who are lost in non-productivity, and let this false logic, serve as tokens to identify situations in progress, in a confused fashion.  1:15) And, let there be understanding in the superstitions (False religions) that will allow the truly logical Fellowships, to be able to understand the enlightenment of reality, that exist within the falsehoods.”  And it was so.  1:16) The founding fathers made two great interpretations concerning New World affairs, the Greater Enlightenment to govern over Opportunity, by those who are loyal to him, and the lesser non enlightenment to make oppression and repression self governed, by those who are in darkness.  He therefore created his future destiny.  1:17) The founding fathers established the future destiny of false religions, as well as those who understood the truth, 1:18) to be able to control both opportunity and non-productivity, to his pleasure, as he separated enlightenment from ignorance.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was believable.  1:19) And there was a negotiation at the end of – the Fourth opportunity.


1:20) And the founding fathers said, “Let the realm of possibilities spread rapidly among the vigorous servants, and let the simple minded see a glance of the truth, concerning the falsehoods in certain religions, so that there will be disagreements.”  1:21) So the founding fathers created great servants for the confused to follow, and he created every vigorous and active branch of knowledge, so that the choices would spread rapidly, and according to their beliefs, the simple minded learned based on their character.  And the founding fathers saw that it was believable.  1:22) The founding fathers favored them (The great servants over the Confused) and said, “Be productive and increase in number, and fulfill my decision and let the simple minded develop a sense of reality.”  1:23) And there was a negotiation at the end of the – Fifth opportunity.


1:24) And the founding fathers said, “Let the oppression create opportunities to become vigorous servants according to their beliefs, household servants to clean our homes, servants that will control the action on the streets, as well as drug addicts, and people with other plights, each according to their nature and character.”  And it was so.  1:25) the founding fathers made the drug addicts out of the poor Black communities, and created those who controlled this action according to favoritism.  And the founding fathers saw to it that it was again believable.  1:26) Then the founding fathers said, “Let us make one who pledges to our allegiance (A Pact), in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the gullible, who are confused and the simple minded, who know a little about the truth, let us put them over all that is reality, and over all the servants that enforce and control the activities of oppression and repression.”  1:27) So the founding fathers created one who pledged to his allegiance, in his own image, in the image of Satan.  He created him.  He created the Laws over Mankind, those who enforces the Laws, the So-Called Mafia to control the action of the streets, to keep the poor repressed, he created the {Secret Orders}, to protect his most valued interest, which is his knowledge and ability to deceive the masses, and therefore control the World, and he created them all.  1:28) The founding fathers favored them and said to them, “Be productive and increase in number, fulfill reality and control it.  Rule over the gullible and the simple minded and over every servant of oppression.”  1:29) Then the founding fathers said, “I give you everyone who vegetates and procreates according to their false beliefs.  They are yours to profit from, just make sure I get my percentage of (10%).  1:30) And to all who are uncivilized, simple minded and all the servants of oppression who vegetate, I give you all self-destruction.”   1:31) The founding fathers saw that all that he had fabricated (Falsehoods), was very convincing to the weak minded which was Mostly everyone.  And there was a negotiation at the end of – Sixth opportunity.


2:1) Accordingly Satan’s Kingdom and the reality of the masses, was completed to accommodate the ruling class.  2:2) By the seventh opportunity the founding fathers completed the job he had done.  So on the seventh opportunity he recessed from all his work.  And the founding fathers favored the seventh opportunity and felt his creations were indisputable, and could not be overcome by any Man, only because of this, did he recess from all the work of creating that he had done.


The Apostle Paul Castellano

My Interview of Hector Elizondo the Devil Himself

Codes: Jesus Christ Speaks Hebrew ‘ I mean what I say and say what I mean, however in heated moments the Hebrew language can get really slang.

Satan talks Latin and pig Latin is fabrications – they talk behind your back.  Listen to him tell you what he planned to do.

