New on BET Internet Television – CSC-TV

Commissioned Syndication Colorization Television

On Lucky Luciano Television

The Rat Pact – T.V, A Jimmy Durante Presentation

The Cool Cats – A Daddy P. Crews Production

Show like

The Little Rascals

The Eastside Kids

The Honeymooners

Perry Mason


All the great movies with names like, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., The Johnny Carson Show, The Jimmy Durante Show and his power line of artist, Lena Horn, Elizabeth Taylor and more, premastered.


Subliminal  Imagery Removal – By Removing images not improper sequence at speeds faster than the projection of light.  Often a person will become a part of the bandwagon thinking it was the explicit suggestion, when it was a subliminal message made acceptable by explicit ideas one would normally not get involved with only to find this is the new trend and nobody is really happy and is afraid do to peer pressure and violence to speak up against it.  The NAZI way.

Surround Sound – WMA-Pro – Using New Tec – BIAS=ASIO-BOSE at the Output.

And new in the Alicia Eva Zulu Apps, The Q.Q. Tyra Tool Kit

Acid Pro, Screenwriter Pro – Expressions, Vegas-Pinnacle – VVT – Lip Sync Tech  – Text to Audio Conversion, creating words by the scissors, expression so emotional, the harmonic I.D. like a finger print.  You could even fool a mother who will just know her son just called or was on the other-side of her recent Jail house visit.

Warning – Communications Title 47 and the Freedom Act applies.

Communications Corps.

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A,



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