Interstate Movement and Transport

The Prison Industrial Complex – Red Alert

Reported by: DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. – U.N. Military Forces

An explosive munition can be made from fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate and either fuel oil or a mixture of equal parts of motor oil and gasoline. When properly prepared, this explosive munition can be deto¬nated with a blasting cap.

  1. I spotted Persons at Goodwill Industries Facilities packing merchandise at locations, where the City seemed to have already been removed of mass populations.
  2. In these County detention centers, who wear the banner of NATO or Terrorism in the name of God or should I say what they mean, in the name of G.O.D. Apollo.  If seems the, purchased a lot of steel and platinum metals.  These facilities are designed to house maximum security.
  3. The NATO forces also have the
  4. The state has 90% of the inmate population and the Federal System has 10% of the prison population.
  5. We estimate over 2.2 Million tons of fertilizer stolen from Sandersville, GA.
  6. It is clear the NAZI Party has declared themselves a separate government entity and an enemy of the state.  They claim State Government a Taxable business and now they took ownership of  State Military apparatus, a few month ago they claimed they owed Charity and now they simply in plain language are saying, there is no charity, there is only The Tax Collector and they plan to back this up with there 6 million master race serpents and high explosive fertilizer bombs?
  7. This is grounds to confiscate all properties under the management of ever company they now claim is a commercial business. Once nonprofit, you most always be nonprofit.
  8. .com is commercial .org is charity and .gov is government entity.  under .org, you have .com meaning you must pay a share of the earning in what is called governance shares to support the operations of governance nd then you have .org, which is exempt nonprofit.  Then you have .org exempt and nonprofit who has no ownership of anything.
  9. The separation of church and state, was put into effect to fund the people to stand up against these tyrants of lawlessness.  it was done by Jesus Christ, INC is the master 501 c 3, and this entity owns Order of Zews, which is the only sanctioned religion by God and owning nothing.  By being without assets, this organization has no reason to answer to the government, but is elite few members answer to God only. Through .org exempt organizations they at as a go between and will not answer to no man.

In wartime the warrior says – I AM on the frontline and need to get back to my family, so the great words of earl apply, fuck this shit human, kill them all and let God sort this shit out!!!

Strategic Positions for Interstate Operations

  1. Macon, GA – Department of Transportation Located on Broadway – aka Dr. BLVD
  2. Macon Chartered Bus line Macon, GA – Broadway
  3. The Department of Community Services Macon, GA – Broadway
  4. The State Attorney – to – OIG – D.O.J. – Min. of Justice – Macon, GA – Broadway
  5. The Gemology Library out of Sandersville, GA – Located in Macon Public Library
  6. The Wells Fargo Building – Trade and Treasury
  7. Mercer Law School – Macon, GA
  8. The Main Bus Transportation Hub – Off of BDWY
  9. The BT Bank Building – Macon, GA
  10. Major Television stations – Macon, GA
  11. The Macon City Marriott International – Macon, GA – Broadway
  12. The New United Nations Building – Next to the Macon City Marriott International
  13. Augusta University and Medical School
  14. The Supreme Court – The Federal Court on Green St. – Augusta, GA
  15. The Att &T Building – Green St. – Augusta, GA – 200 t0300 foot antenna long range
  16. The Moan Post Office – Augusta, GA
  17. The Salvation Army Headquarters – Off of Broad St – Augusta, G
  18. The Castle – Off of Broad St – Augusta, GA
  19. U-Haul Fleet and Storage -Broad St
  20. Augusta and Homeland Security Bus Station – Broad St
  21. The State Court – Trial Court and Clerk documentations – Augusta,, GA
  22. The James Brown Arena – High Tech Entertainment Center – Augusta, GA
  23. Two Marriott International Hotels one is the Marriott Suite – Augusta, GA
  24. The Newly designed Public Park near the Hotels – Augusta, GA
  25. The United Way – Off of Broad Street
  26. The Waldoff Astoria – Off of Green St – Augusta, GA
  27. The Ramada Hotel – Broad Street
  28. The Public Library – Brand New
  29. The Local Service Center on Green St
  30. The Holiday INN – Near the Park – Near the Marriott’s
  31. Penn Station, NYC
  32. Port Authority NYC
  33. These Link the City of New York to Mass Transiit to Homeland Security – From almost anywhere in the World.

Persons who violate state laws and/or territorial laws generally are placed in state or territorial prisons, while those who violate United States federal law are generally placed in federal prisons operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), an agency of the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ). The BOP also houses adult felons convicted of violating District of Columbia laws due to the National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act of 1997.

As of 2004, state prisons proportionately house more violent felons, so state prisons in general

National Guard

Now it is a civilian National Guard?

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