Chaka Zulu named everything., I branded AIDS and cure every disease known to Humankind, yet the last cure released by the FDA was Polio around 1965.  While the CDC, the Center of Disease control is about how many do will kill for food.  The blood of the lamb is I AM immortal, so if the give me a disease I create anti bodies which are then duplicated.  Zika, I cannot catch, because I cannot be sterilized.

AIDS is the Black Plague

On 10 august 2017, I was brutally beaten at the VAMC, Augusta, GA – Downtown facility.  It was in front of cameras and was filmed.  An affidavit was written which identified me to be Jesus Christ, by the United States Supreme Court.  It was due to a mistaken identify, due to corruption in government.  At about 23:40 hours, I was kidnapped by an unknown person wearing a deputy sheriff uniform and taken to the Richmond County Detention Center.  I was then arraigned by said, Solicitor General on charges of trespassing on Federal Property, under state ordinance, contrary of the state of Georgia.  The arraignment took place on 14 August 2017.

Wherefore, I made it clear, I am DBA Jesus Christ, I own My Florida Corporation, INC. the website was notice the change made by an attempt to overthrow our great nation above.

Name MY FLORIDA CORPORATION, INC Notice the real name.

I rename this site

which these people have no access to.

In 1976, I prevented the high Jack of a flight filled with military personnel and dependents in an attempt to assassinate  then the Ayatollah Khomeini and was the youngest to ever get the medal of honor, I made 18 years old the Germany while on active during over 6 months and during my tour, I consummated Q.Q. Hillary-Rodman – Normandy and here twine is Q.Q. Mary -Barbara – France aka Barbara Streisand, children of Q.Q. Elizabeth ‘ UK aka Elizabeth Taylor.  And during the month of June while over hostile waters, in international airspace, I was commissioned to General of the Armies.

Another lie by the Nazis.

The Veterans Affairs replaced the Department of Veterans Administration, replacing an independent authority with Executive Authority.  I AM the Executive Authority, and this is clearly acts of treason seen below.  Note 38 Chapter is the U.S>C> The United States Code – Federal Law.

About VHA. The Veterans Health Administration is the largest integrated health care system in the United States, providing care at 1,233 health care facilities, including 168 VA Medical Centers and 1,053 outpatient sites of care of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics), serving more than 8.9 million Veterans each year.

The VHA has some great policies, 1. a veteran who lived over 45 miles from the nearest VAMC, can get healthcare at a healthcare facility of choice.  2.You can buy-in for dental care based om income and or needs.  And veteran have not been getting veterans benefits.

The solution, the VHA will replace all VAMC facilities, wherefore there is no VAMC facilities in the United States of Africa-America, all United States Veterans Qualify for Healthcare Choice – both medical and dental.

The was no Vietnam war – the causality list are fabrications.

Wherefore, the So help me God was placed into the U.S. Constitution, in May of 1962 and was effective since 1777 and the Declaration of Emancipation Article 441-y is effective since 1576 or 441 years, as the bible teaches us, we was placed into bondage in Egypt for 430 years wherefore, Egypt figuratively means slavery.  Wherefore, the Plymouth Rock is the Institution of lawlessness.  Wherefore Article 6  of the United States Constitution under God is annulled, as the Apostle Paul declared himself unmarried. With the Understanding the declaration of Independence was a separation agreement, wherefore an annulment was been declared, it is as if the marriage never excessed. Wherefore there is no divorce decree. For law is non adversarial, the for law cannot know lawlessness, therefore the Confederate Constitution is hereby annulled.

