Jay-Z Conspiracy and Fighting Temptations

Jay-Z For Same Sex Marriage

It is believed Aunt Vera was the Fogle Sacrifice in Fighting Temptations and he is played by Cuba.

These are grounds and Fact Patterns to apprehend either Dead of Alive – Warren Samuels aka Warren Clarkson aka Shawn Carter BKA Jay-Z.  Proceed with the highest level of caution. 

He is indicted for Hate Crimes Against God.

amendment-dec-2015 god-4-july-15

Amendment Authorizing Eminent Domain of all nonprofit to prevent the overthrow of the United States Constitution.  And The Day this Nation Acknowledged I AM God.

The Fogle Fraud Ring – MP-3

Church of God by Faith

PDF – Files

Church of God by Faith – MP-3

Jay-Z Claims to be Illuminati


File Jonestown Part 129 of 287
File Jonestown Part 26 of 287
File Russell Means Part 06 of 38
File Russell Means Part 05 of 38
File Jonestown Part 37 of 287
File Russell Means Part 12 of 38
File Jonestown Part 39 of 287
File Russell Means Part 13 of 38
File Jonestown Part 186 of 287
File Jonestown Part 276 of 287
File Jonestown Part 225 of 287
File Jonestown Part 183 of 287
File Charlie Chaplin Part 03 of 10
File Bremer Kidnapping Part 38 of 459
File Russell Means Part 35 of 38
File Bremer Kidnapping Part 188 of 459-
File Kansas City Massacre Part 4 of 93
File Willard Skousen Part 3 of 7
File Jonestown Part 282 of 287
File Jonestown Part 184 of 287
File Paul Harvey Part 06 of 09
File Jonestown Part 257 of 287
File Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Part 04 of 19
File Huey Percy Newton Part 05 of 09
File Huey Percy Newton Part 04 of 09
File Judith Coplon Part 06 of 13
File Ralph Roe Part 10 of 10
File Ralph Roe Part 06 of 10
File Ralph Roe Part 07 of 10
File Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev Part 02 of 09
Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (1906-1982) was a senior politician in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) who became head of the country from 1964 to 1982. …

Breaking News – The Fighting Temptations Codes

  1. Cuba Sold is soul, when he sold out the black community to exploit who he describes as dumb motherfuckers anyway.
  2. He agreed to sell us drugs, alcohol and lies
  3. He left NYC to go to small town anywhere, but only after he got in the Illuminati (He is therefore a Serpent.
  4. But we did not see his master plan, but only that Faith dead on that same day and he had to get back to the Church of small town anywhere for a funeral or the big Feast of the Saints? (Goof Eating) They do not bury the dead and we know this.
  5. Then he pretends he is jobless, but the good news comes, he is a made mad dog.
  6. He is then given bate, Beyonce says, “I do not care what you do, I was just trying to use you for a record deal, just like you was trying to use me. (He needed a front woman to continue to deceive.)
  7. He smiles, because he found his front and goes back to NYC to close his deal.
  8. He tells them in the opening, since the last time, I came up with a way to triple your revenue in just one year. Let’s us sell dope in the small towns everywhere, crack is not an urban drug, it is an urban image we are selling.
  9. The cocaine demand came out of Hollywood in the 1970’s and 1980’s when the image was it was harmless it was girl and not boy and that was how the drug war begun, to exploit the poor into trying to act rich.
  10. He gains applauses and goes back to get her.
  11. The Gospel Explosion was how many church choirs competing for $10,000? See? The church is the house nigger slaves.  And she was the chosen one to assist the Devil.  She got in and she had a child of God.  Her child is a spirit & that was what he needed, as he called her a prostitute.  A nonbeliever thinks a child of God, means a secret bastard.
  12. She did not agree to this other child at the end.
  13. Here in Avon Park that Red Nigger, he has a tear, which is the code for being a made gangbanger, meaning he has at least one body wherever he came from. Murder is the price to get in.  Finger Print Red Nigger and investigate original origin and murder has no statute of limitation, so once in you never get out.

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