For the First Time Face to Face

For the First Time Face to Face

They found out my home is the only structure to meet both Business and residential Commercial Real Estate. If it is destroyed every home in that town must be destroyed, but if I place a fence around everyone, they can be grandfather in until the at brought up to standards.  But rather then respect me they came to extort me.

For the First Time Face to Face

By: Apostle Paul Castellano

Satan came to Sandersville, LA and as the claim was to emancipate the Slaves, which was not the truth. The North wanted the South to sent the Cotton up North to export to Europe and the South wanted full control. But slavery was not the issue as the Bill of Rights allowed mankind to own humankind as chattel.

General Sherman says basically, O.K. You seen me for the first time face to face, but I AM not going to kill you, because I need you. I loved to ham hocks and collard greens, corn-bread and the full service crackers got from the House Niggers. So they say, well, you ain’t gonna treat us like those damn slave Sherman. Now we drew up an agreement and if you sign it you have to mean it man. Now do not sign it unless you mean it because you will see you live up to your agreement. He replies, oh, sure, sure, just make me some of those damn greens and cornbread and my uniform need cleaning and stuff na. OK, now if you sign these agreement you been told, you have to me it now. Sure, sure. So he signs the agreement called Field Order #15. Then they came to Florida with guns and took it back saying, you can be share-Cropper, now you own it, but you have to do business with me. You will eat good na, but we need to keep this under control here.

Now for the first time you see God Face to Face, you do not want me, but you need me and I want you but certainly do not need you. See, you just want to find a new way to use me, but you really careless about me. And I AM not someone you can buy, the price of my service and concern is love. Yes, I want you, but without love, I cannot use you, because you will be more problems than you are worth.

I AM headed South for a few weeks or even months and when you have something worth coming back to, I might come back to you, but these games, tell me you just cannot change. You can have all of this world, but I AM not your slave or servant for that matter. It is all yours, so be it!

Apostle Paul Castellano

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