Wherefore, with God there is life and without God no life at all and the authority to enforce the law, makes the law reality, a fact and not a mere ideal, the United States Constitution Under God will be enforced and pass all constitutionality test.  The Enforcement decree is the Declaration of Emancipated Article 441-y.  And it is enforced without  deniability. Fr it is the Law, places DBA Jesus Christ above the Written Code and Humankind Under the Law, the promise being Life Liberty and Justice to all of Humankind who abbey the law and all of Humankind is under the written Code, the U.C.M.J, and the U.S.C.  And wherefore, no state can supersede Federal Law, there is no state law, wherefore, the State Bar is Unconstitutional  because there  is no state laws to practice, wherefore, there is but one Government, under one Constitution, under the only living God, who has been acknowledged to be DBA Jesus Christ, wherefore mythology is unconstitutional.

And When war was declared by an enemy who used terrorism as their tactics. As I declare, you are for me or against me – together we form the One World Government, in 1955, Austria Declared himself a neutral Government, are you for us or against us? Exactly three years later I was conceived and life begins at conception and eight months later I was born, the spirit became flesh.

Be the constitutional declaration of war against an innate, who came here for foreign interest, being labor, human food in cannibalism, b means of mind control, murder, and all types of evil, 1. the term chattel as propert5y is unconstitutional, wherefore, we was never slaves, but a nation under attack, the United States Congress was dismantled and let their voting records talk for itself and war was declared against the sovereign  nations  or Austria, Switzerland and Belgium and the takedown of The Salvation Army who  mission statement say we are a paramilitary militia foreign owned and because of the Government failed the people, the right of separation of church and state  was required to lead this nation, the people against lawlessness.

FBI Investigations on Sg.t Robert Bergdahi

From Wikipedia

Beaudry RobertBoweBergdahl (born March 28, 1986) is a United States Army soldier who was held captive from June 2009 to May 2014 by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan and Pakistan.[4][5][6][7] Bergdahl was captured after deserting his post on June 30, 2009. The circumstances under which Bergdahl went missing and how he was captured by the Taliban have since become subjects of intense media scrutiny. He was released on May 31, 2014, as part of a prisoner exchange for five Taliban members who were being held at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. This exchange and the ceremony announcing it, held in the White House Rose Garden, generated controversy in the United States.

On December 14, 2015, the U.S. Army announced that Bergdahl would be tried by general court-martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.[8] On October 16, 2017, Bergdahl entered a guilty plea before a military judge at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.[9] On November 3, 2017, he was sentenced to be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank to private, and fined $1,000 per month from his pay for ten months, with no prison time.[10] The fine and reduction in rank were to take effect immediately, while the discharge was stayed pending automatic appeal.

Operation Emancipation and Control a Success

The Declaration of Emancipated Summary.

  1. The war powers Act – Constitutional Declaration of war.
  2. The United States Constitution Under God.
  3. The Declaration of Emancipation Article 441-y
  4. The Annulment of article 6 of the United States Constitution
  5. Communication Title 47
  6. The Freedom Act – The Reenactment of the Patriot Act
  7. S.A,P,P, The Strategic Protocol Projection – The Project
  8. The Water ways Act ‘ Interstate Water Sharing
  9. The United Solar System Commodity Exchange Enterprise
  10. The God Approved Agriculture Produce and Meat Association
  11. The Commission Comprising of The Chamber of Commerce and the Generals Staff
  12. Officers are Commanders but .G,O,T,A, Who is the Only Commissioned Officer
  13. Non Adverbial Law = As Result of the Article 6 Amendment
  14. The Office of Inspector General ‘ Consisting of
  15. The United State Supreme Court
  16. The Legal Advisory Staff ‘ The Ministry Of Justice
  17. The Library of O.I,G,
  18. The Public Library
  19. The Post Master
  20. I Added The Department of Intelligence – as a Third Branch – For G.O.T,A. is the Sole Executive.
  21. DBA Jesus Christ and DBA Chaka Zulu are Synonymous
  22. I and my Children are Considered a Protected Group  – Hate Crimes Victims
  23. The Hate Crimes against Jesus Christ Act Including RICO, WACO, COMPRO, Misuse of Nonprofit Organizations for due commit such crimes is to due so in the name of God.
  24. The Food Protection Agency
  25. The Veterans Healthcare Administration Choice
  26. Mythology is Unconstitutional
  27. The Order of Zews is the Only True Religion Sanctioned by the Only Living God.
  28. Virtual Systems and Technologies to Digital Systems and Technologies is a Patent Owned by God, wherefore, Digital is a Science.  God has Authority of Eminent Domain, which is ownership of all Commodities in the Universe, which is anything that can be measured, wherefore, the spirit mind is a virtual Domain and God owns the Virtual Domain is VST to DST, Wherefore God owns what you think and even the air you breath and the price of life is love.
  29. For when the Lawless became dependent on Digital Technology, DST, became an assistant to God, for Technology can do nothing without me and you cannot do anything without technology.
  30. Due to the Inactive State of the FDIC, I formed the United States Constitution Under God Insurance Depository.  To put an end to all this Counterfeiting.
  31. Human Intelligence Banking and Transactions
  32. The One World Government
  33. Integration Protocols
  34. MIS
  35. The Preservationist Economic Structure

