Adolf Hitler Satan – Ellen DeGeneres The Pope

Ellen DeGeneres The Pope & Adolf Hitler

Donna Colonna – The President of SUS

305 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

7th FL. Human Resources, 10th Management. 11th Floor seems to be financial and legal

Walk in 10th floor, make a right then to the right at the end is Donna Colonna acting like a little tom boy and to your right is the office of Pricilla Fuller Vice President and QA Director aka Brandy, you have Lauran Hill Ms. Mount Zion herself, who seems to be Ms. Cumberbatch, is Judith Jackson is she Erika Badu.  Zion as in NAZI – The National Alliance of Zionism.

Fuller told me I was a conflict of interest, but I was hired by them as a work study disabled Veteran and my time document are located a VESID in Brooklyn.  Tyler was an IT-Technician there and I viewed all consumer complaints and lived at Marcy Hart residence and was living in the Knickerbocker residence during the 9/11 attacks.  While working at SUS I also was a student at the NYCCT and my instructor was Charles B. Colman aka Eric Holder the dope dealer.

I have several children who worked at SUS on the 10th FL and I have my Q.Q. Mary who worked at The NYCCT as an instructor, in total I have at least 4 Q.Q. on sight to submit affidavits and at least o ne son, the IT-Technician.  The printing machine has PDF Email options and all required documentation to take SUS down is already on record.

Sugar Hill the Cocaine Kingpin – Jay-Z and his sidekick it seems to be Anthony Ortega in Double Platinum.  He was located in F-F1 as I was located in F-F2 – In Richmond Detention Facility.  His sole purpose is for me to fuck him in the asshole he is a bitch ass Nigger and the ending of Sugar Hill tell you their plans for him and the reason Jay-Z like to hold my child in his arms.  This film reopens his murder investigation and the Prime Witness is my child Q.Q. Janet Beyonce.

The Documentary Above Verifies Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter to be Warren Samuels claimed to be from the Virgin Islands also know as Warren Clarkson.  He claims everybody is his wife and has no testicles, suspected he may be a Cannibal, apprehend with caution.  Cannibals eat Human Beings.

The Whistle Blower Act applies in all these witnesses against these NAZI Criminal under Hate Crimes Against Jesus Christ Act and the War Powers Act, Communications Title 47 and The Freedom Act will also apply to these investigation files as well as Lady Bug.

we also have all the required IRS 990 on file, names of visitor as they had to sign in when I old hold down the entrance for Ida, who did her job with pride.



  1. The Pope Drinks Starbucks Coffee
  2. Puerto Rico the most strategic Island in the Western Hemisphere
  3. Costa Rica Coffee Beans used at Starbucks at $15.99 per pound for whole beans
  4. $2,99 per pound in Dominican Bodega
  5. Dominican Bodegas’ pay average of $150,000 in taxes for tobacco products
  6. 90% of sales in tobacco products is taxation – Requires $1.5 million in sales to pay $150,000 in taxation.
  7. Dole the biggest canning company in the world is in Puerto Rico
  8. Farmers get paid $1 per bushel for green tomatoes and on the mainland it cost $25 per pound green tomatoes. Result low supplies and to high to demand.
  9. SUS has claimed over $14 Trillion in Real Estate Holdings
  10. The Detention System claimed Stainless Steel is worth its weight in Gold and call it white Gold, but gold at highest level valuation $1500 per ounce, stainless steel worth about $200 per lb.
  11. The DUNS credit rating allows to borrow against real estate, but overvaluations will bankrupt the corporation due to bogus valuations.
  12. BB&T Bank taken over by Sun-Trust and is the suspected banking institution basing valuations on bogus value of Stainless Steel.
  13. Stainless steel is used to make high explosive bombs.
  14. The people in Puerto Rican was told they cannot leave this commonwealth unless they get a passport. Unconstitutional at best.
  15. John J. Gotti and Benjamin Solomon Netanyahu DNA Confirmed they are the same person.
  16. John J. Gotti was spotted on television getting on the Jet with the Pope
  17. The Pope isa figurehead a bishop
  18. Their head is LORD GOD aka Satan
  19. Hector Elizondo is believed to be Satan.
  20. Gods Favor tells the World his intent
  21. Intel believes he killed all the males on the island of Puerto Rico
  22. The Pope is a Eunuch
  23. Adolf Hitler is a half Jew
  24. Puerto Ricans are African rape victim off the slave ships of Portugal.
  25. Rico means rich person aka Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
  26. Conclusion Intel believes Hector Elizondo is in Fact Adolf Hitler the Dope Kingpin.

DBA Jesus Christ – G.O.T.A. – U.N. Miltary Forces

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