Macon Inn Eviction by COB 6-Dec-2017

Macon Inn Eviction by COB 6-Dec-2017

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. Field Order In Macon, GA

  1. Have me Teaser Automatic weapons delivered without hesitation.
  2. Put everyone other than those who are a part of my party out of here by Close of Business tomorrow, without questions of delay.
  3. Have me some marijuana delivered ASAP, if not immediately.
  4. Have at least 10 P.O.V. delivered here for Queendom Transport
  5. Have my flight of Luxury Greyhound buses here on standby 24/7
  6. Have at least 10 Jet Blue airliners on standby for my security and family protection
  7. Sent in good furniture to renovate this location to make it conducive to my Family
  8. Have all the needed technology delivered so we can be creative in the arts
  9. Or, send me a bus so I can head south to Mexico
  10. I refuse to hide or pretend anymore, the new word is when you see this dude you run the opposite direction and not stalk him and his fucking family.
  11. Send me some automatic machine guns too.  Because by tomorrow somebody is going to die, so the rest of these grimy no good motherfuckers start showing me and my children some damn respect.
  12. I AM tired and sick of this faggot ass shit, either start protecting or I AM out from around all you no good motherfuckers.  So what I AM a fucking joke?

When God feels he has nothing to fucking lose. Are you proud?  All of you are fucking embarrassments. Always wanting and never do shit for me.  The words of Earl Apples and it is not a motherfucking theory.  Make if fucking happen.

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A.

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