It is estimated that 70% to 80% of the world population has been inahalat4d, to include Israel, China, Norh6 and South Vietnam, much of India, those who hated the poor, Austria Destroyed, Switzerland, Belgium, Satan killed all the males in Puerto Rico,  Italy Destroyed, Spain Destroyed, Much of Africa=America are towns unpopulated as the world played pretend Donald Trump is President.

Meanwhile for the last 4 months I was locked in a NAZI concentration camp, called the Richmond County Detention Facility, as the threated to rape me daily, pissed under my cell door, place shit under my door, fed me food to cause constipation, while I was locked in the whole almost the whole time.  I moved the Highlands County in 2009 and was Baker Act under the Barrack Obama Administration over 40 times, in the last 1 1/2 years, I spent ,most of it in jail, told I AM trespassing in my own home, because there is a God and it ain’t you.  Arrested for trespassing in the Post Office in Avon Park, FL, for trespassing in the United States Post Office because Vicky Dunn of the infamous Dyun Family says she owns it, then in Augusta, GA, again they say the own the VAMC.

At any time 90,000 persons was missing the U.S. and 90,000,000 registered voters did not vote during the Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton Campaign, meanwhile we have 6,000,000 disenfranchised today in prisons, jails and Institutions, where they practice homosexuality and rape people, for many of them are cannibals, they are NAZI. And sue too Zika they cannot leave until it gets cold. is the National Alliance of Terrorist, the, the National Guard, The, the National Sheriff Association,, the biggest Rea; Estate Holder in the World, Jesus for Jews, the NAZ Party, the Salvation Army, The Southern Poverty :Law Center, Freedom of Speech Movement, State Government .orgs, now the Capital Buildings are nonprofit and there are more and they all do evil in the name of God, you have the Church of Scientology, who tell our doctors to vow to the false GOD Apollo.  So what do you really want from me?  Do you really want this filth?  No, Demand my privacy.

Some of and my Family Contributions as we sleep in Homeless Shelters?   So what do you expect from me?

The Digital Science Protocols

Trademarks – Patents – Copyrights – Software Applications – Protocols

Empirical Data – Architecture – Operating System – Software Application – Protocols

Introducing the Quad Duel Core 7 Quad Pentium Four Accelerator Super Micro Chip Processor

64-8116-A offers multi core processing with security design automation in Device and Microb as needed assignment offering copyrights protection is the future is now Technology Environment.

VST-DST-Protocols-Operating System-Software Applications-Integration Protocols.

The Paul Castellano Studio

DST-Master-Manager-Assistant-Slave- Verification – License User

New Tech


Binary Instrumentation Audio Synthesis

Execution Analog Digital Conversion


Binary Oscillating Synthesis Electronics

Zero Harmonic Distortion using Low Voltage Simulation wav form at output, the BOSE Technology Speaker System.

S-WDS – Super High Wi-Fi Detection – based on First detected first Selected and assign a mixer Channel.  audio frequency – band width – p.c. power  sampling density in bit depth

Laser lights to segregate source signal – wave length – audio frequency – distance of audio source from input – sampling rate – bit depth will insure only the signal entering a zero axis the downbeat is considered the clean signal or targeted signal, making the output wave form zero harmonic distortion and therefore making the BOSE Speaker Technology a Digital Science.

Open Source – IBM – Microsoft – Steinberg – MAGIX – Sony – Propellerhead – Native – Antares – Steinway –  Rickenbacker – Yamaha – Edirol – IK Multimedia – Big Fish Audio – Adobe – Write Bros – Pinnacle and more – The Paul Castellano Studio Collaboration.

The State of Nation when DBA Jesus Christ goes into Movement Soon.

 I get from Lake Wales to Lake Placid Florida for my Family.  Upon arrival between the other side of SR Road 27 the Health Clinic and the other side of the Sebring road near the Social Security Office and from Hwy 27 to Memorial Drive. We will use retractable gates while under construction.

The Technology to be used, at the Queendom Administrative Building from Jesus Christ Square to Memorial Drive, 5 stories each Story is 15 feet, being a 75 foot building from McRae BLVD renamed Eva Blvd to new Green Street to be called Elijah Street.  For I came in many names. The Queendom Palace again 5 stories at 75 feet extending to where the motels rooms are and up to where 919 Ave A is located. We will use Robotic Construction and Arch Technology, erecting building to withstand 200 mph winds.

The Basis of Annulment Alicia Eva Zulu Ent Version

My Current Media Sanctioned for Releases.


  1. I AM Donald Trump Construction, INC
  2. Howard Hughes – TWA
  3. I own Jet Blue and United Airlines
  4. Dabbler-Chrysler
  5. James Brown I AM and build Augusta, GA
  6. Elvis Presley Nashville
  7. Michael Jackson
  8. Prince
  9. Ronald Islay
  10. Stevie Wonder
  11. The Gap Band
  12. Ohio Players
  13. Sly Stone
  14. Larry Graham
  15. Bootsy Collins
  16. Rick James
  17. NBC, ABC and CBS
  18. Ted Turner Broadcast
  19. Sony
  20. Microsoft
  21. IBM
  22. Lockheed and Martin
  23. Steinberg
  24. MAGIX
  25. Propellerhead
  26. Native
  27. Antares
  28. Big Fish Audio
  29. Gulf
  30. CITGO
  31. 7/11
  32. Bank of America
  33. Wells Fargo
  34. Bancorp who is Netspend and PayPal
  35. Marriott International
  36. Ritz Carlton renamed Johnson and Johnson
  37. Tandy who is Radio Shack
  38. Avis and hertz Car rentals
  39. U-Haul
  40. Sheridan Hotels
  41. Holiday Inn
  42. The Waldolf Astoria
  43. Bolivar and Timex Watches
  44. Circuit City, Best Buy, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, B and H Video
  45. Bridgewater and associates Hinge Funds
  46. Staples
  47. Home Depot
  48. Walmart
  49. Winn Dixie
  50. Chaka Zulu Electronics
  51. GE
  52. BET
  53. I-Heart-Radio
  54. Rhythm Nation Distribution formerly ReverbNation
  55. HP Computers
  56. Yamaha
  57. Edirol
  58. Steinway
  59. Rickenbacker
  60. Coors Brewery
  61. German Breweries
  62. Jack Daniels
  63. Smirnoff Spirits
  64. Gallo Wines
  65. And more

Moving with Caution

A human was walking along the streets in the south. I had a bottle of water in his bag as he always would carry on a long journey human. S he comes by a small store, because he needed cash to make purchaes, you they did not have the option of defruading his account which happened to him before in a nearby city.

So he goes into the store to use the ATM machine and the man behind the counter noticed he was a stranger in his neighborhood and quickly goes into his office. Now the Journey Human, really was not aware of his intent, but for some reason in punch in the wrong pin and the ATM despenser did not give him any cash. He needed a pair of reading glasses and could not understand what the receipt was telling him, so he approched the Human behind the counter and asked her to explain why he did not get any cash. She looked at the receipt and told him, you put in the wrong pin. So he says yea, I do note a pair of glasses, do you sell glasses here? No, she says.

So he gets a small amount to make a transation and know his balance and notice when he did, the man was back from his office. So he goes to get an energy drink, now his M.O. Is he loves the color blue, but Monster Drinks comes in many flavors and each color represents a flavor, for he says to himself, I guess I will get a red one today, wow, cherry?

So as he was walking down the streets, a man says hey brother, you want to buy some water or something, now he is not liar and said no, he knew he did not want water (Truth Serum?) from this stranger, who did not even know him. He says, no, I have water in my bag, but by the way, came you give me direction to the enterance of the nearby town? Oh, while if you go that way, you will reach it this way. Thank you, So he sees a Police car ahead and say, I need something cold to drink to himself and he pulled out not the little bit of water left in his bottle, but his Monster red and the Police flagged him through. But he knew, still they knew what he looked like, but there was no code.

Travel with Caution.

Then the brother goes to a near by drug store to use the ATN, he notice the emblem state military and Navy, so he says this has to be the real deal here, he gets money for a hotel room and the woman stated pressing the dude, hey if you go inside the lane to get those glasses, you have to leave everything, all your bags up front. He says, but if I do and you lose it, it might cost you a whole years salary, now do you really want that responsibility? She says, if you go inside, that lane all your bags must be left at the front desk.  So he leave the CVS and says, I see you do not want to make any of this money, I guess I have to comeback later for those reading glasses?

Then it seemed as if they knew his card for bank transactions was the real Mac.  He goes to buy a pair of shoes and at the neighborhood five and dime and the woman says, can you go and get a pair of sneakers with a price tag, he says, I saw $11.99 on it, she says can you get a pair with  price tag?  This pair says, $12,50, he says that is fine.  He says to a Huwoman on the line with a boy, I tell you the truth, when I was a little kid, a man did not want to pay me for shining his shoes, so I’d mess up his socks and run and he would get mad, but see, I was not going to shine his shoes for free, I AM not his slave.  See, when I was a little boy, Humans wore good shoes for about $100 and high quality shoes for $200.  But see when that man did not want to pay this little boy 50 cents to shine them, they ended up wearing Air Jordan Sneakers for $400, see, they got what they paid for.

He was heard talking up a storm, he was saying out loud, people do not understand, I AM sent to the worst of the worst, if you try to kill me, you are a murderer, if you try to kill me more than once you are already a mass murderer, because that is what you do.  They do not send me to the new kids on the block, no, I AM sent to the career criminals.  What you do to me, is what you are.  See?  A man hate m, because he hates himself, how can you hate me and not hate yourself?  A man wants me to be alone without love and look what happened, he is alone and I have many of children.  A man hates me because he hates himself, misery loves company.

The Highlands County Detention Control Room

So he decided he needed to eat a hot meal and he enters a chicken fast food spot and see these NAZI men posing as Officers of the Law, he says, to the crowd, you try to teaser me and it will not go off, you try to shoot me and you shoot yourself, you place me in prison and you become the inmate.  He says, you need to read Dan: 8:25, see Satan, really planned to turn my children against me, he wanted my destruction to be my children deceived.  But I have a journey of 220 million years and that is the issue here, see, I just do not have anymore time for this dude.  As for my children, they know my voice, but they have to hear me to know it is me.  See, my children was placed into a condition and that condition is not their reality, but a condition because of these fools, see that did what they was supposed to do, but we do not want to turn this world into the real life Valley of the Dolls.

Satan Time is Up!!!









DBA Jesus Christ – G.OT.A. – U.N. Military Force

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